Friday, April 24, 2015

Store FAQ's and the verdict on the shop dog.

Friday, it's here and that means the weekend is right around the bend.  I find myself getting a little off balance with my new work life. My body still goes into clench mode on Sunday nights even though I don't actually have to go to a day job on Monday's anymore. It's funny how we train our brains throughout our lives with the Friday is a good day and Monday is a day for hair pulling thing.

I finished up our spring decor weeks ago in our house but alas the weather has not co-operated enough when I am home to get the camera out and take pictures to show you. Hopefully next week, I can get some long overdue house photos out and join the mass of people in blog land decking their houses out with moss and plants and new pillows.

Today we are going to take a week 3 tour around the shop. If you are only here for my house this may not again be the post for you.
However instead of just meandering, I thought it might be fun to do FAQ's to go with them. Like the FAQ's from people coming into a new retail experience in our area.



Well we aren't up at the Log Cabin or the Lazy Loon where your GPS told you that you had arrived at your destination. I get a load of phone calls everyday asking where we are. I took photos of the outside of the building for reference and added it to our answering machine, Facebook page etc. We are at 137 Highway 20 E (the East part is VERY important) down at the same end as the Sobey's

I would love to put a giant spinning sign or a flock of flamingos out there to attract attention but being on a Highway does not allow us to do that, so there may be a giant banner attached to my car in our future lol.


Ah well I am so glad you asked. I am beyond fussy when it comes to smells. A lot of them give me a raging headache. But I am also a candle fanatic. There is always one burning in our house inside or out. I tend to lean towards more natural scents, although not food related (no vanillas, no creme brûlées) in soy wax and have spent a few years hunting my favourite lines to bring to everyone else.
We are currently stocking the Capri Blue line (including Volcano many were driving over the river to Anthropologie for), Paddywax recycled glass line (my fav is the thyme olive) and the  wonderful PF Candle Co. There may be different lines at different seasons that sneak in there but let's not go getting crazy here .

Why aren't you guys open all week?

That's a great question and boy do I wish we could be. Right now all of the junking, picking, antiquing, sewing, painting, loading, tag making etc is done by me, my darling still working full time husband or my mom rocks out a load of tags when she is working with me. In order for me to do all that I can't be at the store full time and as a new business it just isn't smart to hire someone yet. We're planning to be around for a long time though so you just wait we'll be adding days before you know it but in the meantime we are open until 7 on Thursday and Friday and 11-4 Saturday and Sunday.


Where's Franklin?

Blog readers rock. Some have brought me congratulatory gifts, so many have emailed best wishes but you even know the name of our little rug rat. He is amping up and preparing for his grand entrance to shop dog status but we need to properly install a doggy gate to quarantine him when he isn't behaving, when we get really busy or if someone doesn't like dogs. Don't worry though he is practicing his snuggle your leg and like your hand maneuvers so that he is fully ready. He passed the interview with flying colours.



Where do you get all your old stuff?

not telling!

the little white pots in this photo are new but they look completely handmade and are the perfect size for a houseplant or an orchid. one may have hopped home with me.

That's the long and short of that one. You can ask me in any way you think might trip me up but that baby is not up for grabs. Trevor and I have been hunting for years, seriously years to find our favourite spots to get great stuff to bring to you all and in order for us to try and remain awesome and unique, we need to keep that under wraps. Sorry.

Well this has been a hoot. 

Hope you enjoyed your wander.

Have a great weekend everyone,


Friday, April 17, 2015

Who has to pee? The Bathroom Reno

I know it's an odd title for a blog post but a very serious one for some people.

I answered multiple questions from interested parties about why I was renovating the bathroom in the store. Why not just leave it? It's just a bathroom.

But..... it isn't.

Some people....ahem....maybe me, like to try to visit restrooms and rest stops no matter where I am and it may have been a long running joke throughout my life and into adulthood about "do you have to pee before we go?"

I may also have inadvertently surrounded myself with camels that never need to go, darn people.

When I go shopping I almost always need to use the restroom at some point especially if I am going to be staying and shopping and when the bathroom is dingy, disgusting uninspiring it doesn't leave me with a great "let's shop here feeling"

So anyways.... the bathroom needed a major overhaul.

Refresher, this is what we started with


and now this is what I finished with
keeping in mind there in no natural light in this room so photographing is a smidgen awkward.

trevor installed a driftwood vinyl click flooring right over the existing peel and stick standard white floor and we added simple white mdf baseboard. 
i painted the walls in my favourite black wall paint that i used in our downstairs hallway, sherwin williams black magic.

when i first painted this room the fluorescent lighting was still on the ceiling and made the room look like a tomb but as soon as trev installed the recessed lighting and barn light over the mirror it got the elegant black feeling i was going for.

the sink was just an mdf built in place counter with an insert so to save money but, up the wow factor i skim coated the existing counter with concrete and sealed it for wear and tear as this is our only source of water.
i replaced the faucet on the sink for some height and a little bit more appeal.

the toilet paper holder and towel rack are made of galvanized pipe to match the wheelchair accessible handbars. the little chair gives the ladies a place to set their purse.

the sign in the middle of the gold frame is a collection of fun art that i am offering in the store but this saying speaks to me a little bit so i attached it with washi tape right to the wall for an informal art piece.

these lockers are OLD. not just kind of old but OLD. they have the original wood back on them and they had plenty of years of random things and bugs stuck to them when we found them. we used a skill saw to cut down the back to reduce the depth to fit right in beside the sink and now store mops, garbage bags etc inside and they make a hell of a bang when opened so i know if someone is taking a snoopsy inside my bathroom

now obviously this orchid doesn't live in here but all photos need some kind of life to them. i just love the orchids and all plants really in these industrial norah vases made from rippled galvanized metal. i would take them all home if i could but alas then what would my customers buy?

a little detail of the concrete countertops. rough and smooth all in one but definitely gives a more contemporary up to date feel.

So, now do you have to pee?


Have a great weekend everyone


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An elegant grey dresser

Good morning everyone.
A little furniture post to share today.

A small provincial dresser today that could be extra storage in a bedroom or a lovely hall table. 

It was in the original condition when I found it and and just needed a little updating. I mixed up my favourite mix of annie sloan for my perfect gray and finished with a clear wax topcoat. One of the knobs was missing on the top drawers so I replaced them with clear glass knobs for simple elegance.

the gold trim was already there so i just wet sanded while i was painting to keep it showing through and pick up on the original hardware.

this dresser has just moved into the store to fill a hole for another piece that sold.



Have a great day all,


Friday, April 10, 2015

Part II: Store Tour

As promised for today more of the vignette photos.
I spent a good portion of the day yesterday unpacking a candle order, a botanical order and getting a huge amount of great new vintage inventory onto the floor.
Even though the weather was a bit on the dreary side I had a great flow of customers until almost 430. In other words it was a great day filled with conversations and more layer adding.


i have been a fan of the J.R. Watkins line of natural hand and dish products and am very excited to offer a few of the fresh scents to my customers in that awesome wood cabinet in this photo.

the owls on the drafting table are actually awesome doorstops just in time for some open window door slamming.
one of my personal favourite candle lines from california is pf candle co and everyone else seems to love them as well. the patchouli sweetgrass has my heart.

we have gotten a start with carrying furniture hardware. i haven't found a ton that i love from canadian distributers. i am trying to shop local or at lease in country for my local store but i am definitely hoping to come across a slew of hardware in new york in august. i want to have a much larger selection than we have available right now.

this photo is a little bit of a birds eye view as i had my tripod on my counter but it gives you an idea of the sheer size of that shelving unit.

these handmade sets of clay saucers are perfect underneath your vintage pots or new pots to catch the extra drips but still fit in with the vintage style. i have had a heck of a time finding saucers for my home over the years that weren't new glazed and shiny. these fit the bill perfectly.

Happy Friday everyone,