Thursday, July 30, 2015

I made a planter and used asparagus for flowers......

On the heels of my hair brained idea to get back to regular blogging, I am attempting to be more spontaneous with my info.
A lot of you emailed me having similar thoughts with the blogging world and although a lot of those bloggers put a lot of time and energy into their work and attend conference after conference the info I am receiving is people are unhappy. I mean everyone can post what they want. The info is free take it or leave it right?I also appreciate all the love for my blog, life and epiphany moment yesterday.

So what does a shopkeeper morning look like?
Well to be honest everyday is different and it rarely looks as relaxed as Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail (my favourite movie if you want to bring the pizza and i'll supply the wine)
This week let's start with Tuesday night on my run to the shop to get the garbage out. Just my luck that our garbage delivery comes at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning before anyone is at the shop to put it out so Tuesday night rides to visit my little store have become common place.
The orchids on my counter finally kicked the bucket. The plants themselves aren't dead but the flowers sure were. Not bad. That lot lasted since the first week of April. Even if you kill your orchid in a month or two just think how many bouquet of flowers you would have had to murder. Cost wise quite effective.

So I left them there for Wednesday but planned an outing pre shop opening for today.
The plants have been going off like gang busters in the shop and I love that. The green and black thumbs are uniting in the love for green and that allows me to keep hunting great new plants for you guys to take care of or kill.

Plants make my vignettes work, it's like the make or break it with me.
I dream of having a big store with a garden centre/nursery attached to it.
One day, always a dreamer.

This morning I loaded my beloved Jeep with a great smattering of projects I finished at home as well as hauling my sewing equipment to the store as I feverishly try to get ahead a season. One of my great customers does a lot of heavy duty sewing as well and may have helped me solve my indecision on a second machine so the hauling becomes unnecessary. (a huge motivator right now)
 I ran to the post office to drop off some packages, went to a plant wholesaler to stock up on the fern varieties everyone loves so much and then to the grocery store to pick up some extra idea starters incl. asparagus and apples. plus lunch because I forgot mine and Franklin's on the way here trying to remember to pack all the custom work and requests for people. Poor dog. It's cookies and peanut butter for him until we get home.

Into the shop, late by 5 minutes today (what else is new?), dropped 2 plants, cleaned up and then onto the pretty.

This is what my brain gave me today. 
I really like it.

The end of my counter needed some sprucing after tossing the orchids off and I wanted it to reflect the rest of summer without putting shells into it. Summer is a harder season for me to decorate for.
I know right?
You would think easier with the white and bright but I don't naturally gravitate to shells and fluffiness that summer brings. My style although quite white tends to be more earthy (in case you hadn't noticed) I made a new vignette on the counter with my inspiration from my Style and Simplicity book by Ted Kennedy Watson. I scooped up some asparagus and placed it in our clear hobnail jars. I added granny smith apples in a copper colander, cut some branches and stems from our yard this morning including green japanese maple and hydrangea stems. 

And then I made a planter.
These round concrete planters have been on my brain ( i posted a photo of one on Facebook about a month ago and am still thinking about it) and since there was just one sitting there I decided to fill it up.

I make planters for people all the time in the shop but didn't have any on display. I generally line the bottom with styrofoam peanuts leftover from orders instead of just recycling them and buying something else like rocks. but both work well. I try to always add some form of drainage as not everyone knows when to stop with the watering can and most plants hate wet feet.
 A good potting soil and plant placement comes next.
I topped this arrangement off white some chalky white stones for a bit of flair.
Moss would work nicely as well or nothing if that suits your fancy.

Individually so you can see their texture I used,
Staghorn fern

silver leaf fern

and a rabbit's foot fern. (don't you just love those fuzzy tendrils?)

et voila!
fresh, local and summery.
the asparagus container and the current scent in the store hill country are contained on an old pie tin to continue that let's make a pie with the summer fruit feeling

Ciao all



  1. Girl, you get a lot done in one morning. And such pretty greenery. Our home really needs more plant life. I love setting out a bowl of apples and the aspargus is a great summer look.

  2. Hi Meg,

    I always love the green you put in your home and in your blog...but/and writing off the top of your head is so much more appealing than most of the other blogs I read SO Thank you for showing the real you.

    All the best, Liz

  3. LOVE this vignette!! Love the planter too, may do something simikiar for Fall on my patio!


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