Tuesday, December 5, 2017

a winter wonderland of mischievous elves and reindeer

That magical time of the year is here. The time when everything that sparkles and glitters is upon us. The preparation for family and friends has begun. Getting the house all decked out for the season and adding the new bits you found at all the beautiful open houses. While the shop has been decked out for the holidays since the beginning of November and these pictures were taken awhile ago I am just getting around to posting them now. Enjoy your tour of my little piece of heaven all decked out for the season. My inspiration for this year of course started with the colour green and plants and was a more natural woodland Christmas. We invited a whole host of deer to join us as well as a *few* elves in all of their holiday finery.




  1. Your shop is a feast for the eyes under normal circumstances. But at Christmas, oh my! Gorgeous! Wish I could experience it in person, but thanks for sharing in pics

  2. I wish we could see things up close. What a wonderful store! I used to work in a similar one and it was always a joy to put out all the Christmas decor.

  3. LOVE your shop! It is right up my alley. I wish you were close enough for a visit but I am in Texas!
    Any chance for a close up shot of that white "Stick" Christmas tree? I would like to find a similar one.


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