Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Our winter home even though it keeps raining

Afternoon all.

A little wander around our winter home on the main floor today. After Christmas is over it is always nice to have a clean space again with less stuff. I love the stuff of the holidays, the glitter, the elves but come new years I am ready to box it back up again. I realize that talking about new years when it is almost Groundhog day is a little silly but timing hasn't always been my thing on this here blog. I'm sure we can still enjoy some photos though.

Let's start in the dining room,

 a simple table with a slightly (notice i said slightly) colourful table runner and white & gold votives

 i hung some simple book page wreaths on the doors as my lack of love for the wreaths i am finding lately is overpowering. i don't love wreaths when they are overly done or overly fake looking and i like something different than just plain grapevine sometimes. it is on my list of things to find for the shop as well

i am super happy with this new table runner i got. it was part of the christmas collection at #potterybarn and a girlfriend and i were in toronto and it was on sale so i scooped it up. shopping at pottery barn in canada is a crap shoot. this runner on sale was still in the 70+ dollar range but i had a gift card. the regular prices at our pottery barns here are almost 40% sometimes higher and it sucks. even if you flip on the website the 69.00 runners jump to 125.00. i love pottery barn but shopping from it in canada is ridiculous. i realize about duties and freight etc but it is a huge difference. i actually went into the store to check out the leather irving armchair. (it's quite lovely btw) and the sticker price in the USA is 1099.00, at the store is was 1900 something (1951.00 on the website for those curious) and the saleslady tried to beat me up saying they were changing all the tags that day and the chair was going up to 2400.00 so i should buy it now.
i laughed
then i walked away
an almost 1400 difference for crossing a border.
ok rant over.
because i still love my runner.

and into the living room...

this area of our living room gets a lot of use this time of year for nightly chats, morning coffee, email answering, business planning etc with the fireplace being right there and all

another one of my planters i made at the beginning of the season. this jar is actually a very old antique battery jar we found a few years ago while out hunting for goodies

we have a few hydrangea trees in our yard that i left all the blooms on and have now dried into sculptural beauties. i cut a few and added them to some more of our demijohn display for some whimsy if you will or height if you want to be frank.

a gardenia about to bloom and these grey smoky candleholders i added to my collection from the shop. 

our winter 2016 mantel.

pillows for this season. vintage botanical and ticking, ralph lauren stripe, african mud cloth, vintage mail bags and a smidgen of wool and a smidgen of hemp. all different, all blended together. franklin is partial to laying on the wool ones.

the front foyer...

 " am i doing it right mum? i hear you're supposed to give a little head tilt for the most attractive photo. i mean i don't want to be a selfie snob but this looks good right?"

Have a great day everyone,


again it's been awhile my audiophile friends

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  1. Your home is lovely with or without Pottery Barn pieces. I only buy the sale pieces and only with free shipping. We have a store about 45 minutes away---how enticing it is. I've never been to an outlet although there is one a little over an hour away.

    Simply love your blog! I've followed for quite a bit of time and have yet to comment. Great job!


  2. I always love looking at your home. Your little dog is so....cute. Hope your basement will be finished soon. I always loved looking at photos of your basement.


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