Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall at home

Hi everyone,

My blogging although increased as of late is not exactly timely. While others were posting their fall decor back in August here we are starting to have those thoughts of sparkles and snow coming into our brains and I am just getting around to continuing the fall tour around our home.

I love decorating for fall as I have mentioned so many times and was particularly happy with how everything turned out in our home this year. It gives me relaxation to go home after work and enter our colourful yet calm world. We have gone on a bit of a closet organizing and emptying streak as of late and to me thats just like therapy. Opening closets that are now organized and tidy with no crap stuffed in places that you forgot about, expired food you keep stacking in front of. We had kraft dinner boxes that had expired 2 years ago, good gawd.

So as I let you in on my dirty organization ocd habits I'll also wander you around our main floor for fall.


our front entry layout doesn't change much over the seasons as my long time readers have noticed as it just works but the tones settle with the change of the pillow on the chair to the ralph lauren linen stripe and the scarf on the mannequin and the vignette on the barrel.

i put the white salvage posts that normally sit here away this season and changed them out for a tall wheat sheath. the cypress tree is some we have in the shop and is planted in a birch pot with brown reindeer moss. the long tail pheasant we have had since we were in our first home and every year he makes an appearance that i still love.

trevor and i found this 3 handled loving cup in a real ramshackle of a local antique/flea market. it was too much money i will fully admit but because we collect them we conceded the gentleman selling because we have never been able to find any like it in our travels. it has survived since 1904 and i added another of our african ostrich eggs on top for interest.

this dresser houses our now needed scarf and mitten collection and to continue the colour tone of mustard and brown that i love this time of year i brought my typewriter down from my office to tie this vignette together. the stone buddha plaque hasn't seen the light of day in about 4 years from my "decorating" closet and was from a much missed store called the copper leaf around niagara.

the full view including my mismatched pillow collection for this season.

there are blankets and throws on so many surfaces in our home this time of year because we love to use them. although this green striped one i will admit that oliver has his heart set on most days. we do not keep our house overly warm almost ever as our poor family members can attest to, because of our blanket habits.

and a sneak peek of my newest decorating book. habitat: the field guide to decorating by lauren leiss. i haven't had a chance to read it yet but i have indulged in the photos and it is better than i thought it would be when i preordered it back in may

the sitting area.
those green ikea covers has been around the block and then some in our home but i still love that colour and if they still had it, i would be buying drapery panels in it.

the sofa table all vignetted up. another wheat sheath and an amber demijohn plus, another huge member of our trophy collection filled with dried yarrow. i couldn't resist some of the lovely beeswax candles i bought for the store in my display. the shapes scream vintage style and the smell is naturally perfect.

our very old factory cart filled with a pewter plate of mismatched mercury candles for fire side nights and my blissfully happy xerographica air plant just growing in the middle of the table.

the little black and white art piece was actually drawn for me by my sister in law as she is well aware of my fascination with portraits of men from another time era.
more freakin' squirrels!

and our dining room. for those of you that enjoyed our tablescape series, this is what the table looks like day to day. pretty clean and simple with a huge moose antler flipped upside down for interest.

it actually sits perfectly that when seated you can actually see over it and it doesn't inhibit anyone eating

the wilton cake stand underneath the pumpkin was a find from one of our shop road trips this year. it chipped and scraped and perfect.

an angle i often forget to show in this room looking from the pew to the elephant painting.

Well that's it for the main floor. Tomorrow I have gotten up to rearranging and changing in our master bedroom so I'll share what's what then.

Have a great Monday everyone,

We are hunting down some props and items for Christmas for the shop today, wish us luck



  1. I love it! I wish I had your knack of layering. I can't put that much stuff together without it looking cluttered. I'd love to see a blog post on how you do it!

  2. So many Elements that I also Love to Collect and Decorate our Home with too... Loving Cups, Ostrich Eggs, Architectural Salvage... oh my... always so exciting to find another Kindred Spirit in the Land of Blog and be Inspired by their arrangement of the same Loves I have! With moving into a New Home so many of our rooms are yet to be completely Styled in the way that I Envision them... but with Time comes the ability to be Inspired by the Images Online that spark new Ideas for how some of the rooms could look! Thank You for Sharing your Beautiful Home... it is exquisitely and Tastefully done! Dawn... The Bohemian


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