Wednesday, February 10, 2016


You know those days when you read or watch something and then you get a bee in your bonnet and a million other little ideas come out. 

Some of those ideas become recycled for another day and some just stick and you can't forget about them.

This is the idea I couldn't forget about.

I was watching a video trailer for the movie 
"The True Cost". It's a movie mainly about the fashion industry and the broken model that allows owners of certain companies to keep getting richer but the people who actually make our clothing continue to be extremely poor and barely able to live.
Obviously this is the majorly condensed version but it spawned an idea for me and the shop.

We carry A LOT of candleholders in the store. In fact are becoming known for some of these great options. However, once you are done burning your $25-$40 candle what are you doing with the holder?
What are we doing with them when we finish in them in the shop?

Generally we were just recycling the glass ones but it got me thinking.

Amongst the many other items in the shop,we are also becoming quite known for our plants and the arrangement bar is a shop favourite.

So let's combine the 2 for the eco-conscious amongst you.

this glass jar is actually our paddywax line that is poured into a half cut wine bottle.
so it has already been recycled once and now we are going to give them a third life.

any of the candleholders you buy in the shop, once they are done bring them back in and we will plant it with a succulent arrangement for $10.00 including the soil and finishing touches like moss or gravel

these bowls come with a lovely black coconut amber scent but once they're done they make a perfect size for a succulent combo.

I want our customers to realize that I carefully choose the containers and vessels for all the candle lines in the shop. As much as a store like ours is an "extra", it's for the pretty, the little things and buying what you love. We want you to be aware that we care about what happens with our products as much as you and we want to help you reuse your items to keep them out of the landfill.


also as a side note, the Ted Kennedy Watson books are back in stock.

so here's to doing our part and making our pretty stuff recyclable and pretty again.

Have a great day everyone



  1. A great idea to reuse the containers.

  2. Wow, what a fabulous concept! I pick candles for their container as much as the scent, as I try to reuse them but if I was local to you I'd be straight back to your store for a "refill". Love it.

  3. I wish you could see my orchid. I live in SW Florida and was given a beautiful, white orchid for Christmas last year. I placed it on the lanai by the pool. I water it occasionally and it has bloomed, nonstop for the last year! I never cut the long branches off or trim or just blooms and blooms and blooms. Right now, it has 14 flowers and another four buds. Now I'm looking for another orchid to add. I've been a plant grower my whole live and never was interested in orchids because I thought they were so finicky.


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