Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall tablescape series. What style are you?

I have had a lot of people asking me questions about various things and aspects of my life as I write this blog and run my shop. People, myself included are inherently curious about how other people live. I think the success of shows like Housewives and the Kardashian clan prove that. I don't watch them but it would be impossible to be a human that does groceries and not know at least the names of these people.
With curiosity also leads to conversations and emails about what would I do with these items if I take them home?

I found the most amazing plates at the thrift store but they don't match.....

I don't have a huge budget to do a whole room makeover just because family is coming but I want my space to look nice.......

Now in Canada our Thanksgiving is next weekend. We celebrate with family and friends next weekend while the leaves are beginning to turn. There are festivals to attend and good weather to enjoy and then we eat.

Part of the fun of having family over for me is setting the table and putting that little bit of special into a meal.

Everyone has different tastes, different levels of time and commitment to setting up a table. Some people need space to put food on the table, others like my family have a buffet setup so that we walk our plates to the table (this means I don't need as much space on the table for platters) Some people also need to take in to consideration the people sitting at the table like kiddos or klutzy family members.

As people have been talking to me about setting tables at the shop, once some really great table runners and chargers appeared with the fall stock, I had a brain wave.
What about doing some different fall tables capes on the blog to share some different styles and how little or lot you can add to get your style.

Now even though you don't necessarily need to buy a whole stock of new items, sometimes you can just pull from other decor in your house, you do need some basic items like plates, glasses, utensils, tealights or tapers.

I have done 3 completely different looks for you using my dining room as a test bunny.
The room itself doesn't change, just the items on the table and you can see over the next few days how different pieces can completely give your room a different feel.

Today's look is called 

Rustic Farmhouse

This look is simple and natural looking. I used a black stripe linen runner that is easily washable and layered with zinc look plastic charger plates. Trevor and I were gifted a set of charger plates when we were first married and still use them 10 years later. We have 2 wood ones that stay out on the table for regular meals that we can just plop our plates on for weeknight dinners. Having one set of neutral chargers can elevate any dinner from regular to special and they usually contain messy eater droppings as well.

I used mismatched taper candle holders with black candles for the season. No one says all of your things need to match. Just have a theme in mind and go to it. Now taper candles do NOT scream little people at the table but this could easily be changed out for battery pillars or smaller tealights or even candles under cloches designed to keep little fingers and table bumpers safe.

As much as I love fresh floral centrepieces sometimes I don't always have a good selection growing in my garden or have time to get to the store or the grocery store only has filler flowers that are just not looking so hot. For thanksgiving you can always use a natural coloured branch or head to the produce aisle and grab some interesting gourds or squash. I used a fall cotton wreath and plopped a squash in the middle and sidled our brass moose up next to it and corraled it all on a cheese board.

And in case you were really looking close you will see that the plates don't even match in this setting. They have the same colour tones but it adds some interest and you can find some great designs anywhere from antique stores, thrift stores to Homesense.

I like to add a little quirk to every table and in this case the squirrel salt and pepper shakers provide a little bit of conversation.

Well enjoy your day all and see you tomorrow for COUNTRY GLAM



  1. You had me at rustic farmhouse ;) Gorgeous and achievable. I know I have said it before, but that moose!!

  2. Love the utilization of your Loving Cup Collection as small Bouquet accents to the Tablescape. Dawn... The Bohemian


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