Thursday, January 26, 2017

Winter at home: upstairs

Good morning everyone.

It seems that every season that comes along I change my mind about which time of year I like my home the most. In Canada we generally get to experience the 4 seasons in their entirety and although this year has been unseasonably mild for us, it technically is still winter.

Winter decor doesn't necessarily mean piles of pinecones, even though I have done that before in the past as well. 
This year is still all about the plants for me (kinda handy that this years pantone colour is "greenery") and I love styling my home without decor that signifies a holiday or season, even for just a little while. Along with the greenery colour, my long time collection and love of african and global art seems to falling right on trend as well. Woohoo!

I haven't been able to take any photos of the main floor of our home for a few weeks as it may be warmer than normal but with the absence of bright white snow and sunshine it kind of feels like night all the time and we have a lot of darkness happening that makes photography a smidge difficult.

So for today we shall do a leisurely wander around our upstairs hallway and bedroom.

this little succulent tree and it's pot are my newest and favourite addition to my plant family. the pot is one of my favourites that we carry in store.

these little greenhouses and terrariums are just so much fun and so "it" right now according to the decor powers that be but, i just love the weathered wood look and the fact that it keeps the humidity going around my precious little heart fern.

i have had this bronze bust now for almost 11 years and it is one of the very first pieces of african bronze that i bought when i first started my collecting. it has been in so many different places in our home and previous home and i still love the patina and colour of it.

a new addition to this wall. the macrame runner has been hanging for awhile but the stave holder just arrived. they will be coming into the shop once they are finished being made but they are from niagara wine barrels that have been decommissioned and the hook that my air plant is resting on is made from the actual rings of the barrels.
because there is a flat spot and a hook i can see me changing out what sits on the stave a lot but for now i am quite happy to have it hold one of my prized xerographicas

And a small peek into the bedroom for now.

super neutral with a bit of an antler theme. the antler wreath is actually resin but super realistic looking. i like how thin it is on the window.

Have a great day everyone,


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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Oliver and Rust: the winter store 2017

I always look forward to the shop redo every new season. In the case of the space that we are working with it is quite tricky to do sections of the store without the whole thing not being a total disaster. With the influx of new people all the time because of the great world of social media, I always want the store as much as possible to put its best foot forward.
Generally speaking I close the shop an extra day or two so that myself and either Jill or Trevor and sometimes both can work in peace and get everything reworked.
It also doesn't help that the way I see vignettes come together is starting with a blank slate which means I NEED to clear off tables and sections completely and start over so a lot of stuff ends up on the floor before it goes back in place. I am also a bit of a neat freak so the store needs a complete cleaning, every shelf and light fixture every season, no compromise. I hate seeing spiderwebs hanging from untouched spaces and dust crawling all over shelves. I figure if I can see it, so can my customers. 
A little glimpse into the nuts that is me.
You're welcome.

This season worked a bit different however as I needed to start redo-ing the store a week earlier than planned. Christmas was odd this year. Anyone else find that?
People seemed to be in a different state of mind. I don't know if the weird weather is playing a role, our neighbours to the south dismal political situation which inevitably and regrettably reaches here, or just money woes. Either way this year saw a change in attitudes towards the holidays that I will keep in mind for next year and again as a shopkeeper always keep things changing and different. The weeks following Christmas with sale season beginning turned into a hammer of shopping and by New Year's the store looked bare and HORRIBLE. I had decided to close the shop a few extra days to give us a break and especially Jill who had been working non-stop to cover my half ass shifts being in store after having Emma. In those "break" days I decided to redo the store in bits by myself and oddly enough I think it came together better than I imagined.

It was different and fun being there myself [not that I want to do it again, those stairs are a beast by yourself carrying product and talking to yourself gets a little hairy after a few days]

So I guess enough mindless chatter from me this morning and welcome to the shop in its mostly finished winter state. I took these photos a couple weeks ago so lots of stuff has arrived since and a lot again has sold but you get the general idea. Lots of plants, terrariums, a bit more tribal eclectic and tons of vintage feeling.
 The greatest thing about still operating this blog as blog, is it has mainly become a journal for me of my home and my shop to look back on and I'm just glad you guys all still enjoy it as well.

Have a great day,


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

rearranging art and a new year

it's 2017 and a fresh start to a new year.
maybe i'll blog more, maybe i won't. i always intend to but my request for more time in the day has yet to be approved. 
i also have high hopes for getting our real online store up and running. i guess we'll see what this year brings.

i love putting up the christmas decor early and enjoying it throughout the season but come new years makes an appearance, i can't wait to take it down and start fresh.

optimistic about the new season and the new year. i usually start late one night, drink in hand and totes on the floor. carefully wrapping and stuffing everything back into its home for the year.
in the midst of winter in our part of canada it isn't time to decorate for spring by any means so our home can just be itself with no real holiday or seasonal schtuff. the vignettes are simpler, the plants definitely take centre stage and lots of cozy throws and blankets.

back when we were in the midst of christmas sparkle and waiting for baby Emma to arrive, Trevor bought himself a gigantic new very old map that really only had 1 spot we could hang it in our house in the basement. this put our antique metal cigarette sign out of a home that had been hanging down there.
although EVERY DAMN time we move something Trev tries to con me into taking it to the shop to sell [and sometimes it works because thats the life we lead] 
i really love the colours in this sign so this time it didn't work and i wandered around with a 5 foot sign and large stomach trying to find a home for it.

i had wanted to redo our gallery wall upstairs that has remained the same for 6 years [horrors i know, something i left alone for such a long time] so i just yanked everything off the wall one night and started over. some call this nesting but i know it is just my brains way of staying focused. pull something apart and begin again. even in the shop when making displays, i have to clear everything off an area and start over.

this gallery wall had no rules, no taping paper to the wall which i probably totally should have done but i'm pretty happy with the final product. i will likely tweak it a bit as 1 area is not jiving perfectly in my mind.

here's what it looked like the last few years

and here's where i ended up.

not incredibly different but a little more richness. i don't know whats up with me lately but the super plain is no longer really working for me. i am craving more texture and rich tones. it can even just be metallic but more than just black and white.

it isn't perfect but i love it.
i took quite a few pieces down and removed the shelf that was in the middle. i added some textiles which i am enjoying but not sure how long i will leave them up there for.
and of course the cigarette sign has a happy home at the top

Have a great day everyone