Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pinterest Inspiration: June 2015

Seriously what is with the rain this summer so far. It feels like we're in a bad rerun of April. I mean we'll count our blessings for the gorgeous green grass and lush gardens but with this amount that green grass gets so tall I'm going to need a hovercraft to cut it.

Let's check out what's looking good in internet land this past month.

ikea! enough said

such nice displays of gorgeous product

this room is lovely but a little traditional for my personal spaces. i am drawn to the ceiling mostly. would be just amazing in a retail space. plus the concrete coffee table.

perfect combo of vignettes to my eye. and i think that may have been an ikea cupboard too.

pretty sure i found this on Facebook so don't know the source but, yep!

always lovely from ferpie and fray. green and bone knobs. perfection.

simple bottle collection but the cloche makes them one piece.

Have a great day everyone,



  1. All so beautiful. Heading back to look again. :) Deb

  2. Lots of great ideas, Meg. The metal outdoor roof is gorgeous. Some of our new sod in the backyard was actually submerged in water. Our local farmers have too much rain and out west has a drought -a crazy month indeed. Belated Happy Canada Day.

  3. One better than the other!!! Go for the fire place. Looks fantastic. Thank you for sharing and a happy happy time

  4. Love all of these. And I've been saying the exact same thing, comparing April with June rainfall. Looks like July is starting off the same. Cheers to the weekend.

  5. Happy belated Canada Day Meg!
    Our veg garden was submerged in water...I think it will all rot.
    Thank goodness I planted small this year.
    Love it all!


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