Friday, September 25, 2015

Vibrant flowers and dirt in your sandals

The sunshine just keeps on coming right now in our area.

It was 26 degrees again yesterday. Pool weather I think but alas the calendar states that fall has started and we said goodbye to the official summer a few days ago.

Indian summer it is. We'll take it.

I have visited a few garden centres in the last week or so hunting and thinking about fresh new planters for fall especially at home as my high heat window boxes had about been cooked.

My home planters aren't completely done yet but I made a good start on the ones at the shop yesterday.

I went to Terra Greenhouses on Tuesday while driving around picking things up and I just have to say, I could probably be conned into opening one. They are so clean, have selection and just make you want to go home and plant. One of my other favourites in Waterdown is Connon Nurseries. Between the 2 I never have an issue finding what I need.

However, I didn't pick up everything I needed on Tuesday and tried to finish that task around here and did have a smidgen of issue finding the huge millet I left behind.

I think they turned out pretty good though.

It was a good show at least when I was planting them,  as the ferns that were living in here got massive and as I pulled them out dirt went everywhere including into my shoes so I decided to barefoot it as if I was at home planting.
One of our lovely regular customers showed up as I was planting and I was covered in dirt and sweaty. It was a little embarrassing, no one ever said I was neat doing everything.

i was able to find mums that hadn't opened very much giving them a longer season of colour once it does get cool. container combos include millet, mum, kale,celosia, ornamental peppers x2, crotons x2

i'm hoping to add a second set of planters, and hay and all that good stuff but it needs to cool off before we plop any pumpkins out there. i don't think my landlord and the customers that frequent this building would appreciate the smell of rotting pumpkin.

i have to say the plant of the season for me is this hot pink celosia. i actually found it at a retail store in burlington that is similar to mine but has a garden centre (sigh, one day) and they had loads of it, but i haven't really seen it at any of the garden centres.

i am not a hot pink person at all but it really adds something to the planters to keep them more vibrant looking

and then since i was in a planting mood, i started working on some fall succulent planters. it seems odd to some people that we (i) change my plants according to the season but to me the blue echevarias and pink toned planters don't really suit my fall decor. luckily there are so many varieties of succulents that some even have brown tones and fuzzy petals. they blend right in with all the earth tones, wools and plaids we are all getting ready to take out.

Well have a good day everyone, looks like it's going to be a good one



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ikea Hack: Industrial Rekarne Console tables

Oh another wonderful ikea hack.

So a little refresher.

My rules for a tremendous DIY.

Practical once finished.

Last for more than 5 minutes.

Be reasonable but not necessarily dirt cheap (although that is a bonus)

Not look DIY'ed (this may be my most important)

As a home decor lover and eclectic decorator I am always thinking up new ideas and sometimes my creativity gets the best of me. The worst part is sometimes my idea is something I know can be bought but do I really need to drop that amount of money to accomplish said idea, or worse I go crazy hunting down the idea to find out it actually doesn't exist.

When we were getting ready to change the new shelving area around at the shop I had an idea for an 8 foot long console style table. Those go for a lot of money.

That's a no.

We also thought, hmm maybe we could build it.

That was a no too. 
Time fairies haven't granted my wish to add a few hours to the day.

I started hunting through the good old ikea website and came across these console tables in the Rekarne line. Well first I came across the Expedit units on Pinterest which lead to me hunting down the console tables.

This is what these tables look like in original form and to be quite honest, they are pretty great even like this. Solid wood, unfinished treatment. They would be lovely in a bright rustic space but alas my vision.

I knew I wanted them to be white and loved how the concrete turned out in my shop bathroom so thought I would try my hand at that.

I painted the legs and bases all prior to building so that there wouldn't be any paint buildup or missed spots.

I used a skim coat concrete mix from Home Depot and mixed in small batches. On these tables I did 2 and a half coats of of concrete with a heavy sanding with my orbital sander in between from medium to fine grit.

If I was using these in my home and not rushing I would likely have done 4 coats of concrete with a much more meticulous sanding but at the same time I was happy with the rougher look of the tops.

After a lot of drying in between coats I also applied a stone sealer from Home Depot to keep stains at a minimum.

In the end we ended up with what I think to be rustic modern tables that are light in tone but still keep that bit of industrial vibe.
This kind of makeover works great in the shop but would be awesome even as a skinny island or doing this to the end tables/coffee table in a living room.

Well that's it for my DIY today.

Have a great day everyone on this first day of fall


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Monday, September 21, 2015

Around the Shop Fall Edition: Part II

Happy Monday.

What a weekend. For those of you who stopped in the shop you noticed that I may or may not have been present and my sidekick was holding down the fort as Trevor and I went and got ourselves into some picking trouble. This is good kind of trouble of course.

We tested out the waters on a new area and it was kind of enh.
Don't get me wrong we got tons of great stuff for the shop but I'm not sure if I want to have to work so hard to do it. Sometimes you (I) just get a feeling in an area and this one didn't have it. Oh well we have many tried and true and will always discover more great hunting grounds and hopefully our piddly Canadian dollar will buck up a little on the international stage before it becomes useless.

Today we can wander around the back of the shop displays for fall. I'm sure many of them don't look like this anymore as it was a busy weekend I'm told but it's fun to see what they looked like when we started.

Did you miss part 1? See it here

are you seeing these matte black bottles. oh me oh my. these are one of my favourite pieces of giftware that made it in. i don't usually do giftware that looks so vintage but they don't make these in black outside of home decor so they jumped on the list.

mugs galore and we also added these persian rugs i have been collecting on the floor. warms up all the white for this time of year and as the weather changes keeps us from having to wash the floor every 2 minutes.

Have a lovely day everyone.

I'm on paperwork duty (blah), wholesaler chatting, vintage organizing, outdoor planter fallifying and sewing patrol today.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Around the Shop Fall Edition: Part I

Well we made it.
This was our first major season change as retailers and it was amazing and a doozy all at the same time. We lined it up with our 2 closed days and first thing Monday morning we got at it ripping apart stuff and packing up the summer product that was left over.

Trevor was busy adding new shelving to the area beside the checkout counter and we moved in my latest Ikea hack. (Separate post on that to come next week)
We worked tirelessly for 2 solid days and finished up at about 9:30 Tuesday night finally finding the floor. Then we fired up the Dean Martin and walked around admiring our handy work. I'll be honest I almost started to cry. Weeks of prep with sewing and sourcing and hunting and cleaning and pricing and it came together better than I could have imagined. 
I am more aware than ever as a shop keeper that my slightly micro managing OCD personality that was kept slightly underwraps as a dental hygienist is out like a freak flag with my own store and the fact that I have found people to work with me so well and push me to be better is just an amazing feeling.

So because I love the turn out so much this walk around the shop is going to end up being 2 separate posts as I took a lot of photos.
We are still awaiting some great stuff to come in and we have some hunting trips planned for more great vintage but the store is chock full of goodies.

Two posts to share with you but a lot is to journal for me.
Enjoy the front of the shop as it appears for fall.

this was our biggest change. as kinks work out we know how much shelving has become important in this space. i obsessed over the colours of the shelves and brackets and settled on black brackets and white shelves. doesn't seem like it should have been a difficult decision but "freak flag" 

lots of large and smaller standing wheat sheaths. natural tarwe, preserved oak leaves (those colourful beauties aren't fake, they are real branches)

the potting bench reflects the season as we transition to cypress trees, kale and fall coloured ferns. you can't see them super clearly in the photos but there are copper bowls that came in, inside the metal box and they are super neat. i couldn't decide if they should be planted or candle holders or just plain.

the spools went a little monocramatic. the tall knit vases and tall real birch tubes are great for stuffing with branches or wheat.

willpower. that's what i had when i hung this preserved boxwood wreath instead of taking it home. i am a gardener but still love this dark green where you can't grow anything. this bad boy is large at 22' across.

the photo above and below are probably my favourite new products we have in the shop. candles go figure. the above boxed candles are made with wooden wicks so they sound like little fires crackling away in crazy cozy smells and they are CANADIAN made. love that.
when i bought one to test my dad tried to steal it from me he loved it so much.
i know i have a winner when my dad is trying to scoop it up.
 the mustard colour beeswax candles i have mentioned on instagram and Facebook so sorry if this info is repeating for you but the vintage style bottles are still capturing my heart.
the photo above also shows our new little wrap it wind it station.
i spent a few years looking for bakers twine around us and only found the tiny spools for lots of $$ at craft stores. well hunt no more, large spools in different colours for wrapping, cooking whatever.

air plants. we have them. we are getting more. they're hanging in the windows too.
the cart is from ikea. i know you want to know.

Enjoy the weather everyone and we'll see you in the shop.

Next week  we'll wander around the back of the shop and I'll share that Ikea hack I accomplished.

Till then


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Oliver and Rust : House Tour 2015

It's that time of year for our home again. It's time to update the house tour and meander through the house we call home. In case you are new here the links for the last few years of home tours will be found at the bottom of this tour so you can take a sneak peek at where our home has evolved from. We live in our home in Ontario Canada that we loosely and long-ly classify as Vintage Eclectic Rustic Industrial with a smidgen of traditional thrown in. We live in each of our spaces and love the home we have created through travels and collections. Our style isn't for everyone but it suits us to a tee and if you knew us personally you can tell we live here.

I love all things interiors and quite frankly exteriors as well, and believe that a home should tell your story and reflect the life that you live past and present. It should be an ever evolving tale of your travels, experiences and passions. As a shopkeeper I see many different people enter my store with thoughts about where they want to start with their home and some that just want to add that piece to call it done, and there are others trying to cut and paste something they saw someone else do. Every person has a different idea of what makes a home. I also get asked everyday, does your house look like this store?
 And although I think a home is never truly done and continually evolves to reflect the new inspirations that we come across, it is safe to say the home that I share with my husband is a story about us and our interests. Some may call us hoarders, ridiculous even and some may completely relate to our shelves of finds. We have a love of "stuff" and displaying said stuff for ourselves and others to see. We love the stories that go with the things in our home and we love recalling them over a glass of wine. I don't spend my days attached to a dusting wand, so please don't ask me.

We welcome you to our ever changing home!

Front Entrance

Front Foyer

paint: benjamin moore rockport gray HC-105
chair: winners
tiger and giraffe painting: edward spera
buy local tote bag: harmony on west port colborne
hurricane pendant: home depot

Living Room

paint colour: benjamin moore baby fawn oc-15
sectional sofa: ektorp ikea
tiger/ gorilla art: edward spera
ceiling fans: home depot
galvanized barn lights: barn light electric

Dining Room

paint colour: benjamin moore white dove oc-17
wicker chairs: byholma from ikea
light fixture: vintage
mirror over buffet: restoration hardware


wall paint: benjamin moore spanish olive 1509
cabinet paint: benjamin moore white dove OC-15
cart island: general finishes queenstown gray
black counters: absolute black granite honed
barrel counter: carrara marble honed 

Main floor Bathroom

paint: benjamin moore white dove OC-15
uncoated brass faucet sets: newport brass through quality bath
light fixtures: vintage
shelf brackets: house of antique hardware

Upstairs Hallway

paint colour: benjamin moore alexandria beige
console table: miss mustard seed milk paint grainsack
rattan wreath: oliver and rust

Master Bedroom

paint colour: benjamin moore simply white oc-117
african indigo pillow: oliver and rust
patchwork cowhide rug: eBay 
bamileke feather headdress above bed: africa via eBay 
white buddha: pier 1 (many years ago)
block print duvet cover: west elm
bedside lamps: pottery barn
bed: mexico plus imports (stained darker) 

Spare Bedroom

paint colour: benjamin moore dove wine oc-18
end tables: miss mustard seed milk paint typewriter
bed coverlet: hudson's bay

Upstairs Bath

paint colour: benjamin moore baby fawn oc-15

Office /Etsy room /sewing room / business workroom (or the room of many hats)

paint colour: benjamin moore revere pewter
ceiling light: vintage


to be continued. our basement flooded quite badly in july of this year and we are currently in renovations to bring it back to it's comfortable glory.
to see what it looked like previously, click on our 2014 house tour at the bottom of this post.

Back Patio

chairs: byholma ikea
planters: oliver and rust
outdoor pillows: oliver and rust

Thanks for joining us.

As always


To see the house tour from 2014 click here