Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas tour 2016 Oliver and Rust style....the MAIN FLOOR

It's finally here. A snow globe Christmas outside. Well at least for today. We got a good amount of snow yesterday and last night and everything looks magical outside. Outdoor Christmas lights just look wonderful covered in snow.

If you follow along on instagram you saw Trevor and I were on a picking trip yesterday, the driving was definitely inhibited by the snow but the lights and views made it worth it.

Today the views here will be the main floor of our home decked out for the holidays.  If you missed part 1 upstairs click HERE or the basement click HERE.

So let's stop letting all the heat out and get in the front door.

our front hallway gets a new table vignette every year. this year the mix is woodland trees, brass moose and our african yoruba hat. i added a preserved boxwood garland to our edward spera tiger print and think it almost looks like he has a green crown.

moving into the living room. not really christmas related but i had to exchange and move around some of my fiddle leaf figs as that one you can see in the photo majorly outgrew where i was previously over wintering it so it needed to live in here. it's almost 8 feet tall. now that i changed them i love the extra height that it adds versus the smaller guy that was in here.

over the last 2 or 3 years i have been slowly adding red into my christmas decor. i was always the person completely against red. i didn't use it, didn't like it and always went the non-traditional routes. with all of our vintage items however now i find the bits of red just work. they are like black on a normal decor scene. they just give the eye somewhere to land i find. most of the vignettes of goodies have at least one bit of red in them and i think it helps attract attention to each area.

tips and tricks i use every year for people wondering how everything doesn't just end up on the floor though. most spots where there is garland or greenery there is also a heavy item like a lamp or champagne bucket or stack of books. i usually use fishing line or twine to tie a part of the greenery down prior to adding ornamentation. if for some reason someone decides to get wild and raucous or have a last minute dance party short of clearing the entire table most vignettes are safe from klutziness.

the sofa table a la christmas. all the items are not new to us except the large hexagon terrarrium which i can't wait to use with plants but since it mirrored the shape of the candleholders i already had i decided to fill it with gold, red and green vintage ornaments for the season.

this years mantel. not too much change from last year because i honestly just loved how it looked so i kept the look very similar.

blogger mommy brain. until i edited this photo and loaded it into here and started to write did i realize i forgot to turn the twinkle lights on in the grapevine balls for you all. oops. photo still looks pretty, just close your eyes and imagine the lights are on ok?

i usually hoard that table runner for my winter after christmas table but loved how it looked with the colours in the grain scoop so i brought it out early this year for even more colour.

i'll admit decorating the shelves in this bathroom this christmas was a challenge. i kept my balance right through my pregnancy and never really felt off kilter but climbing on this tub and trying to remove and add things with a little less space between me and the wall was not going so well. i roped trevor into helping me bring things up and down and he did a great job. poor guy, "no not that vase the jar."

seriously what was the difference?
he's a trooper

Have a great day everyone and go throw a snowball.





  1. I love visiting your blog. Unique items displayed so beautifully!!

  2. I just love it all! (Major fan girl.) I know you are busy taking care of a baby (!) but I wanted t tell you how much I love seeing all your pictures of home and shop. my husband and I are getting ready to open a shop to have fun with in our retirement, and your shop is our model. we don't have anything in Our area of North Carolina like Oliver and Rust. Someday when you have timepiece (10 years? That baby will keep you busy for awhile), I'd like to talk to you about suppliers, etc. I'll be happy to come to the Niagara Peninsula, as I used to spend my summers in Fort Erie and Crystal Beach. I'll buy you lunch in Niagara-on-the-Lake!! Happiest of Holidays!!


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