Thursday, September 22, 2016

The 2016 Oliver and Rust house tour.......eclectic living at our house

Welcome to the Oliver and Rust house.

For my long time blog followers, this is a yearly occurrence. I get all the latest photos of our house up to date and pile them into one post and do a photo browsing tour of walking through our home.
For my new followers and shoppers, welcome to the home I share with my husband, crazy bulldog Franklin (the comedian) and 2 cats Oliver (the namesake) and Sammy (the ruler of the roost).

I always do a little blurb at that beginning about how things have changed etc but this year I am just going to mention a lesson that I try to live by and try to instil in the customers asking our advice in store, since we haven't been home enough to do those above changes.

Your home is the place you spend most of your time. You need to decorate or undecorate it in a way that makes you and your family happy. Forget what everyone else is doing, and the visual noise you see on Pinterest, instagram and in magazines and figure out what you want your home to feel like when you are living there. The inspirations are endless and free but if you let it rule how you live it can start to make you feel bad about the place that is supposed to bring you comfort. We all have our own ideas of home, budgets to work with, cleaning we are willing to deal with and that is ok. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be you. 

The home Trevor and I have created is a literal memory of the life we have been building since getting married almost 11 years ago. Most of the items in our home are from our many travels and build upon our probably too many interests. I love layering vignettes and ended up making a store out of the love. I change our house seasonally because it's what I love to do and am beyond fortunate to have a husband who enjoys it almost as much as me. Some see clutter, we see laughter and good times. This home is ours and there is no question who lives here if you know us at all.

So Enjoy, welcome, grab some wine and bring on the dusting questions!



wall colour: benjamin moore rockport gray


wall colour: benjamin moore baby fawn


wall colour: benjamin moore white dove


wall colour: benjamin moore white dove


wall colour: benjamin moore spanish olive
cupboards: benjamin moore white dove
counters: absolute black honed granite
islands: carrara marble honed
square island: ikea


paint colour: alexandria beige


paint colour: benjamin moore simply white


paint colour: benjamin moore dove wing
black ticking curtains: restoration hardware
end table colour: miss mustrard seed milk paint typewriter


paint colour: benjamin moore revere pewter


paint colour: benjamin moore baby fawn


wall colour: off the shelf white
trim: sherwin williams black magic
hallway walls: sherwin williams black magic


wall colour: out of the can white sherwin williams
ceiling: dark magic sherwin williams
wall mural: jp london design etsy


Thanks for joining us everyone,

As always



  1. Meg - Your home is beautiful. Love it all but especially the bathroom with all of the shelves around the tub. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


  2. i just love how your living room looks right now- the perfect mix of pillows with that incredible mantle!


  4. I love your home and get so much inspiration from it! And why do people get so hung up on the "dusting" question?! Why do they care enough to even ask how we keep our homes clean? It obviously is not a hassle for us or we would not create our vignettes. I think it's kind of a rude question to ask...are they implying our homes are not clean? Greatest invention ever...the feather duster.

    1. honestly valerie. i don't know. i find the question irritating and rude as well. to be honest i don't spend a large amount of time dusting at all. obviously things need to be cleaned but i love my stuff and memories so it is never a burden to me or my husband. it always does imply that my home isn't clean or that i am strapped to it in some way. i think many forget that everyone is different and live differently and that is perfectly ok. if we were all alike it would be boring but judgment is very easy through a computer screen right? thanks for visiting and commenting. have a good one!

    2. Wendy and Meg, since your post is from last year you might not see my reply. Just found this gorgeous site by surfing. And I was picturing my own dusty home. I was wondering how you do it, too. But NEVER, EVER was I thinking that you must have dust or that you don't clean, or that you are tied to your house. I was wondering what I'm NOT doing right. Caulking, air cleaner, is it because I have dogs... I was hoping for some magical answers, but I probably don't do enough to keep the dirt from getting in in the first place, and didn't do enough vacuuming before the dust got out of hand. So maybe MOST of the people who ask that question (like me) are the dirty ones, not YOU!

  5. I love your home tours. The rooms feel warm and lived in. I'm afraid I'm a bit weary of the all-white interiors that seem to dominate the blogosphere. One question .. how do you hang heavy items on the brick on your patio? My husband balks at the idea, saying it will ruin it. :-)

    1. hi wendy, we actually drill a hole and use "tapcons" specific screws made for masonry. i make sure i really love where an item is going before hanging it and we haven't moved anything however it does put holes in the mortar. my husband is ok with this so it just depends what you want to hang i suppose. the lion heads on our patio went up and haven't moved and likely will not in the future. good luck

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I deleted my reply because it was under the wrong post.

  6. Dear Meg, I don't have a favorite in your house or store because I love it all! I remember a few years ago stumbling across your blog and I was instantly smitten. You have a natural gift. Reading your blog is like a little mini vacay for me because your home and store are so refreshingly unique. Thank you so much for giving us in the States a peek at your gorgeous interiors!

  7. I love the way you decorate. I don't see clutter, I see all sorts of magical goodies! Your place looks the way I want mine to look. Your tiger pictures seem to fit in -- I'm a Leo. When I was a teenager I bought a lion painted on velvet on a corner in Mexico. It hung in my room until I was married and then it came with me. But I never displayed it. It just didn't seem to go with anything. But I LOVE the way your wildlife prints look on your walls. You inspire me ! Question: What is the green pretty growing in your tub ?

    1. hi patty. thanks for commenting. we love our tiger prints and i just try to find ways to work them in. this season of fall upon us is definitely the easiest. the plant in my tub is a very large plumosa fern.

  8. Good morning! What color is the upstairs hallway? Love it!

    1. benjamin moore alexandria beige. oops forgot to add that one in :) Meg

  9. I'll take one of everything in your shop!!! Can't wait to see you back on Etsy...

  10. Hey Meg! Been waiting for the "new" basement reveal. Looks fantastic! I was wondering if you bring your ferns indoors for the cooler weather?

  11. What is the flooring in the basement?

  12. I love your home! It's so well done and interesting. You are a master at styling! What type of floor is in your basement?

  13. Is the poster above the baby's bed with the lamb/sheep available yet?


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