Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Mantel 2015

Good morning.

So I am pretty excited about some posts I am getting ready to write for this little here blog of mine. I have been taking lots of photos to get a fall home tour up, better late than never. I can no longer join in on the fun of the super bloggers getting their seasonal posts up like magazines 3 weeks prior to anyone else starting as my darn human properties require me to sleep at least 6 hours a night and I am just plain running out of daylight to get things done. I have to admit I don't actually mind the getting dark earlier thing as it just makes little joys like lighting the candles, dining room dinners and late night music listening a bit more fun.

I think it's part of my night owl nature to enjoy the dark. 
I have also been working on 2 series for the blog, 1 about dining and tablescaping and another on couches.
You're hooked already right?

Today I am sharing what our fall mantel looks like for the season.
I say it every year but our home never looks better than in the fall. The lovely tigers just shine with all the golds and earth tones.

Ok all you minimalists, get ready to cringe, here come the fall layers.


i had to sneak the back view of this demijohn into the mantel shoot. an honest to goodness amber demijohn. just what until you see it in the table vignette. love!

Have a great day everyone,



  1. haha! love your commentary to the minimalists! they are probably sitting in corners twitching after seeing it, but you do layers better than anyone! love it!

  2. Love your layering Meg! Yes, the minimalists probably are cringing but i cringe when I see a minimalist home devoid of all personality and too bare for my liking. I absolutely love your home and your collections. They are artifully done and you get to enjoy everything when it's out.

  3. I like your use of the tree fungus in your fall vignette. We have collected several from our SW Florida property and I display them also. They aren't for everyone, but I find them charming!

  4. Ah, but you do layers exceedingly well my friend. Lovely! The couches posts intrigue me. I'm holding off on the little bit of Hallowe'en decorating we do (and that we are seeing filling our feeds), partly because Hallowe'en isn't my 'thing' but mostly because we have Thanksgiving this weekend.

  5. I JUST bought an oversized Demijohn in Aqua this week, since our New Home is Tuscan Villa Architecture and so I'm moving more in that direction Style-Wise with Vintage Industrial and Cabinet of Curiosities Style thrown in... you know, Tuscan Bohemian. *LOL* But I must say I have never seen an oversized Amber Demijohn... if I ever do, it's mine if I can swing whatever pricetag is on it! Dawn... The Bohemian


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