Thursday, March 24, 2016

Signs of spring on the main floor

Good morning!

This early spring thing has me a little giddy this year. It wasn't a particularly hard winter but listening to the light rain yesterday while doing paperwork and seeing the green buds of my bulbs just starting to creep through has me drifting. Thoughts of getting my hands in the dirt, feet up on a lounger at night has been slightly distracting.

In order to help with some of the distraction I flipped our house out of winter mode the past few weeks and into spring mode. I love seasonal decorating as it isn't holiday specific, refreshes your home in a way that makes me smile when I walk around and changes the look of a space with minimal effort.

Away went the furs, plaids and reindeer.
Out came the bunnies, indigos and plants a plenty.

Our spring home tour of the main floor,

i always like this peek through look from our sofa, that catches the back of the sofa table (and my new yoga rabbit in cobra position), the azalea on our coffee table and the mantel all in one shot

the spring mantel. bunnies, terracotta, mushrooms and green
and don't tigers just scream spring. not really but they are our staple

not that it's unusual for me with the green but i made the sofa table a collection of our green glass including my ever growing collection of flower frogs. this table was very simple for winter so i am enjoying the heavier mix for now

our front entrance is not much different but that vintage watkins carrier on the floor with the hydrangea finally came home with me. when i say finally i mean i left it in an antique store 7 times over a 2 year period for various reasons, too much money, no place for it and then when i was there around my birthday it just stared at me and since 99% of the the vintage i buy now goes to the store i went with a little treat for myself. it kind of felt like an orphaned piece that needed a home so i adopted it.

we've had this big urn in the dining room for a few years but would you believe this is the first time i have actually planted it with live plants. loving the look with the golden moss and maidenhair ferns

Hope you enjoyed your slice of spring.

For anyone local this weekends shop hours are below for visiting,

Have a lovely day everyone,


** DISCLAIMER: for my local readers that may be new here. this blog is how the shop you visit started and occasionally the posts you see involve my actual home. many of the items resemble items in the shop or may actually be items that can be found there however, the ones found in the photos of my home are not for sale no matter how nicely you ask **


  1. Stunning touches of spring, loved every room!

  2. I love how you have decorated these spaces but am perplexed by your choice of art...the Tigers, etc. the art seems to be a strong contrast to everything else.

    1. hi kelley, the art is a strong choice and is a collection of my husband and i and if this is your first visit here you probably don't know the story behind the local artist we have chosen to love in our home. art is very subjective and it makes each home unique. we travel a lot in our life and this art is a reflection of us and our home. i don't strive to own the home my neighbours or other bloggers have. we want our home to reflect us and our life and not just things that sit on a mantel. thanks for commenting, thanks for visiting and have a lovely weekend.

    2. Thank you for explaining. I knew there was a story to tell. I have visited earlier posts from your blog now and enjoy your artistic flair.


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