Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas in the kitchen and dining room....and new chairs

Let's just go with better late than never on these Christmas home tour posts. 
It's not that my home hasn't been decorated for quite some time now, and that I've been picking away at changing things and already making plans for new projects once Christmas is over but, the days I have had home have been few and far between and those have been super dark. The snow has arrived though so the brightness has returned and my plants can breathe a sigh of relief away from their grow lights.

From a photography perspective with other bloggers you know what a drag those dark days can be when it comes to getting the best pictures. I just invested in a double set of continuous light boxes for shoots with the store and broke them out to do some work with these photos and after a bit of trial and error I can see what the fuss is about. Adding light to the space without the harsh highlights from over exposure.

Beyond camera jargon, today I am sharing our dining room and kitchen decked out for the holidays. We have taken away the long church pew that has lived in this space for quite a few years and replaced it with a couple of aged brass chairs from Crate & Barrel. The mismatched chair look is not for everyone but we are quite enjoying it and it was amazing when we first brought them home how big the room felt once we put them in place.  

the dining room table is sporting a table runner i bought a few years ago at pottery barn with winter birds and a mix of vintage and new bits for candles and ornaments

every year i think i am going to do something different on the doors at the end of the room but then i pull those ornament wreaths out and love them all over again and up they go. i suppose now that the trend of ornament wreaths kind of moved on they are a bit original again so i like that.

the favourite in store plant of the season. the winterberry. we have sold over a 100 in a few weeks and this one is hanging out in a gorgeous deep green seeded glass vase. the dark colour stands out against the white reindeer.

our new chairs mixed in with our antique white bankers chairs and ikea wicker. as far as metal chairs go i was shocked when i first sat in them how formed and comfortable the seats were. they are not lush upholstered seats but as far as metal chairs go they certainly fit the bill. they will also weather well with an exuberant toddler sure to be shoving them around the room.

these are the chairs called delta brass from Crate & Barrel. they came in many finishes and we went with the brass well because, they were ma fav-or-it!

the xerographica air plants that usually sit around the rooms needed somewhere to go during the holiday season so i incorporated them into my greenery and it gives them a bit of an eclectic feel.

the kitchen only sees a bit of festive decor as it just isn't that big of a space and counter space is at a premium for my cooking and cooking paraphernalia. i always add a garland to our kitchen window that just brings out the colours of the season.

our combo islands are working spaces. the cutting board never leaves the barrel as this is the space that i use to prepare dinner. our everyday spoons etc live on the small island to keep them at easy access and always at the ready.

Thanks for stopping by the food and entertaining areas of our home.
I'll be back with the rest of our main floor this week

Have a great day,


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  1. Love the beadboard back splash Meg. A warm choice over all that subway tile they seem to be promoting now. I have it too and my kitchen is super small.
    Have a wonderful Christmas...


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