Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dressed for fall at home.

The time of year where colour is like a glowing change in our state of mind.
 At home it means some of the white gets put away and the colour that has been stored away in totes and linen cupboard come out to play. 

Right on the heels of our full house tour where you saw the home in it's relatively neutral state, it's time to check out some new vignettes, crazy pillow combos and fall pumpkins.
Just a few rooms, but lots of photos. I'm posting them all at once today because I will probably forget to post the rest.

Welcome to our home a la fall!

the completely mismatched pillow collection of fall. brown houndstooth, rust velvet, kilim pillow, an annie selke burlap, the flock pillow from the shop along with black african mud cloth, gold and another floral kilim. they all tie together in some way but are all completely different. plus some pumpkin table decor

one of my favourite things to do from warm seasons to cold seasons is change the lampshades from white and light gray to dark grey and black. such a simple change but completely changes the look without buying a whole new lamp and changes the light at night

the broom corn rides again

this year's fall mantel.

 the trunk that usually sat in this spot got moved under the sofa table and it has freed up more walking space. this stool has lived under that sofa table since we put the table there. a little switcheroo and a whole new look.

frederick the fern now resides indoors for overwintering. we'll see how he likes this spot

this yellow typewriter lives in my office all year but the last few falls i walk it downstairs to join in this vignette because the colour is so perfect.


PLUS, a quick diy for you ladies out there. i saw this idea on pinterest and literally just copied it. not original but damn it is working out perfectly. our hamper sits behind our bedroom door, and most of my necklace collection has hung here for about a year but i was in desperate need of a way to organize and hang my scarves. they were making my closet a mess and i never put them back where they belonged. i used the same shelf brackets as the laundry room plant shelves flipped upside down and then bought these hooks at ikea as well. all my scarves are clipped neatly and are easy to see and get to.
so far i am loving it, they aren't in the way and i can see my options without throwing them all on the bed.


What the hell is that?

...... a new piece of furniture looks like a crib

Well it kind of is.

We have been keeping a bombshell over here in Oliver and Rust land.
Trevor and I are making a foray into the land of parent hood in a short 6 weeks.
Some of my customers have just started noticing as I have been very lucky thus far with the growing a baby and staying healthy. 
We are extremely happy, working like crazy on everything from the nursery (which I promise means a before and after), the shop, life, the downstairs bathroom reno I have been promising and just general living.

I'm not huge into the typical baby screaming from the rooftops etc, don't mistake that to mean I'm not ecstatic but it does explain why I haven't shared sooner.

Anyways, probably a little bit of sharing in the future as things get even more hectic with Christmas retail making a scramble approach.

Have a great day everyone,



  1. Your fall home is wonderful!
    Congratulations on your new adventure into the "land of parenthood"!

  2. Awesome!!! What a lucky, lucky baby :)

  3. I agree! An entrance into the land of creativity, lots of things to touch, amazing music and happy parents. What more could a baby ask for?

  4. Wow! Congrats! Your home is awesome, as usual!

  5. Congrats! What a fabulous adventure to start. Maybe you'll start to carry some sweet vintage baby things :)

  6. WOW meg!!!! congrats! i am so happy for you!!!!!!! and i love your home... no one does layers like you do!

  7. Congrats to you both. I can't get over how much stuff you put on every flat surface! Yikes, the dusting alone boggles the mind! Oh, your sweet baby will have a field day in your house! Happy parenting to you both!❤️️

  8. What exciting news! I am so excited for both of you! Can't wait to see the nursery! I have been helping my daughter decorate her "boho" nursery. Fun times!

  9. First want to congratulate you both on your upcoming parent adventure. How very excited you must be, might have very calm quiet baby. Just never know. Every one of my four were so different. I wasn't the most calm Mother so if baby wasn't, not it's fault. By time I had my fourth had calmed down a lot, had different husband which made big difference, lol.
    Love your home, you have such interesting things on display. Love all the gorgeous tiger photos. Have wonderful time making nursery.
    Hope you have incredible Fall weekend

  10. Oh my gosh, congratulations to you both!! My kids are teens/tween now but I love to live vicariously and I'm dying to see what you do with your nursery. Blessings <3

  11. So very happy for you! And love, love your beautiful home,so inspiring!


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