Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Patio 2015

Good morning everyone. 

Seems to be that time of year where we are all getting in the dirt and starting to take our soiree's outdoors. I got a chance a few days ago to sneak in some photos of our patio this year to share with you today.


our martha stewart rugs from a few years ago are still going strong and i love the black for our patio so no need to change them up. i used some of my favourite black outdoor fabric to make new pillows for our ikea chairs.

i love these turkey feeders for mass planting and because we are so swamped with store stuff this year we wanted the back patio plantings to be super simple this year. i mass planted this feeder with golden moss and the newer galvanized low vases beside them with a variety of succulents

score of the season. trev and i were driving to a dinner date late at night and he spotted this ratty looking dresser in a garbage pile. we didn't stop and said if it was still there after dinner we would look at it. low and behold the people of that area are not into the garbage picking and it was still there. i knew it would make an awesome potting bench with its green flaky paint. i am not above garbage picking!

we got rid of the wood cart we built years ago that was falling apart and replaced it with this awesome dresser that is falling apart a little bit less.

i loaded it up with my collection of terracotta pots, green antique gardening tools and walter the gnome. i also found an old cream separator and put this massive flowering begonia in it. rustic pretty!

our new purchase for the year. our old rattan chairs although comfortable weren't always sturdy for company. i found these chairs in a magazine article, liked how they looked and went to ikea to sit on them. SOLD. and let me tell you. they are really really comfy.

i topped this urn with an antique breadboard to make a table top and changed out the door to a larger oak door from what was here last year.
the squirrel nut cracker still holds pride of place. the fern in the green sap pail is a tri colour fern.

i would really love to change out the cushions to one long cushion on the sofa but can never find a neutral one i like. i'm probably going to end up making one on a rainy day when i am caught up on things so for now 3 seat cushions it is.

new here? i did a diy on our wine barrel ottoman here

the watering can collection all in one place.

as i mentioned i planted these with loads of succulents and plopped a crown jar in the middle to turn them into candleholders for at night

one of those 2 cool to leave there items was this oil drum in perfect colours that someone actually turned into a planter. it has a concrete base inside to keep it steady. adds a little more of "us" to our outdoor space. it has been planted here with a macho fern

simple in my lion planters this year. kimberley queen ferns only. big and beautiful.

i may have also started a small antique sprinkler collection of animals now as well. this frog is awesome and he works. good grief, occupational hazard.

Well have a great day everyone.

I'm spending the day visiting with a bestie that I don't get to see too often and then it's custom paint project completion tonight.



  1. We're nearing the end of the interior of a Dutch colonial re-do, + my mind is already racing ahead to our outdoor spaces. I fear I'll have to wait another year, but in the mean time, your photos will serve as inspiration! I love it all, especially the vintage pieces that have been recruited into planters. So cool!

  2. I really love the wood and zinc combination! Alexandra

  3. Your stuff always looks so good! Lots to look at but never looks cluttered. You have a magic touch.

  4. Always very beautiful! Love all the decor rustic and new!

  5. Love your back patio, it looks wonderful!

  6. What an awesome patio! I love your decorating style...
    Have a wonderful week.

  7. Just got caught up with your posts (the shop one too). Everything looks awesome, Meg. I do know what you mean about the shop and feeling fried after 5 hrs or so of overhauling. I hate walking around with those pieces that don't seem to fit anywhere at the end. Love your curbside find, I do that too, but I totally embarrass my husband when I do. I usually spot things while we walk, he walks past me, and I go back with my car. I hope you have a great summer at your store and get the chance to relax too.


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