Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pinterest Inspiration: February 2015

Wow I'm scooching this post in just before the halfway point of the month.
A lot of my inspiration this month when I look at the computer has been in the way of store stuff and wholesale catalogues. I actually didn't have that much house inspiration to show so these are the few pieces I found that looked lovely.

love the combination of pillows and the leather sofa. springy and masculine at the same time.

i want to grow hops just so i can make wreaths. this is awesome.


so i snuck one store photo in. love the simple plants and crates of pots. 

i still love this birch wallpaper even though it's been around for a few years now. it still looks fresh and provides a gorgeous backdrop.


i'm not really the modern type girl but i do enjoy the retro modern done with brass and check pattern on the chair. those overdyed rugs are available at ikea.

this is actually just an event setup but do think they'd mind if i shopped it?

spring is coming. simple glass bottles and fern fronds.

Have  a great day everyone,



  1. Oh my. I need to talk the mister into getting a worn, tanned leather sofa. They're almost magical. Also, that event space? SHOP IT AND BRING ME TOO!

    xo Ashley

  2. Love the fern fronds...I have plenty of those! :)

    Jane x


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