Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Epic Shelf

We have had the brackets to put this planned shelf up in our dining room since November.
With good intentions to find the perfect board and release the hoard of pitchers from the basement "stock" room, something else just kept coming up and in recent months shelves at the store took precedence over our shelf at home.

When we got home last last weekend from our trip we had to run to the hardware store for something for the store again, and I saw this lonely piece of really rough looking board that was 12 feet long just hanging out in the rack. 
After a 5 minute conversation with the young man working about me actually wanting the grinch board in the corner and not the super smooth pieces next to it and him yelling at another employee for not explaining the cheapness of the board to us, we loaded our grinch board up. Me grinning, Trevor laughing, said employee shaking his head.

I should also mention I found this super fat cypress at a garden centre and had to have it. It doesn't have the perfect shape like all the others and I guess made it a little grinchy too.
These lemon cypress tress are always the perfect shade of green in this room.

The board runs right along the top of our windows and feels like the finishing piece. In the space the windows now feel like 1 big unit instead of 3 smaller pieces beside one another.
When I said hoarding I meant it. I have been collecting the different ironstone pitchers for about 2 years in all our travels and some have been gifts. I had the perfect amount to fill this shelf. The collection together looks impressive and has presence being all together.

And since I was playing in the dining room, I re-configured the steel shelving unit. The huge bread bin was 1 of my keeps from our recent trip. I only kept 4 items from the whole trip and actually removed a few more great items from our home so that's like a negative number of keeps and I should get points for that.

All the glassware and plates we use are on this shelf. Steak knives, pitchers for water etc are easily available to grab. The shelf is full on white and green for spring and summer right now and it just makes me happy.

The simple steel brackets are raw metal and will age over time. I purchased them from this etsy store. They hand make each bracket and give the simple look I wanted here.

It is extremely hard to get a full shot of this almost 11 foot shelf and no straight on shots because of the light but you get the idea.

Well have a lovely day everyone. I am off to sew a pile of summer pillows including outdoor fabrics and then dive into a huge (5yds) huge pile of mulch for my gardens. Lots to share in the coming weeks, hopefully I remember to take photos of it all.




  1. I can't get enough of your home! Can I scream " I freaking LOVE that shelf with your pitchers! It is perfection! I love the brackets you found! I'll be buying some for a project I have in mind for my house. I love how you style your metal and wood shelf too. If I lived close to you I'd force you to be my friend just so I could come and sit in your house! Lol

  2. I love your steel shelving unit and how you have decorated it. It's just wonderful. Love your home. Deb

  3. I love the shelf and all your pitchers. My mother collected pitchers so I think this is lovely. She would have loved your collection. Also, the combination of green and white on your other shelf is stunning. It's a great combo and I love the shortening lid!

  4. Meg, thanks for the laugh. Some people just can't see the diamond in the rough. All the more abandoned pieces hanging out in the reject bins, thrift stores, etc. for us who do! Love your Grinch Shelf - perfect for your ironstone collection.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  5. This looks really good, I love how the biggest one is in the middle and they get smaller toward the ends. The combination of green and white on your shelving unit is so eye-catching, love it!


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