Monday, November 30, 2015

A log cabin Christmas tour

As promised the full tour of this wonderful home from Saturday.

The couple who own this home, have painstakingly built it to make it theirs. They are good friends of ours and a few weeks ago, they approached me about helping decorate their home for Christmas and for this tour.

I have to admit I was mildly hesitant as my first Christmas in retail has been anything other than I expected. It has been the most wonderful and insane rollercoaster ride of my life and  I will admit I am loving it.

The bones of this home are splendid and although a log home is not for everyone, this particular one has style and is the home of a well lived & loved life.

I am going to escort you though this tour in the order of rooms that you would have walked  had you been a guest.
The general furniture pieces are the homeowners. I put a lot of (more than they intended likely) their decor away in order to add the Christmas touches without adding a feeling of clutter. I used their style as a jumping off point and really wanted their home and lifestyle to take centre stage. Most of the decor pieces are from Oliver and Rust and even a few pieces I scooped from my own home.

The entrance of the tour began in the "retreat room". This is actually a waiting area for the business run out of this home and is a new addition within the last year that the homeowners built themselves. 
The tree is a 10 foot real tree decorated with natural items to tie in the neutral decor.
We dressed the mantel and the sofa's to add decor to the space while not detracting from the space and views.

the sofas are lazy boy and the larger hutches, desk are restoration hardware.

Moving into the home we go through the spare bedroom/walkway. We also meet Sophia the cat in this area. This lovely little fur ball became my friend over a few days and she sure knows how to pose.

The spare room leads into the living room, bathroom and kitchen which all circle around the stone fireplace. The stairs seen behind in this photo are made of logs and Jake had over 50 hours into the creation of the template to make this stairwell.

the flatware and place settings are originally from kohl's with the addition of some o and r chargers, napkins and accessories

Going upstairs to the bedroom "loft" and bathroom area. The slim window lights lent themselves perfectly to the rusty deer heads we have in store and I couldn't resist.

The main floor bathroom.
Yes the sink is made out of a tree trunk, the shelves are live edge and the floor is real flagstone. It really is a show stopper.

Having finished up the main floor we head down to the basement, bar zone.

Well it was a lot of work, a few late nights but the end result was stunning, they loved the response and I get to share it with you.

Have a great day everyone,


Saturday, November 28, 2015

It's that time of the year, Christmas tour time!

Hi everyone!

So I know I have been very incommunicado as of late and there are so many reason but the most recent one is that I was asked by good friends of ours to decorate their home for the Port Colborne house tour and I have practically moved in with them to get it finished. 
Poor them, I'm an ocd house guest.

We weren't really allowed to share many details until today which isn't the best for planning an outing but in case some of you do not follow along on social media or are sitting drinking your coffee this morning wondering what to do on this great last Saturday of November, I have a suggestion especially if you like Christmas. 
Cause you know I do!

I promise a lot more details next week as I took a ton of photos and have lots of details about this log home. I will also be sharing our homes tour for the year without the basement right now *insert sad face here* but we have high hopes of having it back together by December 24th. At least I do.

Anyways today the tickets are available at the Guild Hall on Charlotte St where they will give you your map and shoe bag. It is also a great day to shop local, hit some wineries, do some relaxed gift shopping (maybe at Oliver and Rust lol) and plain enjoy the day.

Leave the grinch costume at home and enjoy life today (you need to avoid the crowded malls to do that today)

Well I may see you if you stop by the house tour on Barrick Rd before 1 or at the shop the afternoon and if not make it a good one everyone!


Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas part II, and thank you.

I am in fact almost speechless today.
Firstly because I feel like I am so tired that I can't keep thoughts in my head.
Second, because we were so busy this weekend with the most fabulous customers that Trevor and I feel so lucky that it's happening. You know, happening for real, our dream.
It's not like the past 6 months haven't been great but you always know whether a store like this is going to push through at Christmas time.

This is the rest of the Christmas photos that I took after setup but the store definitely doesn't look like this now.

Jill and I had our burner shoes on Friday trying to restock and keep up with everyone. There is still a beautiful store but one in dire need of new goodies which I am working on right now.

So for now enjoy what was and we'll talk to you soon