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Welcome to Oliver and Rust!

This home decor and DIY blog is written solely by me, Meaghan Meg Gizuk.

Why Oliver and Rust?

The name Oliver and Rust came out a late night brainstorm session with family trying to think of a fantastic name for an eventual retail business. There were many good options but Oliver is a loved name and also the name of one of our cats and I tend to drag home anything covered in rust and want to put it in our home. Not complicated but I find it to be catchy and a bit unique.

Who am I?
I am a wife, daughter and friend and I love to spend my time decorating my home for my husband Trevor, two cats Oliver and Sammy.

I spend my days split between working as a Registered Dental Hygienist and running my retail store both in person and online. I spend every other waking moment living my eclectic vintage life creating a comfortable home with odd elements I find just about everywhere. I am passionate about cooking, gardening, sewing, music, painting and drinking wine. Not necessarily in that order, sometimes the gardening comes first and some days the wine comes first. I enjoy cleaning my home (people seem to always want to know who dusts) but, find it a useless activity unless I can dance to the loudest music possible.

My husband is my best friend and  right arm in completing some my visions and drives me all over the country looking for wonderful finds for my shop and for our home.
I am the architect and he is the mad scientist of projects.

I love to shop in antique stores, vintage repurposing stores, flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores. Pretty well wherever they have good junk for sale looking for a new home.

I also love (just in case you visit lol)......
pizza with mushrooms
red wine
bonfires on weekday nights 
rainy afternoons in the summer
riding on motorcycles
time to read a good book
dancing in the kitchen
arranging flowers

I have recently discovered a love of painting and refinishing furniture and spend a lot of time with paint on my hands and creative visions in my head. 

I use this blog as an outlet for my vision, a catapult for my business and a conversation for worldwide vintage loving.

Thank you for joining me.


  1. What a joy to stumble across your blog...I love your adventures and find our tastes very similar. The funny part is my husband is in the dental world, he's a salesman for Henry Schein! Anyway you can check my stuff out at www.mishkablack.com and let me know what you think...you'll have to email me though through the contact tab however, I'm still figuring out how to get my Post a Comment thing down. I am off to check out your Facebook and Pinterest page. Stay Awesome! Its nice to be inspired on the road of inspiring others! Black Out.

  2. Wow, i am so computer blogging illiterate, i typed my comment before signing in. Anyway, hi, my name is Anita/Nailah (Anita by birth and Nailah by religious choice) and you can call me either one. I came across your blog via Apartment Therapy (I think). i was looking at so many things so im not sure. Please excuse typos. your blog is a great inspiration to me and i thank you for sharing it with the public. I will be checking it out from time to time just to keep myself "energized". My daughter is a dental hygenist also and has a good "eye" for design too. I was wondering if cleaning teeth is "decorating inspiration" :D (lol)

  3. Meg, I live in North Carolina and like you, I can be found in my yard or redoing something for my home. You always inspire me when I need a pick me up and I love your ideas and groupings. I think I have told you before but you really do have a real talent for decorating so Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us! Pam

  4. Oliver is a loved name for my family as well; the name of our only grandson! You are living out my dream in that you have a good reason for finding the treasures officially for your store! I, on the other hand, just enjoy the "hunt" without the profit!

  5. Hey! Love strolling through your house, all your eclectic pieces ;) I'm curious about all the gorgeous African animal paintings? Did you live there, or are you just drawn to the animals themselves?

  6. Ok, sorry, I asked before I finished reading:/ Just checked out Edward Spera' s gallery. Beautiful! You make the art fit effortlessly with all of your other stuff! I tend to avoid art like that cuz I think it won't go with the rest of my art, but you have done it!

  7. Would love to do your Ikea cart hack. Who did you buy the brass towel holders from? I'm striking out finding some good ones.

  8. Beautiful and inspirational website. I love your ideas. You are truly gifted, thank you for sharing with us!

  9. Hi there! I love the table you made using the 2x4's and the live edge piece. I am just wondering where you got the live edge piece for and roughly how much it cost? Or perhaps you have a place you would suggest I look for live edge pieces. I'd love to try and replicate your design. Thanks!

  10. wow! Your store and home are so beautiful. I love your style. What advise would you give to someone with a dream of running & owning there own home goods boutique style storefront? Any tips are appreciated.


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