Friday, January 2, 2015

Pinterest Inspiration: January 2015

Well, good morning everyone. You made it through the holidays hopefully unscathed and ready for the promise of new starts and goals for the year. I am not a resolution person, so aim to just keep working towards goals and enjoying life as it comes. With the start of a new month comes some new inspiration. I have had a bit of time to as of late to be at home, enjoy my last few days with Christmas decor, and peruse Pinterest. I know a lot of people have taken a sabbatical from their computers, but I am quite enjoying actually having time to sit in front of mine.

So time to share a few of my favourites.

cristina from griege's kitchen is lovely. i actually often wish we could see more of her home. those pendant lights are perfect industrial vintage

i have since found it easier to just make a board dedicated to found vintage rentals, as i think she may just be my kindred spirit. i adore everything she does and quite often see things in her photos just as i would have placed them. her blog is a treat for the senses and her look books as just divine.

demijohns, white chipped paint, galvanized metal? duh!

he's handsome right. and boy does he know his cameras.

self explanatory. period.

Have a great Friday



  1. Eclectic lovliness with my morning coffee! Thank you! My eyes never get tired of this deliciousness!

  2. Great selections. Love your house, too. So inspiring.

  3. love the quote and really enjoyed every photo you shared! so many interesting g spaces to look at for inspiration.

  4. I love your compilation of favorites. So fun!


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