Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tablescape series: Country Glam

We're continuing with our tablescape series today.
Achieving the achievable without losing your head and hurting your bank account.

Making your guests feel special and making you feel good about welcoming people into your home.

Did you miss yesterday's look

So today's look is Country Glam

Remember nothing else in my room has changed just the table top and it's dressings.

Today's look has a bare table with a red stripe fringe table runner. The charger plates are a champagne colour that really lets you go silver or gold with your metal/ candlesticks.
(because people were asking yesterday, yes certain items are from my shop. the table runner, charger plates, napkins and topiary are available in store for this look)

The centre of the table is much simpler than yesterday and much airier. Again I am a taper candle lover but this could easily be changed to safer candlelight depending on your guests.

Very simple centrepiece in the mini eugenia topiary (available in the shop) and a brass gold pinecone I picked up at Chapters.

Any dinner can be elevated from simple to fancy with linen napkins but, I and I'm sure you, don't always want to do laundry after dinner. I have a collection of paper napkins for different seasons. Honestly it's ridiculous. I do groceries and end up with another package of lovely napkins. Since opening the shop I have discovered and been converted to Francois Paviot napkins. They are paper napkins but are soft, similar to cloth. They look more decadent and hold up through a whole meal but no washing afterwards. The above grain sack look a like version is classic and sells like hot cakes.

We have 1 more look for you tomorrow and its a beauty.
Tomorrow is Bohemian Eclectic and I bet you can guess that although I love the simplicity of today and the moody of yesterday tomorrow is going to be stupendous.

Have a great day all,


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  1. Oh, another pretty one. Tough to decide on one over the other, but I do love the simplicity of the solid plate and pretty napkin on this version (and I thought the napkins were cloth.) I might just try a version of this.


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