Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Monday and some table decor

Happy Easter Monday everyone.
Even though it did feel slightly more like Christmas around these parts what with the snow and frigid temps. This morning the sun is shining and taking the cold away with it.

We tried really hard to not work yesterday and partially succeeded. We had Easter breakfast with Trevor's family and then Easter dinner with mine. 

Easter is usually my holiday to cook and I like it. I decided to continue even with the store opening this weekend as lets face it a ham dinner doesn't take that much prep work.

The best part is setting the table and then of course photographing the table because I swore I was going to go back to being a good blogger with some pretty photos.

The results of my Easter table this year.

Generally quite simple. 

Have a great day everyone,



  1. Very pretty! We usually host quite a few so buffet style it is. I do like to set the dining table simply for those who aren't as comfortable eating off their lap though. I keep telling my husband that our next home needs a longer open run for a few tables for special occasions. Hopefully that was the last of our snow. It was quite surprising how quickly it accumulated here.

  2. That is one beautiful's eye candy to me...makes me want to plop down and enjoy a meal.


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