Friday, October 9, 2015

Tablescape Series: Eclectic Bohemian colour

TGIF right?

And a long weekend to boot. Although not really for me as my new retail life means a new schedule and Monday is my Sunday but it does mean all of you will be chipper with that extra day to relax, eat or shop the great fall festivals that are popping up. Ball's Falls starts today and the weather does not seem to be cooperating for those poor vendors.

Today is the last day of my little tablescape series. Getting the look you want without doing too much damage to your bank account.

Today's look is Eclectic Bohemian
Right up my alley and quite a few of yours I think as well.

This look means colour. Fall blesses us with an extreme bounty of wonderful colour changes and great plants and pumpkins that we can use to do something different in our space. This table starts with a linen tablecloth. Now not everyone has one of these and I invested in 1 good all season tablecloth about 2 years ago. It goes with all of the seasons in our home and is easy to clean. I layered the tablecloth with one of my scarves. Go in your closet and pick your favourite colours to go with your table. Scarves are usually wide enough to make an excellent banner over the centre of a table or go crazy and use 2.

I plopped some fairytale pumpkins and gourds in the centre of the table and layered in colourful mosaic candleholders that I generally use for Christmas, green mercury glass, brown glass tapers (oliver and rust), metal wine goblets, the moose and clear moroccan glass tealight holders (oliver and rust).

The black tapers again add a little bit of different to the look. I also popped some craspedia into 2 brown bottles to complete the collected vibe.

The setting is made up of vintage brass charger plates not polished. I like the messy brass look but these could definitely be shined up with some brasso. Plain white ironstone plates and then a green and gold salad plate layered on top. I picked up the green and gold set at a thrift store and because there was an odd number they were a steal.

The green wine goblets are a variation on the traditional and continue to add more colour to the mix. I even layered in a yellow and white napkin to throw the colour even more off balance. This look does not require perfection and when using a layering cloth like a scarf with a ton of colours in it, it gives you some freedom with what tones to pull into your look.

And just as a refresher. The same room can look completely different with just a few tweaks.


Have a great weekend everyone.

If you are in the area come and give us a visit. We are open 11-5:30 Saturday and Sunday with some great hostess gifts for your dinners.

For now,



  1. Beautiful series! And full of some wonderful ideas. I never tire of looking at your dining room.

  2. Eclectic Bohemian would most certainly describe my Style! Ha ha ha. Lovely Tablescape! Dawn... The Bohemian


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