Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Inspired by IBC

With all the inspiration overload we come across these days it is rare to have something smack you down with an "oh my gosh i want that right now" moment. Things come and go across our feeds, things we love even but, how many people are actually doing the things that they pin on their boards, save on their blog feeds? I make a lot of the recipes I save and some of the good ideas get tackled but some were amazing in the moment and then another idea comes across like a butterfly and we release the other one we had in the net. It's design ADD I tell you.

Well the other day I was reading one of my regular read all the time blogs and I had a smack down moment. MY style is sooo quite different from Michael's but his blog is just wonderful. I find it informative, fresh and even though he is a career blogger, I don't feel like I'm reading a work blog. You know the ones I mean. Far be it for me to take away from the success of someone but when items are accepted for a blog post, you see it worked into their decor and the next time you go back it is gone. Did they really love the item like they claimed or they bragged about it because it was free or they were paid for it. 
I want to see something you actually love and had to have that was offered to you.

Michael has a partnership with Target (love) and the items you see him bragging about actually live in his home. I love bloggers like that and that actually makes me want to shop for similar items. Not that I need help with that shopping thing.

More to the point of which I seem to be getting away from, I was reading his blog last week and he added large C7 bulbs to his mantel decor. Now he planned it out and found white wire lines and white opaque bulbs but the idea was planted.


So, it just so happened I had a spare set lying around from my trips to the Goodwill and voila, lights on my mantel.


i whipped them up there, tucked them in neat and tidy like and busted out the camera for some night time ambiance shots. i am considering doing a whole candle light blog tour of our home at night. i have a slight light and candle obsession and i think it would be neat to share. most bloggers are taking time off over the holidays but as the holidays are my time off, i actually have time to be creative with this little blog of mine, so there will still be some posting going on here.

i may have also turned my camera onto my night time tree. so twinkly and bright!

and a review of my daytime mantel no lights

with lights. although it has been almost like night here during the day lately. a helpful patient informed me that we haven't had a full day of sun since october 23 already. super. info i needed to know to cheer up so i'm passing on that little slice of happiness to you.

Well have a great one all,

Go cross something off your inspired list


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Market….part two

Our second Christmas market hit a little hitch from mother nature last Thursday night. We got pounded with a full snowstorm all day long and by night time had seen almost 10 inches. Even though the roads were quite terrible, we still had a lovely turnout of shoppers eager to see our items and participate in a little Christmas spirit.
I did a bunch of loading up the Jeep and brought a bunch of new stock to fill in the spaces from the piles of stuff that left in the first show.

My wonderful mom was my helping hand that night and we had a blast moving things around and talking to customers.

Some photos to peruse...

another tray of bottle brush trees as they were an extreme hit at the first show.

Jessica {Fleurish Design Studio}'s space

Emiles Giles Designs

Harmony on West

Pulp & Mill

Bows and Loops

Pottery by Emily Bucher

Well that's a wrap. This market was a pile of work and proved to be so worth it in the end. I met a bunch of great creative people in my community, learned a lot of people are getting quite excited about the possibility of this venture of mine becoming a full time gig in our area and made a wonderful new friend become even closer. Jess and I burned through our cell phone text plans preparing this market and there was a lot of decisions and plans that went on behind the scenes while we were both trying to have lives, work and get ready for our own Christmas festivities. We can't thank our wonderful vendors enough for doing such a terrific job and making our little shopping stop a huge success.

*fist bump*

Have a great day all,


Monday, December 15, 2014

Outdoor Christmas Greetings… no snow required.

Well I made it. The Christmas markets are over, the house is long since decorated, my gifts are almost all done, just need to be wrapped and we are ready to enjoy the holiday season for the next few weeks. I will share some photos I took of our Thursday night market tomorrow. We got a huge snowglobe amount of snow but didn't deter too many of our fabulous customers.

In between dreary cloudy days and snowstorms I took some photos of our outside Christmas dressings. I didn't really do anything too crazy or different this year as I just plain loved how it turned out last year so why mess with a good thing. I am really enjoying our new green front doors with the greenery too. I love driving around at this time of year. I always take a different route home at the end of the night to see the Christmas lights that so many have put up. We have new neighbours this year and after 4 years of having a holiday-less home next door, we now have a fully decked out white light extravaganza going on. Our 2 homes look joined together in lights and it is a wonderful sight to come home to.

lots of fresh pine, hemlock, eucalyptus, magnolia and cedar with some hits of red and gold and the lime green osage oranges that my mother in law graciously scavenged for me to use in my decor and for the shows.

this little black milk can with red writing fits right in don't you think?

i leave the red blankets out on the porch all winter. they get on and off covered in snow and melt  but i picked them up for only a few dollars each at the thrift store so i'm not worried about them. i whip them in the wash after the holidays, dry them up and they get stored until next year. cheap and simple decor for a hit of colour and seeming cozyness

Well talk to you tomorrow everyone,

Have a nice day,


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Mantel 2014

Good morning everyone.

I thought I would share a little bit about the details of our Christmas mantel this year.
When going to plan the mantel this year I wanted to do something completely different. I have been using the magnolia stems for 4 years now mixed in with our African decor and thought it time for a change. Every season I take all of the decor off, clean the paintings, and scrub the mantel for dust, spiderwebs etc. Once I took everything off this year I thought maybe I would try a complete landscape of Christmas instead of blending into our global items paintings not withstanding.

I found the giant brass deer in the summer and once I got them and tons of books in place it all started to come together.

the full view. lots of gold, green and vintages goodies.

these lemon cypress trees are not in the best location light wise but i am ice cube watering them and they seem to be doing ok so far. i moved our trophy collection all across the mantel to keep the theme going.

when i was placing the vintage gold shiny brite ornaments around the mantel i noticed the lid of the box and though it might look neat as a piece of art, so a leaning piece of christmas vintage fun it turned out to be. you can see our general theme for the mantel is white, gold, green and rustic eclecticness.

even the little cardboard bayberry taper holder box is a little piece of unordinary art.

I really love how all the items came together. Our African and global collected pieces are taking a little nap until Christmas is over when I will put them back out with renewed love but the tigers will keep watch over the rest of the glitz and glamour.

In case you are new here, this is what our mantel looked like last year. I also remembered that the whitewashing of the bricks happened after last Christmas so it looks even darker.

Well have a nice day everyone and remember locals, tomorrow night is our next Christmas Vintage market. I have shopped and recreated a bunch more vintage decor goodies for your homes or gifts.  See you there

Have a great day,


To see this years Christmas house tour from the beginning click here or the photo

Monday, December 8, 2014

Pinterest Inspiration: November 2014

Good morning everyone.

A few days after November and we are full on into the glitz and glamour of house tours. Here we will take a break and rest of the Oliver and Rust tour (as there is more still to come in the basement and outside) and just look at some glamourous inspiration instead.

rustic winter dining table // #tablescape #tabletop #entertaining 

Kitchen Cabinetry

My Sweet Savannah~diy deer mount ornaments, super easy to make with full tutorial!

awesome diy.

Demilune Buffet Makeover {by: Phoenix Restoration} #phoenixrestoration #furnituremakeover #milkpaint #generalfinishes #forsaleseattle 

one of my favourite restorers. this buffet is gorgeous in red

Uploaded with Pinterest Android app. Get it here: 


love the old jars filled with balls

wool plaid blanket on old iron bed....-))

Use old paper, dried twigs, and a bit of ink, to create these cute recycled paper twiggy tags! Great for hanging on the Christmas tree or using for tags.

with some time and effort these tags would be a great diy gift tag 

Have an inspiring day everyone,