Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I bought a million green trees at Christmas and my poinsettias won't die

I love all aspects of my little shop but one of my favourites as I have said many times before is the plants. They are running out the door right now as everyone starts the cabin fever shuffle. The growers at the greenhouses are getting used to seeing my face right now, as I tend to stop by bi-weekly looking for new goodies or stocking up on favourites.

This greenhouse stop also helps me stock up on vitamins and fight my February SAD issue.

Anyways to the point for this dreary morning.
What the heck do you do with all the green cypress trees you brought into the house at Christmas now that winter is coming near it's end. You got carried away and brought one home everytime you were at your favourite store, ahem Oliver and Rust or at the grocery store or a local greenhouse. It's ok. I did too and have 4 of them still living it up in my house.

Now, that is if you kept your tree alive long enough. Some of you, head of shame may have accidentally murdered your trees prematurely and that's ok, try again next year.

These lemon cypress trees actually love being outside in the summer with the humidity so if you just want to keep the tree potted, more power to you. Replant it in a great pot with some drainage and high quality potting soil and watch your tree flourish in bright shade all summer.

I got the idea to do a little snipping and planting though so,

here's what we started with.

these trees are really full at the base and can take over any arrangement quite quickly because of their size so get out the clippers.

gently bend your branches back to expose the trunk at a point a little more than halfway down and get as close as you can to the trunk and start pruning until you have

the tree looks great like this and repotted would make a sweet little topiary. aged clay pot, some green moss and this would be lovely with spring and easter decor.

of course we're going a few steps farther here

i used a big vintage enamel stock pot for this plant recipe. i stuffed the bottom with bubble wrap for 2 reasons, a little drainage and less waste of potting soil. 
no bubble wrap?
flip the growers pots over of the plants you will be using and throw the soil on top.

i choose the plants i would be working with and decided to combine the newly trimmed cypress with a flowering azalea, some trailing fittonia, and the ever graceful maidenhair fern.

they generally have the same water and light requirements so no one plant is going to be outnumbered here.

once you get everything together i gave it a good drink and a nice mist and filled in all the gaps with some reindeer moss.

the result is a vintage inspired spring centrepiece that can easily take us through the next few months. the azalea is just starting so will flower for quite some time but when it is done, you can remove it and add another flowering plant or turn this into a green explosion out on the patio.

you can see that if we hadn't given our little tree a trim it would have forced out the azalea and fern. the whole planter would have been a bit too full and not given the plants space to equally shine.

So now that your planter is finished lets address the other common comment coming in the door right now. This one just makes me laugh when people say it.
 The poinsettia thing I can't help you with. They aren't my favourite so I don't buy them but the comment comes from multiple shoppers that have these plants at home and are "trying to kill it", "it just won't die and i want something else now" because they want spring flowers but either their thumbs are too green or they have plant guilt.
Here's my tip, accidentally clean your house and move the poinsettia over the furnace vent and forget to water it, it'll be dead in a week and you can toss it without seeing it's happy face next to last nights scraps. 


Monday was a chaotic day and saw us fill the truck box and cab to the roof with new vintage (that is already running out the door.) and some awesome new pots again.
one of my favourite low light easy to care for plants that you can just see in this photo is the zz plant. it's the one coming up right under neath the card cabinet. there will be lots more use of this guy as the season gets rolling but just thought i'd sneak a photo of it in here.

Have a great day all,



  1. Your plant arrangements are always very pretty!

  2. Wow, how I wish my lemon cypress had lived. I even transplanted them into larger containers, watered and give them enough light, but they still was a sad day when I threw them out. Your arrangements look so beautiful and healthy! I am not going to give up...will get at least one more to see if I can keep it alive. Until Christmas 2014, I had never been able to keep a poinsettia I have 2 that are doing great.
    Have a great week.

  3. I must make a trip in soon. You have such a good eye for display. You were so meant to do this.


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