Thursday, January 28, 2016

No stress one pot potluck entertaining.... it exists

Entertaining during the holidays is wonderful but always laden with the extra pressure and stress we put on ourselves. We dress up more, buy more centrepieces, spend more time preparing and the whole night usually goes wonderfully and ends the same way at our place, crowded around a stereo listening to great music.

Entertaining after the holidays feels simpler and is the perfect time to catch up with all the people you couldn't squeeze in between reunions, work parties and exhaustion.

Trevor and I love entertaining and our our home lends a pretty good layout to doing so.

Today's post is actually a sponsored post but in Oliver and Rust style with something you can use or might be interested in as I don't do these very often.
 Kohl's approached me quite some time ago to see if I would be interested in doing a spring refresh for them. After we got past the "I'm in Canada" and the "it's winter here" dilemma to make sure we're all on the same page I was excited to participate in freshening up some area of my home.

I am going to be honest here, these things are hard for me  even with someone else's money to spend. Finding exact things I want that won't just be disposable was tough for me. It may seem that I am flighty fancy with my stuff especially now with the shop but that just isn't the case. I am a lover.
When I find something I love I must have it but, then I have a hard time getting rid of it. Since getting the shop we have gone top to bottom in our home and organized and sorted so many things from when we had our first home, things we might use one day and we are finally down to the end with things we love and only things we love are allowed in now.

When our basement flooded this past summer it forced us into this and I guess it was the silver lining as now I feel better about what we have in our home and our storage areas.

So, to my point here.
Kohl's has a lot of great home stuff, pillows, signs, bedroom, bathroom stuff rows and rows of it but I couldn't get a concesus of enough items I LOVED for me to make an entire post. Things you could rest assured I actually will be using in my home daily and not just because someone asked me to.


Trevor walked into the kitchen area and found a big square BURRITO PAN.
no it isn't called that but if you've been reading here for any length of time you know our obsession with mexican food and burritos in general.
and I had just walked into the placemat area and fallen in love with some round jute placemats.

"What if we do an entertaining post and invite some people over for mexican?"
I love that man.

*and just so we're clear. after we picked up these goodies we did go to chipotle mexican grill for burritos. oh yes we did*

Therefore we give you the ingredients to bringing about a fabulous mexican potluck night.

good friends
great music....

bobby flay press (this gets your burritos nice and crisp on the outside and semi flat for easier eating, also useful for quesadillas, flautas, bacon, panini's you get the point)
dos equis (ahem yes it's required)
great bear bottle opener (to open the previous ingredient, cause no one just wants to stare at it)
(which we will use a lot)

and a fun set table.
i had to work late the night we did this so it became a potluck dinner.
our friends brought the appetizer which almost killed us
(she made the best most amazing tasting jalapeƱo poppers but when she boiled them she did so with the seeds in. i have never eaten so many hot things in a row and kept going. our heads were smoking but we were killing ourselves laughing. we hadn't made the sangria yet so the pitcher became a huge water vessel because we were guzzling at that point)

we used a red grain sack for the runner, added the new jute placemats and i bought a bunch of colourful carnations at the grocery store for some mexican festive fun. i can never decide when i grab carnations, retro or tacky. but i think when they are kept to like colours in each vase and mounded they look kind of fresh and the colours suited this evening perfectly.

there are only pictures of this lovely table pre-food consumption as once the salsa and sour cream come all bets are off and we were busier wiping food off our faces and the table to grab the camera.

but i did manage some steaming action shots of the food before we dived in.

including the double press action happening in the pan. i think trevor is happier than anyone about the second press now and bigger pan.

We finished the night off with churro cupcakes (also no evidence, especially since Franklin made it his mission to swipe all the wrappers everyone kept setting on the table.)

All in all with the winter days still short and being generally banished to the house at night it is the perfect time of year to wrangle in some friends and have a night of enjoying each others company. There is no shame in not doing it all and delegating people into bringing some bits of the meal. Most people don't mind and if taking some of the time and pressure off ensures you can enjoy your night, more power to you.

Now because like I said Kohl's sponsored me to get some killer new entertaining gear, they are being generous enough to give me a $100.00 gift card to give away.
Just leave a comment and Franklin will pick the winner out of a bowl.

Local followers, our closest Kohl's is in Amherst and they do ship using a shipping partner.

Have a great day everyone,


*this post was sponsored by kohl's but all opinion are my own as usual*


  1. Beautiful table settings. But I keep thinking about those chuuro cupcakes you mentioned.

    Njharmonyg at aol dot com

  2. Great tablescape! I can find my way over border to kohl's in Amherst with my eyes closed.

  3. You always have the best table I'm
    anger_family @yahoo dot com

  4. You had me at burritos, let alone the sangria. Please may I come to your next Mexican night? Ok, I'm in Atlanta but I think I can get there with a little warning time. Love you blog and LOVE your shop and hopefully I will get to Canada one day to visit. Keep up the good work. Deborah in Atlanta

  5. Fabulous! Now I'm ready for some Mexican food!

  6. Your table looked so pretty and I think the carnations added just the right pop of color! The bottle open is too cute and I'm thinking I need that pan.

  7. Once again, I love your blog post. Tell that Trevor man he had a great idea. I'm inspired to have friends in for dinner and music. I live in the US. The closest Kohls is an hour from me. I haven't ever shopped there before.

  8. I've been thinking about getting a grill pan but wasn't sure we would use it enough. I never thought about grilling burritos .. yum! Thanks for the idea. :-)

  9. Northern Michigan winter has gotten serious lately, so we are ready for a warm evening of friends and family to get us through! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Love this colorful post! I'm already planning a winter Mexican fiesta as we speak. What a gorgeous pitcher, love me some sangria but we can get into a little trouble. We too have a grill pan and use it for everything. Great post as always.

  11. Love that bear bottle opener and having a few friends over to pop open bottles of homemade beer along with a yummy dinner.

  12. I love your table setting, it's so colorful and beautiful! The colors in the pitcher are so vibrant! I also love the way you decorated your dining room. I really like the furniture and the way you decorated the walls. Very pretty.

  13. Oh my gracious! I love the carnations with the succulents. But that grill pan and the presses for crispy burritos -- Brilliant! I can not wait to try that. My husband would think he was in heaven. He would be eating Mexican food every meal then. Would you share your chicken filling recipe? Your Tablescape is gorgeous.

  14. I am not a carnation lover but your set-up has convinced me to give it a try. We're local so getting to Kohls to find a few new cases for carnations isn't a problem. ;)

  15. Ha, what a fun and unexpected surprise to read on your blog, food related, now I am craving mexican food! Love that pitcher for setting the theme and that bottle opener, sweet!

  16. That layout looks great! Love all the colors. Definitely looks like a great setup for great company and food.



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