Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rustic Coastal Black end tables and piping extravaganza

Good morning all.

Another busy week halfway gone. I am happy to share this custom piece with you today. This pair of end tables has been hibernating in our attic for about 8 months and they have found an adoptive home.

I keep some pieces in unfinished state for when people ask me for something specific for their home. I love refinishing as my vision sees fit but sometimes that vision doesn't jive with someone else's home.
As we get out of bringing loads of painted furniture to the store because of the amount of work involved in the transporting and moving and then moving displays, I am finishing a few more pieces at home and via my Facebook page. (Check out the the photo albums for large pieces not yet finished and large items not in the shop)

The table today is actually a pair but I thought I would set it up more like a room so only one table got the chance at the spotlight.

my go to black. as ever general finishes lamp black with mild distressing and general finishes liquid wax plus some annie sloan dark wax for depth buffed to a sheen.

(the chair is out of our front hall, and the alabaster lamp is non-functioning as it was apart of my rewiring pile but it suited the look i was going for)

i wanted more of a contemporary rustic look for this photo and the wicker chair brings in the beach vibe continued with the large coral piece.

these great seeded pinecone-y pillows are so versatile and right now this one actually lives in our living room for summer but i have a few left in the store too.

i added ivory coloured bone knobs to these tables for some contrast


for locals a few of this weeks new pillow selections.
 the black outdoor is back in stock as well. (not pictured)

vintage washed out denim with white contrast piping and zipper closure.

(let me tell you, piping with zippers is not an easy feat for a beginner. i am not a beginner by any means anymore but piping took me awhile to master. after a lot of bad how-to videos that didn't make sense to me over the last year when i thought it time to add it back into my sewing repertoire as the store became a reality i am super duper proud to say i am able to offer piping on some of my pillows when i think it adds to the look. so for all of you frustrated sewing buddies out there, keep trying it will eventually work)

tommy bahama swaying palms outdoor and outdoor denim look alike. it looks pretty close to the other pillow no? i really love the neutral outdoor fabrics i found for this year.

Have a good one,


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Before and After. Simple farmhouse white

Woohoo a furniture makeover today.

So let's be serious I bit off a chunk of work for myself over the last 2 weeks and between the shop, my weed like grass that I swear is growing about a foot every 3 days, quite a few custom paint projects, sewing, my brain is scrambled.
A good scrambled but like with a whole pile of tabasco sauce on top.
I am fully taking advantage of the sticky note function in my computer and the dinging calendar on my phone to remind me of things as my usually pretty good memory needs some gingko biloba this past week.
I'm trying to be good and take pictures of all the furniture pieces to share with you all.

The lovely woman that the following set belongs to, had to undergo a bit of a furniture roller coaster as the first set we were to attempt giving her the white farmhouse style to was water warped and a smidgen beyond repair.

She brought me this set and another end table not pictured with the hope that we could strike gold from a ho hum set for her kitchen.

I think we succeeded.

 this is a very simple pine set from ikea with many years of life left in it. i sanded down the finish to give the pieces a bit more grip and did multiple coats of general finishes antique white to get to the proper coverage. she wanted the set to be "antiqued" so i distressed where wear would appear and then applied general finishes liquid wax followed by miss mustard seed antiquing wax. i used the mms wax over another dark wax as i always do on white because it doesn't change the colour of the paint. other dark waxes will change the white to a real off-white beige tone and i wanted the pieces to remain a proper white but appear aged. the aging is much more obvious in person as the white looks quite white through my camera. i used my buffer to give the table a hard solid finish from the wax.

i used only 2 of the chairs for the shoot and set it up as a date table 

our recent rain has smucked my peonies pretty good but the white flowers seem to be a bit stronger and they still look lovely. sniff your screen, i swear it will come right through

the table layers for you vignette lovers. 
isn't that maidenhair fern awesome. so huge and fluffy.


Have a great day everyone,


Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Patio 2015

Good morning everyone. 

Seems to be that time of year where we are all getting in the dirt and starting to take our soiree's outdoors. I got a chance a few days ago to sneak in some photos of our patio this year to share with you today.


our martha stewart rugs from a few years ago are still going strong and i love the black for our patio so no need to change them up. i used some of my favourite black outdoor fabric to make new pillows for our ikea chairs.

i love these turkey feeders for mass planting and because we are so swamped with store stuff this year we wanted the back patio plantings to be super simple this year. i mass planted this feeder with golden moss and the newer galvanized low vases beside them with a variety of succulents

score of the season. trev and i were driving to a dinner date late at night and he spotted this ratty looking dresser in a garbage pile. we didn't stop and said if it was still there after dinner we would look at it. low and behold the people of that area are not into the garbage picking and it was still there. i knew it would make an awesome potting bench with its green flaky paint. i am not above garbage picking!

we got rid of the wood cart we built years ago that was falling apart and replaced it with this awesome dresser that is falling apart a little bit less.

i loaded it up with my collection of terracotta pots, green antique gardening tools and walter the gnome. i also found an old cream separator and put this massive flowering begonia in it. rustic pretty!

our new purchase for the year. our old rattan chairs although comfortable weren't always sturdy for company. i found these chairs in a magazine article, liked how they looked and went to ikea to sit on them. SOLD. and let me tell you. they are really really comfy.

i topped this urn with an antique breadboard to make a table top and changed out the door to a larger oak door from what was here last year.
the squirrel nut cracker still holds pride of place. the fern in the green sap pail is a tri colour fern.

i would really love to change out the cushions to one long cushion on the sofa but can never find a neutral one i like. i'm probably going to end up making one on a rainy day when i am caught up on things so for now 3 seat cushions it is.

new here? i did a diy on our wine barrel ottoman here

the watering can collection all in one place.

as i mentioned i planted these with loads of succulents and plopped a crown jar in the middle to turn them into candleholders for at night

one of those 2 cool to leave there items was this oil drum in perfect colours that someone actually turned into a planter. it has a concrete base inside to keep it steady. adds a little more of "us" to our outdoor space. it has been planted here with a macho fern

simple in my lion planters this year. kimberley queen ferns only. big and beautiful.

i may have also started a small antique sprinkler collection of animals now as well. this frog is awesome and he works. good grief, occupational hazard.

Well have a great day everyone.

I'm spending the day visiting with a bestie that I don't get to see too often and then it's custom paint project completion tonight.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Shop Chatter: We made a mess

I had good intentions of getting my patio posted today but we have had a couple of days of serious rain (which we really needed) but that doesn't make for camera fun outside so, instead today I am going to show you what we've been up to at the shop. I know shop tours aren't for everyone but this blog is almost a journal of sorts for me and it will be great to look back and see what we did design wise in the store. So those of you that follow only for furniture before and afters, there are a pile of those coming up as I finish up a few pieces of my own and custom orders. If you're here for my house, there is some of that too, lots of gardening and patio love.

If you also follow me on instagram you know that last week on Tuesday and Wednesday night Trevor and I made our little shop look like this

We made messes. We were moving in larger furniture permanent fixtures for the store and a lot of smalls got displaced in the process. We had the music blasting and our mojo working but around 12:30 both nights we got our crabby pants on and called it quits. I don't know how other people or shop owners in a creative business are like but, for me after about 5 hours straight of creativity my brain kind of fizzles and everything looks like it belongs in the dumpster to me. Nothing fits together and it all looks like a mish mash of crud. When I get to that point I know and poor Trevor knows it's time to go home and hit the hay.

But the brain fizzes eventually yielded some retail gold for me and the front of the store looks like this now.

we moved the spools into the centre of this area and away from the window. they are skinny enough to not block too much traffic but also give us 360 degrees of display space and made a perfect spot for some white and blues

the display above the pine j.r.watkins shelf was one of those things that was just looking like crud (in my head) so instead of having "to buy" items up there i replaced it with a simple line of snake plants. easy maintenance and looks organic

we also dismantled the basket wall. great concept but no one likes to shop with a basket anymore lol. they like to make piles and that is just fine but, it meant i could use this space for something else. i chose blankets. lots of blankets old and new. some great new ones have just come in. my fav is that grey and white polo one. so soft.

and our latest conquest. a gazillion pound industrial factory workbench. we picked it up and the people had it still put together so to load it into the truck it took 4 people.
smarty pants we are we unbolted the cabinets from the butcher block once we were home and it made moving it around a whole lot more convenient and much less back breaking.

there are some great neutral outdoor pillows now in stock ( i am sewing a huge pile of them today as well) including these awesome black ones. i scooped some for myself for our patio because black that will stay that black outside is just awesome in my book

as much as i love painted furniture, in a store this size with as many smalls as we have and half our stock being one of a kind vintage, when a piece of furniture sells it invokes an immediate scramble to find something to fill the space and move all the items that were on or around it. this workbench allows us to have some more permanent work space for items such as candles, and plants.
i am still painting furniture just at a better pace for me and listing on Facebook and instagram. small dressers will still grace the store but larger pieces are just too much darn work for me so I'm giving myself a bit of a break and not bringing them inside to play anymore.

we have tons of great summer shells and nautical items that are a bit more visible than they were before

i may have also redone my shelves. this end has an industrial arts green vibe that i am really digging right now. i'm sure i'll change my mind again but i am happy right this moment.

We did a lot of rearranging in the back as well but it isn't a completed project yet. Still looks good but you know I like to share when I'm done :)

Talk to you all soon,


Monday, June 1, 2015

Pinterest Inspiration: May 2015

Wow, so I missed a few months of the pinterest inspiration posts but I'm sure you all survived right. So I have been trolling pinterest a little bit more again as of late and gotten a lot of great ideas. As Trevor would say, Pinterest strikes again. 
You start with the finger curl or backwards hand wave and then hey hun..... come look at this. 
What do you think?
 Can we make that? 
We can make that right?
You can do it, easy peasy, 5 min we're done, it's super simple.
Home Depot here we come.

Ever had that, boy it's a good thing men haven't figured out how to sue Pinterest. I bet if you read their clause file there is something in there about liability for projects working, supper getting made, colour issues, arguments causing sleeping in separate rooms.

love the simplicity of the green topiary in the rustic containers. especially the half wine barrel. simple and gorgeous.

love the  black wall on the brick and the cow head

oh the collections. hat forms. my goodness.

this is completely a pinterest strikes again. you just wait until i find a huge crate to do this to. i already have the casters and the rebar won't be hard to find. it's the convincing that takes a bit of work. but luckily i'm pretty good at that as you all know.


perfect summer tablescape.giant basket full of seashells in different styles and textures.



i really enjoy all the white and this photo makes me want to paint my spools at the store. hmmmm.

Well have a great day everyone,