Thursday, June 29, 2017

Buddhas and shells: The summer dining room

Holy bologna!
It has been months since I have been here and I am pretty sure I even skipped sharing my spring house. Sorry long time followers!

Let's just say spring was a beautiful storm of events, extremely busy shop, new employee, gorgeous growing little girl and spring outdoor start up at home and my camera stayed lying in its drawer when it was at home. I find myself gravitating to the world of instagram more often when looking for things and only read the blog posts of the people that I follow because my feed on Bloglovin' has turned into an unfortunate blog roll of sponsored posts.
I haven't spent time curating a feed of people I really love and now until I do that it just feels uninspiring.

On the note of inspiring [hopefully...] I did get around to shooting a lot of our home for summer. The shop and our home definitely went for a bit more tropical vibe than cottage coastal this year. Or maybe its just a giant blend. Whatever it is, I am loving the long days, the bright sunshine and the light tones in our home.

Lets take a peek in the dining room today, which by tomorrow will have a different looking chair at the table as Emma's high chair is getting delivered. My poor bench may get the boot as our families are expanding and chairs just seem to make more sense.

i always love this gray urn i have had for years filled with shells. its an easy summer display, and i don't have to fuss with it. we always sit at one end of the table when we eat inside [this time of year] so the candles are more grouped to one end. the black one was sold in the shop this spring. that succulent plant has turned into a tree and is getting massive. i rotate it when in the window a lot so it doesn't grown lopsided.

 simple baskets hung on the doors say laid back living instead of wreaths. they are smaller versions of the bag i have my gigantic calathea in. i use those plastic floor or plant liners inside the basket for the plant so i don't ruin my basket and floor.

the buddha stayed out all the way from our winter decor. the peonies were the last of our white ones from the garden in a vase we received as a wedding gift 12 years ago.
plus a few fishing floats from my collection. 
what number is too many collections? forget it don't answer that.

plus if i get rid of the bench i will no longer have a lovely place to put pillows. oh well.
this season i have some vintage french fabric i bought years ago and some brand new tropical print pillows from the shop.

Have a great day everyone,
Promise I will be back soon with some living room photos for summer and even some shop tour photos.


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