Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer Home tour Oliver and Rust style

It isn't officially summer but it sure feels like it.
And I know I said the Bali photos would be next but they'll more likely be Thursday as I am still sorting through some of the photos.

The gardens are starting to bloom here (I cut my first peony of the season for a bud vase), the a/c has gotten a little bit of work already although the windows are open now and I dug out the bins of shells and put the rabbits away.
That must mean it's summer in the house.

Here's to a little home tour of the main floor of the summer touches that I have added in our place. Being in Bali also really pushed me to have our home feel a bit more tropical than spring. We don't spend a great deal of time in the house for summer even when it's hot but it's still nice for it to feel light and airy.


the mantel for summer. i added more white items in to pull the white fur out of our precious tigers a bit more and the xerographica air plant obsession is getting a little out hand i admit but i just love the silvery grey colour

i piled most of our antique fishing float collection all in one place and love how the light reflects off of them in the afternoon

apparently i got the idea to put all of my collections in one space so the growing herd of flower frogs  are living on the sofa table for now



Have a great day everyone,


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  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! i love all of your blues and greens!

  2. It is totally amazing. I love your home and how you decorate.

  3. Love your colors. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us.



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