Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sick of looking at the beige and the chips and then INSPIRATION!

Hey everybody.

How are things?

Well it's official. August has sounded it's horn and September is ready to step up.

We spent the majority of the rest of our weekend ripping the nooks and crannies of our home apart and cleaning our home top to bottom.
Since we took possession of our shop back in February we have been surface tidy-ing our home and feeling clean on the outside but we both knew that we needed to spend some time and really clean our house.
Well 3 bags of garbage later, 4 boxes for the thrift store, a million loads of laundry getting slipcovers and sofas and bedding clean, a load of expired food out of the pantry, a few full canisters with the vacuum and a glorious adventure with a new steam mop. Our home feels like ours again. We are both neat people, I am very lucky and although exhausted we both feel a job well done.
I think it just made it worse because our basement feels like such a disaster still even though we are starting to progress there too, that our upstairs just needed to feel "cleaner".

Speaking of getting things done, I also finally crossed off another thing off my list at the shop.

For those who have visited you know that the building I am located in also houses the Fonthill animal hospital. With the way the signs and doors are situated the whole building generally looks the same. We are slowly adding our touches to give our part of the building its own identity.

I painted my front door after work one day last week.
I went through all my paint chips when deciding and was really intending originally to paint the door black. However black doesn't really scream different on this building so I chose what now?
That's right green. 
but I wanted the goldilocks of green
not too bright
not too dark
not too olive
not too grass

This is what I ended up with.

In a strike of inspiration when I couldn't come up with the right colour, I grabbed a book from our green book collection in our front hall and brought it to #sherwinwilliams for them to colour match. The guy working asked what I wanted to call it in case I needed more.

I give you "library book green"

It turned out to be the perfect shade of deep green. 
I want to paint everything in this colour and am having a brain wave for that.

Our door however now has a stance, a statement of what is inside that door.
It makes me happy and especially since I have been meaning to do it since May.

You can see in this photo from May that all the doors and trim looked the same.

A few shots inside the store as well for those that don't have instagram or Facebook.
We were super excited to get our first bit of K Barr Co apothecary items and the white products look great beside the black of the cupboard.

I probably could have just matched the green from their packaging. Such beautiful packaging it is too, besides smelling amazing.

I found these 2 pots a few weeks ago. 1 says flourish and 1 says grow. There are only 2 but I really like the wood grain texture.

I put some white and green snake plants in the drawer of our tool bench and filled in the gaps with golden moss. A little touch of autumn even though we aren't getting totally decked out for about 2 weeks as we await the arrival of all the fall goodies I have sourced out.

 Everyone's favourite golden moss is also back in stock in 4" pots this time. They are nice and young so will have a long time growing in these pots to freshen up homes.

Lots of goodies still in store (although I am excited to redo this shelf for sure) and last week I added some sunflowers in a few of the bottles and it brings some life to the displays.

And continuing with the lets get our building noticed for retail reason we also added a green flag to our sign. Now you can tell your friends to just look for the green flag.

Well have a great day everyone.

I am headed out to do lots of sewing and I am doing a little "teaching" as a friend is learning to paint some furniture. It should be a great fun and and productive day.



  1. Meg, that green door screams COME IN AND SEE WHAT WE'VE GOT!! Wish I were close enough to go see what's on the other side of it. The shop looks awesome!

  2. Love, love, loving that green! Beautiful...and the name is great! I might need some of that color!

  3. Love the green door! Your shop looks fantastic..


  4. Great green flag and what a great green door! It so makes a grand statement! Can't wait to see all that you are sewing!

  5. The Barr + Co. products are insanely wonderful, aren't they? Your new door color is smashing!

  6. The 'library book' was great inspiration and perfect for your style and store. I was just thinking as I was reading along that the packaging on the Barr product was really nice.

  7. So, you've got this oh-so-perfect green, I love it!
    Please, what library book was it?
    Or better yet, how about offering (for a fee, of course) a color card with a swath of this color painted on it so we can take it to our local Sherwin Williams to duplicate? Or, publish the color recipe, again so we can go to our SW for this lovely color.
    But just maybe, it's YOUR signature color, like Kodak Yellow, not available to spread every-which-where!
    A great, perfect color choice, to be sure.


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