Thursday, July 21, 2016

What's happening in the shop: July Favourites

We are full on dancing into the summer time right now and I am loving it and we are loving it in the shop. Even though there have been a few people asking for fall items already. There's nothing wrong with thinking ahead. As a retailer I feel like my days have been consumed lately with Christmas prep but it makes me sad that we always rush through certain things and miss out on so much. I am that difficult retailer that won't allow seasons to change before it's time. Makes my wholesale reps nuts but if there's anything about being your own boss you get to say no, I don't want Christmas in July. And especially in Canada where we spend so much of our time crabbing about the weather it seems such a waste to not enjoy our steaming hot summer days and nights.

So with that in mind let's see what's catching our eye in the shop for our local and computer screen shoppers.

1. the new in shop french style market bags
these guys went super fast when they came in but i ordered enough that there are a few left for some fun carry all shopping at the market, schlepping to the beach, or just hanging on a door. there are 3 styles in store including my favourite the below leather wrapped style.

2. wood slice sealed coasters
perfect for that steaming cup of coffee to protect your table. they come in a set of 4 and are made in niagara. they look great just about anywhere and make a fabulous hostess gift when sneaking a week at the family cottage.
they are also great with that whole season thing i was just talking about as candle risers for fall or pumpkins. whatever!

3. this new requires a standing ovation  white & coppery brown pot and votive holder
they look amazing with plants but oh my gorgeous when empty too as a flickering candle holder

4. natural local macrame
this is not a "new" trend but it's a newly remerging one and seeing as my love of plants and needing homes for them just keeps growing lets go to the ceiling.
i am not partial to the coloured ones and i know most of our customers like neutrals so i happily went with natural cotton styles made in toronto.

i have already put 3 up in my own home and that number is likely to just keep growing. maybe one day i will get my act together and take photos of all the plants in my home. 

5. the botany candle line from paddywax
my favourite thing about this line other than the wonderful smells is the great container you get afterwards. it has a lid which implies you should use it for small things like bobby pins, rings etc but forget the lid and you got yourself a cute succulent, fern planter.
am i right?

now because i like to share stories (come by that very honestly by way of my lovely father) i thought you should know about the fantastic coconut prop in the above photo. i do all the photography currently for the shop with the help of Jill [retail manager extraordinaire] who has just as many cockamamie ideas as me we set out to opening the coconut. so when we needed to figure out how to get the damn coconut open for this shoot she suggested we just throw it at the concrete outside.
we were going to try to make a cute boomerang video for instagram.
so with an "are you ready?",
she wielded the thing at the ground and the biggest pop and splash happened all over my pants. that sounds dirty but really it was just the coconut water splashing all over me and the coconut screaming off into the bushes down the ravine. the photo i was trying to take did NOT turn out because as soon as the pop happened we were laughing so hard everyone in the parking lot next door was looking at us and i still had to climb down into the ravine and get the coconut so we could use it with tears running down my face.

it is my wish for the whole world to find someone like this to work with. we have stressful days and some days my owner pants have to go on but 99% of the time this is like running a shop with my best friend who has the same horrible sense of humour. the world of dental hygiene all but forgotten to me and moving forward with a passion and will to make homes beautiful and unique.

cell phone shot of all the mates lined up sans coconut.

Well have a great night and weekend everyone,


What I'm listening to:
I'm on fire: Whitehorse
Why'd you lie: Colin James
Moonshine: Katie Melua

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Some custom sharing, planters and flamingos

Good morning everyone,

A little bit of sharing tidbits of some things I have been doing alongside the shop lately.

Custom planting and planters are a huge part of the store. People bring us their sad planters with half cooked plants or giant empty ones in need of some love. I just thought I would share these huge succulent gems Jill and I planted up and I delivered this past week to a customer.

Two of these beauties are going outside in the summer sunshine to brighten up a patio space. Honestly if I needed a fourth or fifth career, doing peoples patio planters and freshening gardens could have been it. Not major landscaping like rocks but you know doing the pretty stuff that lots of people hate to do or don't know what plants can live together. I could have been that person. [in my spare time]

The basket planter is quite large and needed all new moss to freshen it up but didn't it just turn out spectacular. No matter how many we plant or how many times we think up new combinations the two of us shop turkeys still ooh and aah when they are done. Jill was helping a few customers while I did the basket and came back and yelled "it's a masterpiece".

We're weird like that.

this long planter is going out into full all day sun so for the next week or so we are doing some "sun training" with it so that it won't get a burn. don't forget unless the succulents you buy at the greenhouse are already outside, they are not ready to just hop into the sun no matter how bright they were grown inside. being behind a window and sitting in a lawn chair are 2 different things right? but plants don't get sunscreen so you need to do it gradually. find a bright outdoor spot that isn't directly in the sun for the first few days, then start with a few hours gradually moving your way to the full sun you desire. your planter will reward you with healthy growth and sustainability for the money you spent.

and these 2 babies are headed indoors to add some succulent style to a living space.

and onto the flamingos.
i posted these last night on Instagram and Facebook after making them for myself for our front patio (I know I haven't shared any outdoor spaces here yet this year but I will soon) and decided to share the love.
here is the blurb that went with them if you too find yourself in need of some flamingos!

"Who doesn't need a little flamingo in their outdoor summer life? I know I do as of today and if you think you need to join the flamingo club continue reading. I didn't include this fabric in the store lineup because of the obvious quirk factor however I am offering this beauty up for sale by request only starting today. If you are interested (and yes I will ship Canada and USA) please email me at I will send you the pricing of covers and inserts plus additional photos for perusal. Serious inquiries only please and orders for this batch will need to be firmed up by Wednesday at 9pm EST. NO pricing sizing questions etc will be answered by social media thanks!"

Have a great day everyone