Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A new layer in the master bedroom

As promised today I am sharing the little fabric makeover I recently gave our bedroom.
I just wanted a bit of a change look wise, one that wouldn't cost a lot and would still maintain the overall neutral palette of our room.

Hunting around on pinterest either ends up being the most positive thing or frustrating experience out there. I am so one of those people that gets an idea in my head and then can never find what I am looking for or the idea lives somewhere in the USA and here in wonderful but somewhat retail challenged Canada (seriously, we killed target for crying out loud) the idea costs an exorbitant amount of money to ship here. I knew it was time for a new duvet cover if possible as our white Ikea one is well boring and well used. I found a bunch of lovely ticking stripe ones but just too much $$ or more than I wanted to spend anyways. I found this grey jersey cotton one at Homesense and it fits the bill perfectly

i have seen a lot of excitement on instagram lately about african bamileke hats or juju hats as they are often referred to and am glad to see that the headress we have happily hung for years is continually in style. wouldn't change my love for it but like brass never hurts to be on the right side for awhile.
i changed the euro pillows to a thick white and black check pattern that looks buffalo check but not as heavy for this space.
the brown tribal patterned pillow is actually from vintage curtains that i backed with brown and white houndstooth and linen piping.
the front lumbar pillow is vintage african mud cloth with linen.
all different styles but common colour and it gives me the look i was trying to get. 

these lights were originally from pottery barn and usually have cheap walmart drum shades on them in white. i found nice burlap shades at lowes for a minimal but warmer change

the grey and black striped wool blankets are vintage canadian army blankets

and you know i had to reinvent the top of the dresser!
everything is stuff we had, just moved around and dusted. 
the white buddha is a permament fixture in here and wears a set of coco beads.

the boxes and holders hold our assortment of jewellery, lotions, essential oils, and the antique wood screen corrals my hanging collection of earrings.

the cypress tree adds some green and because it is preserved it will stay that way forever without me needing to water it.

my very small hit of colour in here. the green clock and the yellow fall dried flowers.

Well thanks for stopping by and talk to you all soon

As always,



  1. Especially loving that last shot, including the moose antler!

  2. I love every photo! Beautiful room!

  3. LOVE all the great texture in your room!

  4. I really like the layers in there...Glad to hear I'm not alone in my missing Target!!! It was such a great escape store...
    I find Homesense very hit or miss....

  5. In love with everything! I just wanna crawl into that bed and sleep for a week. And when I wake up, spend a week just looking around and taking it all in.

  6. Meg, I hope you don't mind me asking but how to do you hang your windows on the wall? I've come across some 9 pane windows and want to hang them but I want to do it the correct way. Thank you :)

  7. So glad I found your Blog tonight... you Style your Home as Beautifully as your Shop... the last Image of this Post was particularly Captivating to me! I am Styling our New Home and our Boudoir is still in a state of Transition so I found your Restful Space to be very Inspiring. Dawn... The Bohemian


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