Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Linen Dresser, some listing and any suggestion?

Happy Tuesday.
I finished up this lovely dresser last week and added it to the mound for the show. Are you coming? Have you joined our event page? 
I'll be truthful for a moment, there has been a lot of real crap going on in my work life and I had a run in last night with one of "those" customers so, what I really want to do today is go back to bed and hide under the covers but keep on truckin' I will. Reading all the wonderful sunshine comments about Franklin and our office yesterday are doing some major spirit lifting so thanks to all of you wonderful faceless people out there.

This dresser is actually part of a set we picked up a few weeks ago but I am only getting around to this one for the show. I left the original brass hardware and gave it a simple finish with #generalfinishes #linen #milkpaint.
The wood detailing on the bottom half really stands out with the paint.

"the vignette"


I also did some more etsy listing last night so go check it out.

We are planning our next pre-show road trip. We leave Thursday for Ohio, Nashville and Asheville. Any food/shopping or scenic suggestions?

Have a great day all,


Monday, September 15, 2014

The Rest of the Office Reveal

Good morning everyone.  The sun is shining and the crows are squawking up a storm outside my window. They must know they are the birds of fall.

I thought that I would share the rest of the office today.

As a little reminder I purchased this secretary for more storage for my etsy business

and then that snowballed into refinishing this dresser in the same finish for a cohesive look

Of course when 2 pieces get redone in a room, it causes the urge to purge. Ha I rhymed.
Anyways, I cleaned off my shelves and got rid of a lot of my books that were taking up some space. I had most of them since high school so none were the great American novel, more like multiple copies of The Devil Wears Prada but they found new homes in family and friends and gave me again more space.

The feather fabric I ordered from Spoonflower finally arrived (great site, long wait time buyer beware if in a hurry.) I ordered it in the Kona cotton but next time will probably go a little heavier weight for pillows. It feels right in between quilting weight and home decor fabric.

I got some more storage on the shelves in the form of suitcases and baskets to store all of my odds and ends like spare tape, ribbon, packing paper etc.

I know bright light room but not really. Like I have mentioned before I think this is actually my most awkward room to photograph. The light comes in here in the morning but in a glaring way where it sends that single stream of light onto one spot and the afternoons are incredibly dark. Makes for weird photography. Maybe one day I'll research that light pole thing.
I left my sewing machines on the desk so you get a feel for how the space functions instead of me just telling you I really do use this space as an office.
Now though there is the addition of a dog sitting on the sewing machine pedals.
All of the ready to shop pillows are folded neatly in that crate on the trunk under the table. Vintage pillows have a separate drawer. I'm an organization nut, what can I say.

My bubble wrap hangs on the wall over the cardboard and wrap paper. The zippers for all my pillows are in that grain sack hanger on the antique doors. That way I just have to spin my head and pull one out and keep going.

Some of you got a kick out of the fact that I was stripping in the house in the secretary post. I was actually wood stripping this table. The top finish had gotten very chipped and flaky so I removed the multiple coats of varathane to reveal a gorgeous wood desk underneath. It is a flat finish now and I quite love it.

Well that's it for today folks
Have a good one,


Friday, September 12, 2014

Meet Franklin


Today I would like to introduce you to the big home change we had this week.
His name is Franklin and he is just handsome.

Let's go back a little bit though.
I didn't share this story at the time because it was just too much.
Some of you long time readers will recall that Trevor and I went on a roadtrip to Virginia back in May for our long weekend. We left our home knowing that our baby Milo was not feeling good. She had started drinking noticeably more water and not regularly eating her food.
My mom and dad petsit our animals when we go out of town and we love them even more for that. Watching a herd of pets a few times a day for multiple days on end is hard work but we feel ease knowing they are well taken care of.
We came home to find Miss Milly not doing any better and my parents having tried everything to get her to eat. 
The next day just went downhill from there and by the end of the day Monday Milo was barely able to walk. She held out for the whole weekend but when we came home, it was like she knew we were there and she could just let nature take its course. 
We spent the longed night of our lives up with an extremely ailing dog howling and puking everywhere. We were just crying and staring at the clock waiting for it to say 8:00 so we could get to the animal hospital.
Without getting myself or anyone else more upset, Trevor and I said goodbye to our 16 year old dog on our 14 year anniversary.

We still can't look at Jack Russell terriers without getting extremely upset.

On to our new chapter. I have a wonderful long time patient that feels just as sentimental about her pets as I do. She is very involved in our local humane society and we got to talking about adoption at her last appointment. 
A week later she called the office to let me know that although not a boston terrier, a french bulldog that she knew the foster mom of, had just been put up for adoption. The foster mom had him for 2 months and after many years and many foster dogs, compared this particular dog to her personal longtime companion He was that good. She couldn't keep him herself, as she was moving away but had told my patient all about him.
I looked up the photos on facebook and had that contemplation moment.
I put the photos up on the computer when I got home just to hear what Trev would say.
"You should go see him" was what I got.

I went to visit him last Wednesday on my lunch and he came barrelling out the door and into the kiddie pool they had set up. The volunteers let me take "Gregory" for a walk and he had the sweetest disposition.
Trevor went back with me the next day. I had told Trev that he was a bit bigger than Milo. Laughing Tevor's first words when he saw him were "You lied, he's way bigger than Milo" So I fibbed a little but I knew Gregory had a new home. 
He came home with us Saturday afternoon and we have spent entirely too much money getting him new beds, toys, collars etc. I wanted him to have his own things, not Milo's hand me downs. The cats have adjusted to him being around for the most part but, he still thinks play time is a 24 hour period and Oliver does NOT.

We weren't shopping for a new dog, I mean we had talked about it but, there were a lot of things we were looking for and a heavy shoe to fill in Milo.
We went through a ton of names because we both did not like Gregory. Otis, Lloyd, Fig, Finnigan, Ceasar, the list goes on.

I was hunting for old man names on the internet and landed on Franklin and it stuck.

So meet Franklin AKA
Frankie the Fig
 (we're nickname people, it's a habit)


He is a soft haired, one eared wonder with slobber and a bit of a nipping habit but we fell hard for him and are ecstatic to give him a home.
The lady that fostered him did a fantastic job teaching him basic commands and he was already housebroken so we are just grooming him to live in our home.


He went for his first car ride yesterday to get him used to the idea that everytime he goes in the car isn't to a kennel. We may have stopped to get our fall mums on the way.
Right after this photo he came crashing over the seat and smooshed a kale plant but he gave kisses to apologize.


And he may have helped me paint our front doors yesterday. He also pooped and ate it but that's life with a puppy.

I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for reading. Don't feel sad about our loss, I wanted to tell the story and it is why I left it so long. It feels fitting to honour Milo by giving a new dog that needed a home a place to live.


Milo December 25, 1998- May 20, 2014 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pretty Weeds

Not too much to say today. A tiring work week leads to my day off to work at home today. Lots of pillow makings and dresser finishings for the show happening and if I am quite energetic after my Matsa tea (anyone else get into this energy green tea booster?) I may just paint our front doors that have been chipping away.

Cooler weather finally rolled in this morning letting me enjoy the fall decor without pumpkins that I added each night this week.

Pretty weeds in the dining room to share today in an antique battery jar.

Have a good one all,


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More great finds......

I shared the dresser seen in this photo in my post yesterday and since it was sitting there after we finished our weekend flea marketing run, I thought I would use it for sharing the new found treasures.

check out those awesome huge wood straight edges.

wonderul brass loving cups. antlers, some ironstone and quite old globes,
 1 is from world war II

it was an industrial schoolhouse kind of picking day


the long photo is an additive to my collection. it is in really poor condition but, the content is amazing with the men on horses. the awesome red house is a knit piece in an amazing wood frame. i just had this feeling about it so in my cart it went.

Well have a good day all,


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A matching set.

Good morning all.

I jumped over my post yesterday and am posting it today instead. We had an eventful weekend and after finishing packing orders at 11pm, there just wasn't anything left in the battery pack. We had an exciting change happen at home this weekend and I am planning to share lots of photos and stories this week. Promise.

For today though I have a huge matching bedroom set I just finished up. This set was a leftover unloved from a local teen bedroom that they didn't have room for after moving. Super for me and some other lucky person. I used my newest toy, a heat gun from #canadiantire to strip the varethane on top. A definite learning curve to using them for stripping but great once you get the hang of it. Geez that sentence was kind of dirty. 
I then applied #howardsfeedandwax to the top.

I used #generalfinishes #antiquewhite on the lower parts of the dresser and end tables and just a slight amount of distressing.
Funny story about the paint. Since we're here and all.
I ran out of my paint after finishing the end tables and 1 coat of the dresser. This paint is not overly available near me so I stock up when I am in the areas of the stores that carry it.  Lee Valley Tools is the only large retailer in Canada but they don't ship the paint. They need to work on that. Trevor and I decided to drive over the river on Thursday night to Rockler Hardware. We got held up at the border for what felt like forever and made it there swerving and speeding at 6:59. The store closes at 7:00 or that night at 6:58. Cripes! After swearing and screaming in the car, we found another painted furniture store that was open until 8:30, totally saved the night. I guess it isn't like a hilarious story but it's a story nonetheless.

the tops being left pine allow the pieces to fit into so many spaces without just being white.
 i love these for a cottage bedroom but it might need to be a big cottage.
the map behind the pieces is an antique map from the muskokas we came across a few months ago. again a fantastic piece for someone's cottage.

And now the end tables.
with my bedroom table lamps i dragged downstairs because they just felt right to me

I am going to be selling this set prior to the show mostly because it is a set and therefore will be hard to style individually in my limited show space but, also because it is quite heavy and we don't want anyone busting a hip at the show. If you or someone you know is looking to give a nice bedroom set a home, send me an email at oliverandrust@live.com


Have a good day everyone,



Thursday, September 4, 2014

To the Boudoir my little wardrobe

Good morning friends.

I have a sweet wardrobe to share with you today. It isn't too big, it isn't too small, it's like the Goldilocks of wardrobes. It could live just about anywhere, a bedroom, a bathroom, a walk in closet room if you had one big enough.

I decided on just a simple white finish for this one as it just had that "I'm romantic" look to it.

I used #generalfinishes #antiquewhite and replaced the hardware with some "crystal" and old brass hardware from #hobbylobby

i added some age to this piece with more distressing than i usually pull out and a lot of mms antiquing wax in the grooves. stark white was not making this piece yell boudoir like it was telling me. 

this photo has not much to do with the piece but more the piece of sculpture on top. i acquired a few bits and pieces from an altar from the 1800's that someone sliced up and they were going to basically go in the garbage. this is the largest piece and works perfectly standing up as a display piece like this on a dresser or in a cabinet of bits and bobs or on a shelf with a pile of books. they are intricate and lovely and i couldn't let them go to waste. i will be listing some of the pieces in the etsy store soon.

as you can see, there was a design in the middle of the door. i added a few coats of wood filler to get rid of it so the door appeared more simple and let the hardware and aging take the stage. for some reason it just didn't feel like it went.
this wardrobe was just unremarkable before and felt old and tired.

Have a great day all,