Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas tour 2016 Oliver and Rust style.......the BASEMENT

I lied yesterday. Pretty sure I told you I was coming back today with the main floor but we are going to skip downstairs to the basement instead.

Did you miss yesterday's post where we started the Christmas tour upstairs? 

Down the stairs from our front hall and into our relaxing underground space we go. 
It's where we watch movies, listen to music and this time of year sniff our real Christmas tree.

the newest vintage addition to our collection. trevor has been looking for the right old world map for a few years now and during a pickup of another item, the seller mentioned she was selling a few of her other items including her world maps and we scooped one. we didn't realize quite how large it was until we got it home and putting the map here caused a domino effect of moving art all over the place which i will share later.

our happy little christmas tree. for the first time in 6 years of putting a real tree down here we finally got the perfect size and didn't have to do a bunch of mangling.
this tree is super simple compared to upstairs and it's the tree we use to do our gift exchange on Christmas morning between the two of us. i guess it is the tree where santa will eventually visit as well....

even the jeep grill gets a little holiday love.

truly loving the stag scarf i added to our chair. technically a scarf but i thought a chair cover or table runner was a better idea. these are actually available in the shop coming soon for locals.

the bathroom got just a little bit of christmas cheer as well.

another view i don't think i have ever shared. standing in the doorway of the bathroom looking out into the living space. gives a little bit of an idea of the layout from end to end.

Have a lovely day everyone,



  1. I LOVE your home and decorating style, Meg. I could move right in!

  2. Beautiful! Wow you have a large open basement!
    Fantastic! Great style!

  3. Your lower level of the house, is really my favorite part of your home, and is just beautiful (as is the rest of your home) and decorated very unique. I noticed however, that you no longer have the book presses on display....or maybe I just missed seeing where you have placed them..anyway, having a book press (to me anyway) is awesome, and something I have wanted for years, and always admired yours. Love how you make it all fit together... I know I "put" every day stuff in the closet at Christmas, to make room for decorating..anyway.... I do love everything about your style.


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