Friday, September 25, 2015

Vibrant flowers and dirt in your sandals

The sunshine just keeps on coming right now in our area.

It was 26 degrees again yesterday. Pool weather I think but alas the calendar states that fall has started and we said goodbye to the official summer a few days ago.

Indian summer it is. We'll take it.

I have visited a few garden centres in the last week or so hunting and thinking about fresh new planters for fall especially at home as my high heat window boxes had about been cooked.

My home planters aren't completely done yet but I made a good start on the ones at the shop yesterday.

I went to Terra Greenhouses on Tuesday while driving around picking things up and I just have to say, I could probably be conned into opening one. They are so clean, have selection and just make you want to go home and plant. One of my other favourites in Waterdown is Connon Nurseries. Between the 2 I never have an issue finding what I need.

However, I didn't pick up everything I needed on Tuesday and tried to finish that task around here and did have a smidgen of issue finding the huge millet I left behind.

I think they turned out pretty good though.

It was a good show at least when I was planting them,  as the ferns that were living in here got massive and as I pulled them out dirt went everywhere including into my shoes so I decided to barefoot it as if I was at home planting.
One of our lovely regular customers showed up as I was planting and I was covered in dirt and sweaty. It was a little embarrassing, no one ever said I was neat doing everything.

i was able to find mums that hadn't opened very much giving them a longer season of colour once it does get cool. container combos include millet, mum, kale,celosia, ornamental peppers x2, crotons x2

i'm hoping to add a second set of planters, and hay and all that good stuff but it needs to cool off before we plop any pumpkins out there. i don't think my landlord and the customers that frequent this building would appreciate the smell of rotting pumpkin.

i have to say the plant of the season for me is this hot pink celosia. i actually found it at a retail store in burlington that is similar to mine but has a garden centre (sigh, one day) and they had loads of it, but i haven't really seen it at any of the garden centres.

i am not a hot pink person at all but it really adds something to the planters to keep them more vibrant looking

and then since i was in a planting mood, i started working on some fall succulent planters. it seems odd to some people that we (i) change my plants according to the season but to me the blue echevarias and pink toned planters don't really suit my fall decor. luckily there are so many varieties of succulents that some even have brown tones and fuzzy petals. they blend right in with all the earth tones, wools and plaids we are all getting ready to take out.

Well have a good day everyone, looks like it's going to be a good one



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