Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Before and After. Simple farmhouse white

Woohoo a furniture makeover today.

So let's be serious I bit off a chunk of work for myself over the last 2 weeks and between the shop, my weed like grass that I swear is growing about a foot every 3 days, quite a few custom paint projects, sewing, my brain is scrambled.
A good scrambled but like with a whole pile of tabasco sauce on top.
I am fully taking advantage of the sticky note function in my computer and the dinging calendar on my phone to remind me of things as my usually pretty good memory needs some gingko biloba this past week.
I'm trying to be good and take pictures of all the furniture pieces to share with you all.

The lovely woman that the following set belongs to, had to undergo a bit of a furniture roller coaster as the first set we were to attempt giving her the white farmhouse style to was water warped and a smidgen beyond repair.

She brought me this set and another end table not pictured with the hope that we could strike gold from a ho hum set for her kitchen.

I think we succeeded.

 this is a very simple pine set from ikea with many years of life left in it. i sanded down the finish to give the pieces a bit more grip and did multiple coats of general finishes antique white to get to the proper coverage. she wanted the set to be "antiqued" so i distressed where wear would appear and then applied general finishes liquid wax followed by miss mustard seed antiquing wax. i used the mms wax over another dark wax as i always do on white because it doesn't change the colour of the paint. other dark waxes will change the white to a real off-white beige tone and i wanted the pieces to remain a proper white but appear aged. the aging is much more obvious in person as the white looks quite white through my camera. i used my buffer to give the table a hard solid finish from the wax.

i used only 2 of the chairs for the shoot and set it up as a date table 

our recent rain has smucked my peonies pretty good but the white flowers seem to be a bit stronger and they still look lovely. sniff your screen, i swear it will come right through

the table layers for you vignette lovers. 
isn't that maidenhair fern awesome. so huge and fluffy.


Have a great day everyone,



  1. You always do such an amazing job of painting and creating such fabulous displays. I love it.

  2. Your blog is wonderful! Everything I see is fantastic! Oh my heavens, you are so talented!
    Will be back soon~

  3. That is a great makeover and of course you have styled it so nicely. I had to laugh at 'sniff your screen'. I'm a wee bit tired after this second last week of school and it made me smile. Kicking myself for not planting peonies years ago too.


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