Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter neutrals and Where's Sammy and Oliver?

So today's tour of some of our winter home (I enjoyed my own photos so added quite a few and decided to split the main floor into 2 posts) reads more like a where's waldo of cats. Those 2 turkeys followed me around this time I had the camera out and make a few appearances in the photos.

The living room this winter has many neutral pillows in grain sacks, blacks and whites and tie into the mantel and chalkboard wall. They add interest without being the interest if you get my drift.

i added a few small books and black and white photos to this lovely ironstone tureen

i decided to group some of my crockery together with the rooster that usually lives in the dining room. i added the small clock for another hit of black. i am really enjoying grouping my collections as of late and love the impact they have.

the front foyer got straightened out. by straightened out i mean i straightened the angle i have had the rug, chair and crate on for some time and just have everything standing at attention now. the pillow got switched out for a great wool polyester black and white stripe and i found some of my favourite house plants the "white kalanchoe" for the tin on the island.

again with the grouping. i moved more of my cameras into one location and my cigarette lighters joined them on our crate shelf.

i found this lovely little rug on etsy before christmas for the bathroom and it adds the perfect hit of vintage colour. the shelves got some re-styling and are back to their collected pre-holiday selves or shelves lol

Have a fantastic day everyone,


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  1. it's all gorgeous but that bathroom.... don't be surprised if one day you walk in and find me in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. or a gin fizz, because i feel like i need a classic drink in there.

  2. Lovely! But Cassie will have to take turns with me; because that bathroom... oh la la!

  3. Ugh just beautiful! You are a master stylist Meg! Where did you get that wreath on the bathroom door? Been looking for something like that...
    I have also tried to order some pillows on Etsy from you but the shipping cost to NY is larger than the cost of the pillow : (
    Happy Day!

    1. hi alison
      thank you for your sweet comments. the wreath i made actually and had some in that tone and a more oatmeal colour for purchase at my local shows if it is something you are interested in they were 50.00 with the vintage jute web bow.
      with regards to the etsy shipping. i'm not sure if you are aware but just in case not, etsy makes ALL sellers set a shipping cost to an entire country. it looks to you like it is custom when they show your zip code but in fact it isn't. your shipping cost comes out the same as someone in california and that makes a huge margin of loss for sellers. i have a shipping policy that i strictly adhere to. in the event of any overages over 2.00 i send refunds. this happens on most orders and i send refunds regularly but it helps to not have to pay shipping costs myself. i know as a buyer it is frustrating to see but most sellers can't keep going if they are losing money on shipping constantly. if it helps most times a pillow cover to ny state comes in around $9.00-10.00 in shipping and i think it is set at 14.00 as a standard. i think etsy has been changing their combined shipping ways as well but it should do it automatically right at checkout.
      anyways hope that wasn't too long winded and have a great night. Meg

    2. Thanks for the info! I went to order a pillow for $28 and shipping was $21 so I held off. I def want to support someone with the same passions as me so would be much more tempted to purchase if shopping was closer to $10. Would never want you to lose money on my transaction... I totally get it. Hope you have a great night!

    3. yikes which one if you have time? do you remember? i may actually have screwed up and added the wrong shipping profile. i definitely need to repair that and will start hunting through my pillow listings for a mistake. there should be NO pillows coming up at 21.00 by themselves. thanks for letting me know.

  4. No prob! It was the red floral patterned pillow. I love that fabric.

  5. Beautiful, Meg. I do love your pillows and how they make your seating look so cozy. The yarn wreath is a great piece as well. It may be cold but at least we had some sun for your photos.

  6. Meg your home is filled with so much eye it all! I always leave full of inspiration!

  7. love, love, love that bathroom!! Especially the art on the shelves.


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