Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Winter at home: the dining room

Coming off a most glorious long weekend of weather here in the Niagara Region and I was even home for a few hours during the sunshine. I did a little plant maintenance that I have been neglecting, took Emma and Franklin for a walk and snapped some photos of the main floor of our house. I upgraded my camera recently to a new model of what I was using and I am still getting used to the differences. They aren't big differences but enough that when I go to edit photos afterwards I can see things that I need to work on still.

For those that are curious I went from a Sony NEX-5R to the Sony a6000. Both are mirrorless cameras which means they have generally the same capabilities as a DSLR but are half the size which means I can tote my camera around with me a lot easier. I am quite loving the new camera especially the inclusion of an actual viewfinder on the back instead of just the little screen which helps so much in daylight.

Enough blabbering about my camera and onto the pretty stuff. Christmas seems so long ago now and when we took everything down I was going into a zen less is more thing, and started with the dining room. I know the minimalists are laughing because there isn't really a lot less but it felt airier to me at the time. I dragged out a buddha head i had in storage for almost 5 years now and went to town.

the table covering is not a tablecloth but a piece of india batik fabric i have been using in the front hall on our chair. i wanted it to be lighter looking but still a bit global and this fit the bill perfectly. i layered a grain sack on top for interest but also for weight as the fabric really isn't heavy enough to be a tablecloth but too bad, i liked it so it stayed.

after i drapped the print in the front hall with a boxwood garland i loved how it looked so i moved the one in here onto our elephant print and am thoroughly enjoying the almost crown like look on the print.

this photo is one i have never been able to capture before. the wider angle of my lens allows me to share the buffet right up and around to my ironstone collection.
still working on settings but the fact that i can do this now is quite exciting.

on the table i brought out the green capitol that used to be in our living room and put a tall vase in the centre. originally i was going to plant it but added 2 ostrich eggs instead and really love the light almost quirky effect it adds.

the mortar and pestle has made multiple appearances in this room and was found at a flea market in toronto years ago.

i adopted 2 new plant babies in this room. the above agave plant which is sharp as a razor on the ends but looks fantastic and is so easy to care for and the giant calathea below i just added into a lined wicker basket.

Well thanks for dropping by my dining room today.
I have an interesting update on care for air plants tomorrow after trials and tribulations that may help some of you.

The rest of today will be consumed with paperwork and watching you tube videos to help me finish setting up the new online store.

Yep you read that right non-locals. I am getting closer, so much closer but there are a ton of wrinkles to get through first so wish me luck.

As Always,


What I'm listening to:
Man on Fire: Edward Sharpe & the magnetic zeros
Waves: St Paul & the broken bones
Moving on and getting over: John Mayer


  1. My heart just went a pitter patter...... 1. always does when I see your home and 2. ONLINE SHOP!!!! can't wait!!!

  2. You have a wonderful knack for combining elements for a fabulous vignette. I love your beautiful home, no matter which room it is. Just so beautiful!!


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