Friday, April 10, 2015

Part II: Store Tour

As promised for today more of the vignette photos.
I spent a good portion of the day yesterday unpacking a candle order, a botanical order and getting a huge amount of great new vintage inventory onto the floor.
Even though the weather was a bit on the dreary side I had a great flow of customers until almost 430. In other words it was a great day filled with conversations and more layer adding.


i have been a fan of the J.R. Watkins line of natural hand and dish products and am very excited to offer a few of the fresh scents to my customers in that awesome wood cabinet in this photo.

the owls on the drafting table are actually awesome doorstops just in time for some open window door slamming.
one of my personal favourite candle lines from california is pf candle co and everyone else seems to love them as well. the patchouli sweetgrass has my heart.

we have gotten a start with carrying furniture hardware. i haven't found a ton that i love from canadian distributers. i am trying to shop local or at lease in country for my local store but i am definitely hoping to come across a slew of hardware in new york in august. i want to have a much larger selection than we have available right now.

this photo is a little bit of a birds eye view as i had my tripod on my counter but it gives you an idea of the sheer size of that shelving unit.

these handmade sets of clay saucers are perfect underneath your vintage pots or new pots to catch the extra drips but still fit in with the vintage style. i have had a heck of a time finding saucers for my home over the years that weren't new glazed and shiny. these fit the bill perfectly.

Happy Friday everyone,



  1. why must you taunt me!!!!!! so awesome, megs!

  2. be still me beating heart. i love everything! wish i lived closer. good luck!

  3. So putting this right up there on the list of destinations to check out on one of our bike excursions...
    wait, no I think we better come in the pick up:)

  4. all your goods are perfectly displayed on those amazing shelves. I'd love to be shopping there!

  5. I love your shop. Your items are gorgeous as is all of your shelving and display items. Wish I lived close enough to shop there. I am drooling over your bike pillow. Thanks for sharing your creativity and passion.

  6. I have been and it is absolutely wonderful. I could not resist a few purchases and Meg is certainly in her element.
    Thanks for following your dream and bringing a different kind of shopping to our area..
    See you again.

  7. Gorgeous, Meg! You are so talented. I can't decide whether I like the knob hardware the most or the way you have them displayed.

  8. My Mom and I owned a country gift shop for almost 20 years? Mom was a genius with decorating and she would have LOVED your store!

  9. My husband is probably happy that I live so far away (Oregon,) but I sure would love to visit your store. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent and happy spaces via photos. It's almost as good as being there.

  10. Meg,
    It all looks OUTSTANDING!!! Love how you displayed your knobs (might just steal that idea). That work bench is super neat and I like how you are using it. I thought about you when I found an awesome display cabinet at an estate sale last week...that baby went home with me and it will make it to my shop space next week. Thanks so much for sharing your charming shop with us...if I only lived closer I would love to shop with you...but the Alabama gulf coast is a bit far!!


  11. Congratulations to both you and Trevor! your store looks fabulous! I wish it was closer to me. I may just take a little road trip and come out one day. I see so many things I'd love to buy. Will you be selling online too?

  12. Your shop is AMAZING! Best styled vintage shop I've ever seen. I've followed you for a long time and just love your style. Best wishes for much success!!


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