Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Coastal Blue beauty

How about that, April 1 and my first furniture redo of the year. I found this dresser quite awhile ago and had it sitting under the mountain that was stock for the store. At one point we were working on body surfing methods to get to the other workbench so the refinishing kind of got put on hold this winter.

When we finally started moving out to the store I was able to finish up a few pieces to bring in. Painted furniture is still my jam, just not the biggest part. Not even the second biggest part but I love to do it and still want to offer lovely pieces to other people.

this piece was finished in coastal blue general finishes milk paint with 1 coat of high performance poly in flat and 1 coat of dark wax for tone on top.
hard finish and wax aging.

now i don't generally use poly on my pieces as i am always looking for the super matte finish. like so matte that you can't tell it's there. i have been however been looking for a finish that where needed, can be more durable but still flat.
general finishes has a flat poly that they were kind enough to let me try out.
it definitely gave the more heavy duty finish as my usual after top coat distressing was much more difficult and was flatter than the satin for sure but still wasn't as flat as i would have liked. you can see in the photo above that there is a sheen.

i dark waxed the  dresser afterwards and it gives more depth to the finish.


now i will admit that the next time i use this amazing blue i won't photograph it in front of my steel wall. the wall is quite gray but looks very blue with this dresser and makes the dresser look a bit more blue than it is in real life.
but time has been of the essence and i photographed this one and loaded it onto the truck and didn't try it somewhere else.

forgive me.

Have a good day everyone,


Ooh and Happy April Fools Day!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Grand Opening Shouts!!!

It's time to be doing a little announcing here on this blog.
We are so suspiciously close to being ready and it's starting to look like this store thing may just work. Our signs went up last week and already people have been looking us up, calling the store and Facebook-ing me to see who we are and when we're open.


Where are you?
When are you open?

In answer to your questions, please see flyer above.
Many of you had a good time guessing where we were and once the signs went up that made it just a bit easier.

What will you have?
Are your prices going up?

We have gone to gift shows, picked through barns to bring the best of the best to this area and to you.
Everything that you have grown to love about Oliver and Rust from the shows will continue. We are still going to be offering vintage crusty and rusty goodies. We are still searching constantly for great finds that we love to find in our homes. There will still be pillows in amazing fabrics. More so now that I will be dedicating my time to making them and there will be some for the price savvy plus some designer fabrics to add pizzazz to your furniture.

I am definitely going to try to keep the prices within reason and in the realms of what you have grown to know. I never and do not ever (a little Dr. Seuss sounding) plan to be a Restoration Hardware type store that you walk through, love what you see but cannot afford anything in the store. I want my store to be a place for everything, new homeowners and avid collectors alike to be able to scoop up something great.
My taste is not for everyone and I know there will be that person that walks through asking why there is so much rusty garbage on my shelves but those who get it, will get it!

we are also now adding in the home decor angle. The lines of candles you only see in stores in Toronto, the amazing pieces that speak to you and make your home yours. We are also carrying plants to add to your space because what green or black thumb can't admit that a small plant adds life to a space. In other words we are dedicated to being a full 
service interiors store whether you are shopping for a simple hostess gift of elegant napkins or to that perfect piece to complete your room. We will be bringing in fresh product old and new as constantly as we can. Some will be arriving after our opening (like most of those aforementioned candles) so be sure to check back often.


Enough babbling already so now the details:

We are located at 

137 Highway 20 in Fonthill.
We are in the same building as the Fonthill Animal Hospital. We have plenty of parking for regular days but I am thinking our opening weekend may be slightly busy (here's hoping) but there is a large parking lot where the chip truck is right next door.

After Easter weekend we will be commencing regular store hours. Well a "new" regular for working people. I am never able to go to many stores as their hours are 10-4 and I always worked until 630. So here's hoping this helps some other late working soul.

Well everyone have a great day, I need to get back to work.

I will be sharing photos of our space once completed, the bathroom reno and I have a few furniture redos in pocket to share. This blog will be returning to a normal schedule finally as we settle into our new routines and life.

Thanks for your understanding while we went through this amazing change.

As always,


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Update on THE STORE

A little update on the store for all who want to know.
We have been tirelessly working on bringing my vision to life and my husband has truly been a knight in shining armour. He has suffered through my angst at things not going to plan and the shrieking (yup there has been some in our sleep drawn state) all while we've been working days and then working nights at the shop. 

So where we're at. Truthfully the store is half set up with stock but the pictures below were taken about a week or so ago.
The walls and floors have been coated in white. I probably could have just gone in there with a spray gun and coated everything but we choose the roller option. My mom helped me do the initial painting on the floor and it got finished up a few days later but we needed to stay out of there for a week so it cured properly. My dad, and brother helped us paint the walls. It took all of us a whole day to get the thing painted but oh the dusty rose walls are gone. If you forget where we started check this out.

Trevor and I built a mini wall that I turned into a chalkboard with lighting (big plans for that). I added a curtain for a little separation from the stock room.
We were prepping to build shelving so half the floor was covered in a drop sheet.

And for those of you that follow along on instagram know that we went to Ikea a week and a half ago. We decided to hack a giant cupboard for behind my counter and this is the beginning stage. We had a mental brain fart remembering how to do crown moulding as it had been awhile and that 3 piece of crown moulding took us about 3 hours.

A little glimpse at the mess that was a week ago. The counter to the right of the photo is an 11.5 foot antique counter we picked up in a U-Haul on one of the coldest days. It was an interesting experience getting that thing transferred.

Lots more to share and hopefully will carve out some time to do it.
We are getting our phone line setup tomorrow and hopefully our signs will get put up.

I have been having fun watching people guess what building we are in so I am going to keep the suspense for 1 more day. Start looking for signs on Thursday and see if you were right. I'll add the address to my Facebook page this weekend and plans for opening weekend and when it's time TO SHOP TILL YOU DROP.

Today finishes my life in the "normal" working world and I have to say I am ecstatic!

Have a great day everyone,


Monday, March 16, 2015

Neat: Apartment Therapy

I love this little cart and who thought it would be so beloved by so many others. This post has gone bananas since we created this.

Thanks everyone

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pinterest Inspiration: February 2015

Wow I'm scooching this post in just before the halfway point of the month.
A lot of my inspiration this month when I look at the computer has been in the way of store stuff and wholesale catalogues. I actually didn't have that much house inspiration to show so these are the few pieces I found that looked lovely.

love the combination of pillows and the leather sofa. springy and masculine at the same time.

i want to grow hops just so i can make wreaths. this is awesome.


so i snuck one store photo in. love the simple plants and crates of pots. 

i still love this birch wallpaper even though it's been around for a few years now. it still looks fresh and provides a gorgeous backdrop.


i'm not really the modern type girl but i do enjoy the retro modern done with brass and check pattern on the chair. those overdyed rugs are available at ikea.

this is actually just an event setup but do think they'd mind if i shopped it?

spring is coming. simple glass bottles and fern fronds.

Have  a great day everyone,


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Better late than never....Upstairs Hallway in winter

Well, the weather man said it. The friggin' cold is finally going away.
Usually I find myself on team "I like winter" but once February 28 hits the stroke of midnight to turn into March 1 I join my winter hating buddies and can't wait for this madness to stop. My peegee hydrangea standards have snow sitting all the way up to the crux? where the tree stump turns to branches. That's like 4 feet of snow still sitting on my gardens.
Franklin has taken to doing the 3 legged hop to go to the bathroom so 1 paw stays warm.

Trevor and I went to pick up a shelf for the store on Tuesday night in St.Catharines and found ourselves in an unplowed neighbourhood in Trevor's death trap of a service van (it needs new tires) stuck in the middle of the intersection. Some nice man and his son came to help us get out and of course the curtain pulling peepers were out in full force because we were making so much noise.
You truly see the kindness of people at this time of year. You spend a good portion of your time cranking your own vehicle to get unstuck or pushing someone else. 
I don't get stuck as I drive my lovely Jeep but some other people *nudge nudge* like to drive into peoples front yards twice in the same weekend just for fun. Not mentioning any names but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Anyways back to the pickup Tuesday, so we got out into a nice curtain peepers driveway and he came out to give us some cardboard (every notice that people of a certain age always seem to have spare cardboard) and he let us leave the van there. We trekked down the street, paid for our shelf and walked it down the street laughing in the snow. We looked strange but, oddly enough we are getting used to that.

So speaking of snow and winter, how about I share the winter upstairs hallway before I pull it down in favour of spring. I'm not nearly as jump ahead this year as other bloggers on account of life and it's hard to put all my mossy items, birds and rabbits out when I can see the snow at my window ledge still and hear the sound of spinning tires multiple times a day.

Our lovely new neighbours feed the birds every day and it looks out from my bathroom window and I can hear the circus of birds chirping every morning when they come for breakfast. It's wonderful for the soul.

i jammed 2 restoration hardware light up trees into the same bin to make them more substantial and these serve as our hallway night light in the winter. 

another of my blooming orchids. this photo was taken awhile ago. these are actually almost ready to open now.

Well, happy weekend everyone. 
I am hoping to get a pinterest inspiration post out next week as well as an update on our antics at the shop. It is coming along quite nicely.


Friday, February 20, 2015

What happened to Oliver and Rust the blog......LOCALS CHECK THIS OUT

I know, what the hell happened over here. It's been like radio silence as of late. I haven't even had a chance to post about our winter upstairs hallway. Maybe tomorrow, hopefully before spring right?

So, now for the reason for this crazy bit of silence.


After slugging away and working at this for the last 3 plus years we are at the point of no return. We took possession of our space a week ago and have started the process of renovating. 

We will be located in Fonthill, Ontario on Highway 20. Exact location is being kept hush hush until we get a little further and have a exact grand opening date for you.

The cool part for all of you followers that have been on this ride with us from the beginning is I am going to share the whole process from start to finish.

Don't worry this blog is still going to based on our home and the changes we make but we will also be adding in the changes and seasonal fun of the store.

So with this information how about the before pictures of the space we are working with.
I love a good before and after and right now we are in the before and 24 hours into ownership photo sharing stage.
The previous tenants from a few years ago were a fan of mismatched colours. The walls are dusty rose, the window trim is sky blue and the carpet was black and white. Odd.

it's a big blank slate for pretty well anything we want. of course the ideas are all set and now we are just implementing them at this point. these photos were taken on our initial walk through. the heat was off and had been off for 2 years. our realtor and trevor were talking and shuffling to keep warm at this point.

the bathroom has wheelchair accessibility going for it but not much else on the personality factor. that has started to be rectified and i can't wait to share with you.

After the contemplation phase comes the action phase.

So now that you have seen the "BEFORE" photos lets move onto the first weekend status updates.

Our first "to tackle" project was the floor. We ripped the carpet out in 30 minutes to reveal a perfect concrete floor underneath....

covered in yellow carpet adhesive. 

I should have known that the carpet coming out so quickly meant that something was going to go wrong.

Off to Lowes we went to rent ourselves a floor sander. 
Lowes doesn't rent floor sanders, or any tools for that matter, oops.

Wander around and buy some of the things that we needed.
Drive to Home Depot and try to rent floor sander. 

Sander in stock but not the mastic remover attachment.

Drive to next Home Depot and successfully rent sander, and the attachment. Listen to the two "kids" working in the store try to explain the use of said sander and realize they really aren't quite sure how to use it themselves.

Drive back to the store and read instructions.

The sander we rented required water. We were prepared with watering can, shop vac.
We weren't prepared for the 4 inch clearance faucet that could not fill any kind of bucket or watering can with water.
We used the bottom of a toilet bowl brush holder to continuously add water over and over again.
NOTE: stress level climbing at this point.

Trevor started the sander and slammed right into the wall.
He looked at me with the what the hell did we get ourselves into face, and tried again and slammed into the wall.
You know those cartoons where the cat or skunk starts the floor sander and ends up spinning in circles and flies off into the wall.


So once we kinda got started, we realized that the sanding was making A LOT of water and  mud that was getting everywhere and.....

oh shit we forgot the mops.

Off to Walmart in a fit of screaming. Both of us not just me.

We went to Walmart covered in concrete with red faces and barely speaking to one another because we were so panicked about the evil sander waiting to kill us back at the store.

We made it through 1/4 of the store that night and only had the sander for 1 more day.
We were exhausted and frustrated.
We did more research that night and decided to scrap the keeping plain concrete floors as getting all of the yellow glue off wasn't working. We didn't want to pay anyone to polish them and settled on a lovely industrial grade painted floor.
 We went back the next morning with fresh perspective and got into a fantastic rhythm and with the wonderful help of my mother in law we got the whole floor done.
No one got murdered by the sander or by a person.
We didn't flood our basement.
We blew a breaker but no big mishaps.

Trevor had gotten to the level of awesome by this point and was sanding like a pro. At least to me as I couldn't have held onto that thing. We also uninstalled the faucet so we could move it higher and be a smidgen quicker with water.

End of first weekend progress. 6 wash downs laters, a clean concrete floor and replaced mental sanity.
 I know these photos aren't all that pretty but it's the anticipation that counts right? You just wait, it's going to be awesome. It's awesome in my head and with only minor bumps I am bringing the awesome to you.
At least thats what I'm telling myself.

Have a great weekend all, I'll be getting my paint on.