Thursday, May 14, 2015

Classic Black

Good morning all.
We had to do the plant dance last night and move a lot of our plants inside our garage and into our front hallway because of the frost that snuck up on us. Spring is funny like that, 30+ degrees on Monday and 5 degrees on Wednesday evening. Anyways our front hall looks like a greenhouse with planters piled everywhere. Sammy thinks he's a jungle cat.

A simple before and after for you today.

A solid oak dresser with a missing previous mirror that left large holes in the top and some surface scratching that needed repair. Nothing major that could keep this solid boy from continuing its life.

This dresser feels like a Horace or an Edward. Very classic traditional but could be a chameleon with modern decor.

looks a tad streaky with the light but it isn't. common problem when having light from one side only and not the time to fix it for a proper photo shoot.
this dresser was finished totally with general finishes products this time.
lamp black milk paint
general finishes finishing liquid wax.
light distressing
original hardware

for all you layer lovers, a closeup of the vignette

check out the massive loving cup from the 30's we found. it has taken a lot of patience to get it this far. someone tremclad'd this beauty and it was a solid coat of bronze paint


This beauty has moved into the store today and will keep us company until finding a new home. He is 275.00 if anyone is interested.

Have a good day everyone,



  1. I have a similar dresser and have wondered if I should paint it. Looking at how wonderful yours turned out, makes me want to paint it all the more!

  2. Gorgeous piece of furniture! I need to rethink doing my desk black...

  3. Love that dresser look, Meg - my all-time favorite is the black with wood showing through - and that loving cup!!!

  4. It turned out so beautiful. I love this look of painting wood black and distressing it to reveal those wood tones again.


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