Thursday, April 9, 2015

We are Open: So how about a tour? Oliver and Rust Vintage Interiors

Thank you to everyone who came out last weekend to celebrate the grand opening of Oliver and Rust Vintage Interiors.
We had a great time, met some great people and started testing out a rhythm of stock leaving and being replaced. Trevor and I were doing a little bit of stressed breathing Saturday morning (not really but we were nervous faced) and my mom was just excited.

We are trying and so far succeeding at finding and hunting down great new stuff on a regular basis to keep everyone hooked both vintage and new.
I have a huge load of vintage goodies already coming with me this morning to be priced from the last weeks sourcing and got news that one of the great candle lines I sourced will be here in the next few days.

For those of you that can't come in from being separated by states or continents or because you were otherwise tied up last weekend,  we will do a starter store tour.

A lot of stuff has moved to great new homes already but this is what our store looked like Thursday morning before our soft opening.

our white floors and walls allow all the wonderful tables and shelving to stand out. our display tables are all pieces we have collected over the last few years. the counter is the 11.5 foot oak giant we found in a town nearby and looks perfect in its new place.
this shot also shows a lot of ceiling which is now FLUORESCENTLESS. thank goodness.
we added white track lighting, the huge can lighting over the counter is actually ikea we modified with black paint.

we didn't take advantage of this feature this past weekend because it was busy but i have collected some sturdy baskets to allow people to shop without juggling items in their hands. trevor completely came up with this bobbin holding system for them that makes the shopping baskets look like art.

pipe shelving is very "in" right now. we know it.  we needed a 20 foot cabinet/shelving system. do you know what those things cost?
i love gas pipe and have been using it for years now but, it also brings my husband into the store as his career is in hvac. i have been swiping pieces of this stuff from him for quite some time and now he had an excuse to build me something super duper fantastic.

plant central. 
all homes come alive with a little green. my intention is to carry seasonal plants that are generally easy to maintain for people and add that little extra something.
we had a run of the white mini orchids and sold out right away.


I will be back tomorrow to share some more photos and vignettes from our opening

Have a great day,



  1. oh that green cart! it looks AMAZING!!!!!! how far are you from me?!?!?! i wish not that far!

    1. same distance i am from your great store which next time i head that way i am going to try to line up with your open weekend so i can meander.

  2. Your store looks fabulous, Meg! Love your decorating style!

  3. I wish I lived near and could come shop at your great store!

  4. I'm hoping to pop by tomorrow Meg as I was working an auction last weekend. See you then!
    Hope you got more white mini orchids...

  5. Wow Meg, it all looks amazing! I know you will be wildly successful! In addition to all the great finds, I love the shelving, the lighting and that cute basket idea. And all the green plants make it look so fresh! ... It's totally you!!!

  6. Amazing store. So much to look at. Congratulations.

  7. This looks fabulous! What a lovely space! The next time hubby and I daytrip to Niagara Falls, I am totally making a side trip!

  8. Meg,
    OMG! I would be broke if I lived within 2 hours of you. I absolutely LOVE your store and see so many things I would like to buy. Is the green cart with the flower pots for sale? Did you sell it already? The pipe shelving is super-duper. How wonderful that your husband knows where to source and how to work with it. Did I mention how much I love the wooden bobbins used as wall hooks?

    Let's see, the price of a plane ticket is _?__ and the cost of a hotel is __?__ and the cost of a rental car is _?__. Then there are shipping fees for getting all my goodies home.... You're just going to have to open a branch in north Texas.


  9. It looks fabulous Meg! Those famous layers upon layers get me every time. Adore that gas pipe shelving. I know your store is going to me a smashing success!

  10. Meg,
    Your shop looks OUTSTANDING!!! I knew it would. Love the shelving and the basket idea is super cute. Also I LOVE that you painted those IKEA fixtures black. CONGRATS on opening your own shop!!!


  11. Super styling, Meg and Trevor! Congratulations, and best wishes for success, however you define it!

  12. your staging! and the shelving and the counter and the display tables and..and! curious as to why there are handles on the front of the industrial type shelving it to move it around easier? it's one of the two that is below the maps and grey pillows. looks cool anyway!

    1. hi judi. these shelves i custom build with my dad and husband. we all have a role in bringing them to life from welding, acid washing and staining. i designed ours after old industrial shelves combined with the new library shelves from restoration hardware and the pulls add more detail to the front. as an added bonus the handles do help to move them around when needed. thanks for stopping by.


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