Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas part II, and thank you.

I am in fact almost speechless today.
Firstly because I feel like I am so tired that I can't keep thoughts in my head.
Second, because we were so busy this weekend with the most fabulous customers that Trevor and I feel so lucky that it's happening. You know, happening for real, our dream.
It's not like the past 6 months haven't been great but you always know whether a store like this is going to push through at Christmas time.

This is the rest of the Christmas photos that I took after setup but the store definitely doesn't look like this now.

Jill and I had our burner shoes on Friday trying to restock and keep up with everyone. There is still a beautiful store but one in dire need of new goodies which I am working on right now.

So for now enjoy what was and we'll talk to you soon



  1. It looks fantastic, so impressed by you and your endless energy....take a moment to enjoy your accomplishments!!!!

  2. Everything is so beautiful and so beautifully displayed! I want one of everything and right now my husband is breathing a sigh of relief you are in Canada and I am in Kansas. 😁 So very glad you are enjoying lots of success!

  3. Beautiful items and beautiful styling, Meg. What a busy but exciting season for you guys.

  4. Please come open a store here !!! This looks like an amazing place to shop !

  5. Meg,
    found you thru my friend Tina's blog, What We Keep, and have enjoyed browsing thru. Your shop is gorgeous, saw so many things I'd love to have! Thank goodness I don't live close or I'd be broke! Really makes me miss my shop, closed it 3 years ago. I'm your newest follower, would love for you to visit!

  6. No, don't sell out of all your Christmas stuff I'm coming for a visit from the west on December 10th and can't wait to browse! My husband's Christmas party is in St. Catherines that weekend so me and a friend are coming for a good visit to your shop.
    Marie at The Interior Frugalista

  7. Wow, yes, this is the Type of Shop I Love to find!!! You have Showcased and Styled everything superbly! I am certain it will do more than Push Through, your Inventory is first rate and the Ambiance you have Created there is so Welcoming, I know I'd linger while Shopping and I seriously doubt I could walk away without a purchase! *Winks* Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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