Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer Upstairs and SHOP HOURS ARE A CHANGIN'

I haven't shared any of the summer decor in our home because let's face it I just finished it. Seeing as the calendar just officially said summer though we'll call me being on time instead of seriously early. Speaking of seriously early. I am learning that retail likes to work 6-9 months in advance for everything and it is hard for me even in my Christmas loving self to plan for the glitter that I am going to need in a few months. I will say there is some seriously cool shtuff coming into the shop and probably a few pieces into our home.

Today I am taking you through our bedroom and the upstairs hallway. The spare bedroom doesn't change much other than I move a lot of the plants outside for the summer so not much to share and my office looks a smidgen like a bomb went off with my crazy pillow sewing  / corner gas re-watching as of late.

i just finished up this antique african indigo textile pillow order for a lovely customer of mine and she graciously allowed me to swipe a few of the pieces. i really enjoy indigo blue for this time of year.

the dresser view.

i'm not sure if i have shared this on here before. my ingenious idea for hanging my earrings so they don't get tangled. i have an old wood window screen that i use to keep them organized.

a few of my extra necklaces grace my buddha

stella changed her outfit for the season. she wears an old buffalo news bag and a summer scarf

dough bowl of japanese fishing floats. what says summer like fishing floats

spot the frankie!

our upstairs hallway with lots of coloured glasses this year.
the blue minnow bucket booted the demijohn to the floor for the summer.

not so hard to spot him this time. look at the pose people. seriously. he's a cad

Well have a fantastic weekend everyone. 

An update for everyone local as well.
Shop hours are changing and BEING ADDED TO!
YOU GUYS LOVE US and we are stoked.
We are now open Wednesdays as well. Makes me laugh the amount of people that were coming saying "oh so you're just open on the weekend" um no we are open thurs-sun  that's more than half the week but alas we are now open 5 WHOLE DAYS PEOPLE


  1. i just love all those touches of blue- so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous bedroom!! Is that a RH rug I see? Those are amazing...

    1. no christine. i actually got it years ago on eBay for about 1/20th of a rh one. does look the same though so hurrah for me

  3. Looks great and I am really liking the blue and indigo. Corner Gas is one of our guys and my favourites too.

    1. it's like the seinfeld of canada. every once in awhile i get a nudge to watch a whole bunch of them and laugh my head off at the dry humour. not for everyone but man wanda kills me.


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