Monday, August 18, 2014

Random bits and your thoughts

Morning all!

I haven't shared a ton of things inside the house lately and well let's face it, I haven't been inside much to change anything to share. Bad blogger not moving things to make content. I digress.

I did however switch out the centre of our dining room table for an extremely simple centrepiece and thought ah what the hell might as well do a little sharesy!

i put the grain sack roll runner back in place and added a clear demijohn and lab flask and 1 crystal candleholder for when we eat inside. i just washed the bottles so they are on the cloudy humid side. 

on another note, i just got my selection of candles from pf candle co.
i have been haunting their instagram feed for awhile and am completely smitten with the packaging of this product. when we are an official store, these WILL be in stock. the scents are wonderful and natural and they suit my style to a t.

doesn't it look completely at home with my apothecary bottle from france and brain coral?

Now a question I require your help with. I will take opinions into consideration and then finally make a decision.
I want to make a very simple shelf over the 3 windows in my dining room to house my collection of ironstone pitchers. It will be a simple shelf that lifts up the decor in the room but doesn't compete with it as this room is relatively simple in style.
I have 4 of these green corbels that I am considering for the brackets. Does the green compete with the buffet? look off  with the buffet? The room is quite neutral right now but there are usually other greens in the room besides the buffet but I am torn. Should I keep hunting until I find 4 white ones?
Can't Make A Decision!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for your input in the dining room.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Perfect Grey meets brass for feminine chic

Hello all,

I seem to be getting my paint streak back on and I have actually hit a run of finally finding some solid end tables. Most of the time I find wobbly veneer crud with no style pre-paint so spending my time painting them won't wave a harry potter wand and make them magical for anyone's space.
Today's pieces are a lovely set of french provincial tables done in my custom mix #anniesloan perfect grey.

This grey has made appearances on this dresser as well.

They have a sophisticated look now and read as classic and/or feminine.

i added subtle distressing for some age

i added a bit of grecian gold #rubnbuff on the handles to brighten them up a bit


I have also added some new items to the etsy shop again last night and over the last week including the items below. That antique sewing drawer makes an amazing vignette.

The grey set is for sale now for anyone local to the Niagara Region and will also be posted on facebook before going on Kijiji. I have too many sets to keep them all for the show so if you are interested, please email me at

Have a great Thursday all,


miss mustard seed

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Colourful flowers and a vole update

It is a dreary day here so how about a sunny update on the vegetable garden. The sunflowers that I was talking about a few weeks ago are in full bloom and from all areas of our home we can see them. I look upon them from my bedroom window as soon as I pull up the blind in the morning, come down the stairs through the living room windows and from the patio while we eat and chat. They are completely visible when we drive away and drive up to the house and just make us smile. Some of them are massive and I am almost just as excited about the giant dried seed heads that will be ready to be plucked for display in the fall.

the zinnias i planted are bright fuchsia and excellent for cutting. this was my first attempt at growing them from seed so i am going to attempt a few more colours next year.

the gladiolas are just getting going. i planted them in stages so i could have a few weeks of flowers.

an update on the vole situation for anyone that is curious. i have attempted the following to rid myself of the little bastards. in no particular order and for long periods of consistent time:
used cat litter
sonic stakes
ammonia soaked rags in holes
bleach soaked rags in holes
neighbourhood cat coaxing
juicy fruit gum
shovel smashing

damage has ceased since the juice fruit experiment (wear gloves, unwrap juicy fruit, stick in many holes and wait)
i have no idea why juicy fruit, i read it online. it is supposed to stop their digestion and they die. don't give me the don't kill the creatures racket because these little crappers have eaten through about 500.00 in plants this year and at least 100-200.00 in snacks/alcohol for us to be watching the holes like bill murray.
i swear our neighbours think we're losing it running around with shovels and yelling.
i'd laugh myself if it wasn't so aggravating.
one hopped into our garage, yes hopped and trevor spent 25 minutes chasing it under motorcycles and furniture while yelling and screaming about how ugly they are with their claws and no eyes. (i'll admit that was pretty funny, and i laughed at him while pretending to help)

i thought i would share a garden that i haven't shared before or at least not in a long time. we did a little revamping with this garden and added some large drought tolerant plants like russian sage, red yarrow, bee balm, and a pee gee hydrangea tree.

So many lovely colours this time of year.

Have a great day everyone,

We're off to see Gregg Allman tonight at Artpark in Lewiston and I am stoked. I love his solo music beyond words. It should be fantastic rain or not


Monday, August 11, 2014

A menagerie of linen and mustard

Well good morning everyone. I took a smidge of a blog break last week on account of being snarly. You know how it goes, regular work just pissin' you off and not being able to share happy thoughts with the world of decorating.

Well after some eating, drinking, grass cutting and general beach/lawn napping I am back with some projects I have been hacking away at. Instead of doing an individual post for some small items, I decided to put the matching-y ones together for a medium vignette.

I picked up all these pieces at various garage sales and they just needed a little loving. 
The ladderback chair is a newer vintage model and got a little updating with #generalfinishes milk paint in linen. This was my first time using this particular colour and I am smitten. It is an almost off white/beige colour that would look great in a modern environment or a rustic farmhouse house.

The stool is the perfect fall sunflower yellow. I used #generalfinishes somerset gold with van dyke glaze. The same finish as this dresser.
It would be fantastic in a white kitchen or as a place to set your fantastic topiary.

This mitred pillow is apart of my fall line of pillows getting ready to hit my etsy shop and being sewn up for the October show. This one in black and linen stripe ticking is my favourite ticking tone and looks splendid when sewn this way if I do say so myself.
 I will send a shout out when they are available for anyone that is interested.

The pair of farmhouse stools are also done in linen. The legs had a weird red/orange paint stain combo on them that was unsightly but once sanded the tops were just perfect with a little wax. 


The stools had an old crackle finish that with the lighter paint just stands out and with some coaxing from antiquing wax that just brought out the details.

Perfect for putting your feet up

Thanks for visiting today,


miss mustard seed

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A White Buffet goes Glam

Me and buffets. I swear I would keep them all if I could. 

Before we get to that though I just wanted to say that I think I caused a bit of turbulence yesterday by showing photos of the lovely creatures at the Buffalo Zoo. I guess I didn't realize what a hot topic that was for some people who felt the need to email me. I did not show photos of our trip to the zoo to upset people and am sorry for anyone I did upset however, Trevor and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed learning about all of the animals and the steps that many zoos are taking to ensure the survival of some extremely close to extinction species. We had no idea that this particular zoo had been around since the 1800's and although some spaces are regrettably not as large as big animals see in the wild, the animals seemed healthy, interested in people and not at all maudlin.

Enough of that, today I have a fantastic, heavy as a house buffet to share with you.
I sanded, did 3 coats of primer with 1 additional sand in between and 1.5 coats of #generalfinishes antique white milk paint.

I kept the original brass hardware and gave it a little oomph with #rubandbuff in #greciangold.  I then proceeded to add some more Rub n Buff around the top edge to give it some detail and love the creamy white with the gold. It is glam and rustic all at the same time. I am told by someone….ahem…Trevor that we do not have room to keep it so for sale it goes.

that lovely antique photo is from a flea market and is going into the hoard stash for a project i am planning in the fall.


Nothing like a simple white finish to revive an old piece.

I hope if finds a great forever home.

Have a good day all,


miss mustard seed 
thoughts from alice

Monday, August 4, 2014

Feeling like a kid for a Sunday Funday

Trevor and I just spent a fabulous weekend of work and play. Saturday was a gorgeous day that saw us out for a ride on our bike and finishing up some projects at home that we always seem to run out of time for. On Sunday we went flea marketing in the rain and then decided to do something for fun and head over the border to the Buffalo Zoo. Neither of us had been in a long time and we were itching to just forget work for a bit.

I brought my camera along and had an amazing time taking photos of all the animals and laughing at their antics.
I definitively refused to go in the reptile house in case of snake spottings so, Trev walked through on his own and confirmed my suspicions. 

I thought I would share some of my shots even though completely unrelated to decor, the animals are gorgeous, majestic and some in serious danger of extinction.

this amazingly colourful bird was racing back and forth and i love this blurred out photo of it. 

santa claus anyone?


this rhino mama and baby were just doing slow parade like laps for all the visitors and the baby rhino was having fun playing chicken with the axis deer also in that pen


the adorable posing meerkats.

Plus a few of the things that came home with us,

 a good lot of ironstone, some urn milkglass, a black egg basket, lovely leather book, a great stool not pictured and the fantastic antique gold frames below


Well I hope you enjoyed your wildlife tour and why not visit and support your local zoo for some fantastic summer entertainment. Your face will hurt from smiling so much in a good way,.

Have a great day all,

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