Monday, February 2, 2015

Pinterest Inspiration: February 2015

Can it be that the first month of 2015 is already over?

Pinterest has lost the glitz and glamour of Christmas over the last month and returned to the room and decor inspiration place of the rest of the year (at least my feed anyways). I find myself consistently drawn to the black and white and natural rooms with the touch of quirk here and there.

Here's the most interesting finds from my feed this month.

seriously. i am not immune to the immense talent and charm of chip and joanna gaines. the first home of this season was my favourite of all of them so far. that lower love love. the antics of chip and joanna and their obvious adoration of one another whilst still coming across as regular couple with bickering makes this easily my only favourite show on hgtv.

that chair is from ikea. i'm just saying. stepping it up a notch.

a lovely retail kitchen

anyone have any wood lockers laying around. i could really use those right now.

black cupboards and yet this kitchen still looks bright and airy.

what a neat idea that i may just steal for my ever expanding pottage next year

so cozy, casual and rustic

black, white and quirk

what a great outdoor space. so simple and tidy. i love the look of the gold pea gravel in all spaces.

Have a great day everyone,



  1. Gorgeous!! I love your choices.

  2. Although Chip and Joanna have "ruined" a few houses, their down-to-earth rehab/decorating hits it on the nail most of the time. I'm still sore about that Craftsman/Arts and Crafts rehab they failed miserably on. Nicole Curtis (Rehab Addict) restores old houses to their "former beauty", and I love what she does - unpretentious and matter-of-fact. The Property Brothers - all of the redos are looking like all of their other redos, and I don't care for their modern flair. It works for their clients, though. Love It or List it and Love It or List It Too- meh...but it's the clients' faults. Terms like "open concept", "granite (or marble) counter tops", "laminate flooring" and "storage" are overly used/desired. Most of them, Nicole Curtis is one exception, contribute greatly to the landfills, which is a shame. Her use-what-you-have mentality makes her number one! Of course, she starts out with good stuff and has access to period salvage. Come to think of it, Nicole Curtis is Nicole Curtis' only client, so she has only to please herself while staying true to the house.

  3. Great post, love what you have found!

  4. you really found some great pins. I'm loving all things black recently, too bad I've already painted all my furniture white. I feel some painting coming on.

  5. Fixer Upper is my favorite show on HGTV as well. Love those 2 and love her style. I knew as soon as I saw that light fixture that is was from their show:)


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