Thursday, October 1, 2015

Getting back to my eclectic self, fall decorating and cool weather causing planteritis

Good morning friends near and far.

I am starting my fall tours a bit backwards today. But there's a reason. So instead of the main floor which is coming, we are visiting upstairs first.

So as the weather changes, we flip the calendar pages and we move indoors, start monkeying with our decor, putting the seashells away and ripping out the wools and furs, I often find that although I am almost finished for the season with the outdoor gardening manual labour I am full of ideas for new planters inside.

I know what you're thinking, she changes her pillows and her plants? Oy!

Well yes I do in fact as some of the plants that were inside and flowering for the summer are either done or have that blue fern motif that doesn't really go with my more eclectic fall taste.

As much as I really love summer, fall is my favourite season to decorate for. I think I've said that already.

So in my upstairs hallway I turned off my blogger switch and brought out a lot of our african artifacts. Forget the white and pretty and perfect non cluttered vignette. I'm getting my ethnographic collecting on up here.

Trevor was home the day I was digging out some of our treasures, most of which we have had since our first and second year of marriage (a few years ago, wink wink), and I kept hearing
where was that
i forgot we had that
do you remember where we found that

yes dear, yes i do.

i took the green grain sack hanging down and replaced it with our very long original kubu cloth. the colours set the tone with the rug. 
while i was at it i pulled out our beer baskets and a few pieces of bronze.

i plopped some african porcupine quills in an old jar and stood a galvanized drawer on its end for a riser

to my indoor gardening obsessions. i turned a copper bowl into a fall styled succulent planter and used a wood bowl we bought in jamaica to elevate a xerographic air plant.
the inside africa book is one of my favourites but because of the haywire colour of the cover i don't always keep it on display. i'm happy to have looked through it again and have it out on display for awhile.

i found these succulent almost trees that i used in some of the shop planters and snaff-ooed one for this bowl. you can see how it kind of grows out the side of the bowl. i think that seems like whimsy to me.

yesterday in between cleaning teeth (my other business venture)  i hauled it over to another wholesaler i was looking into and found not only the hunted xerographic air plants but some awesome grinchy junipers and tiny eugenia topiaries.
ooh baby. my fingers were itching the rest of the afternoon and not because they were in nitrile gloves.

as the title states this post has a few prongs. because i thought to share my home planters in our upstairs hallway, i thought i would also show the ones i made at the shop that inspired my home planters.
i have to say that tree style one growing out of the glass jar just made me smile.

i also got up to some fall planter nonsense and made some combinations in vintage containers. so much colour. i love it.

and this one i even added a touch of gold to.

Well have a good day everyone,



  1. I dig it ;) I bought a beautiful little succulent plant in a geometric inspired concrete planter (handmade) at the Etsy Niagara show last weekend. It sits in my kitchen window, lopsided and makes me happy. I know what you're on about lol

  2. YES! Bring out those gorgeous pieces you've collected! Those were the reasons I originally flocked to your blog! Hope to see more : )

  3. Love the tribal artifacts and the succulents. I come to your blog because I love your displays and your beautiful collected treasures. That's what makes your home so fascinating and beautiful.

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  5. Well your Eclectic Self is so Interesting, I Love a Home that reflects the Character and Personality of it's Occupants and Proudly Displays their Cherished Items that Impart their History, Travels and Loves. I would be Inclined to wander about taking it all in and looking at every Detail since I have such a Curious Nature and Love an Eclectic Styled Home that makes me FEEL something when I walk in! Dawn... The Bohemian


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