Saturday, March 29, 2014

Where we've been!

Sorry for the bit of writing silence in these parts. I haven't had a ton to say or show as this is what we are in the middle of right now. There is crap everywhere on our main floor so although I have some pretty awesome spring decor to share, it is under dust and sinks parts.

Bathroom numero uno as of Thursday night. See the cat streak on the lower left side? He just tried to see if he could fit in the heat register.


Taken this morning after last nights tile scrape. Who doesn't want to use their toilet in the tub? 2 birds with 1 stone I say.
So there you have it. this blog is going reno fun style for the next 2 (hopefully not more provided my faucet sets come in on time) weeks. 

Have a good weekend all. We're painting!


Monday, March 24, 2014


Good morning into spring! It doesn't feel like it yet but the ground is soggy so it can't be too far away.
Today it is official. I have had so many people asking me so here is your Save the Date posting for the spring Oliver and Rust sale!
We flopped around a lot of dates and didn't want to get in the way of the long weekend, other large shows in the area and with the way the weather has been, the beginning of May made me nervous so........

Please join me and my team of lovely helpers! 
More info to come, right now we are just marking our calendars everyone!

Plus what is a sale announcement without a sneak peek of the goods. With the lack of sun lately it has been difficult to take photos of anything to make them feel springy so, I ran everything into my living room Friday afternoon after racing home from a course in Toronto to take some photos.

oh yes, my beloved green capitol has cousins. 2 to be exact! start thinking of a place to put them. they are 3 of a kind plaster capitols, not likely to be replicated.

baskets galore! big, small and eveything in between. i have some laundry baskets from france, old wicker picnic baskets all perfect for storage and display

honestly my collection of white ironstone and white enamelware is shameful. i have an entire 8 ft shelving unit dedicated to it. i am being misleading by having such a small sample here. some perfect, some with lovely crazing and chips. all beautiful for display and use.

a huge collection of pillows. this time around they are going to be more "one of" i have made sets of everything but not multiple sets so you are taking home something no one else will have. unique collections. this black botanical fabric is my new favourite for spring and made it's way into my own living room. there will be vintage fabrics, new fabrics in 20" squares, 16x24 lumbars and some 13x21 lumbars.

always with the demijohns and scale. still on the hunt for more

beautiful typewriters

and a sneak peek into my show storage room. we did a lot of work in this room to make it work for all of our product as having it sit in the front hall and on my garage workbench was not working. i haven't shown a reveal of this room yet as it isn't totally finished but you can see we made a brick wall from #loweshomeimprovement and it looks great.

Hope to see you all there (I mean if you're local of course)

As I get back to finishing furniture items and more hoarding photos, they will be added as well

Have a great day,


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

and the mix continues

Happy Hump day all.

We have been hunting and sourcing for our bathroom reno and I decided to take a few photos of the items that will most likely land in the room.

Start date for rip down, smash up is tentative for this Friday but we'll see how it goes lining up our tile guy.

why so many tchotchkes (spelling?) you ask? you just hold your bum and wait and see my sweet little friends


the fantastic soap pump is from #target and is a part of the threshold collection
lots of white, brass, greenery, mixed metals and marble


lots of marble.

Have a great day,


Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Hallway and a [review]

Oy to the vey with the crazy weather this week.

Trevor and I raced home after work Tuesday and cleaned all of the long overdue Christmas decor down outside the front of our home. I figured that before I try how to make the brown needles look like hay for the rabbits and shape my Christmas balls into easter eggs maybe I should try to take the high road and just clean everything up. Trevor was completely stoked as he got to try out the new blower he picked up on Kijiji to blow down the driveway and then porch and wherever else he found a speck of dirt. It was funny to see how happy he was with that. Wednesday went from 12 degrees C to -13 degrees C and we got a friggin foot of snow. There were cars stuck everywhere and frustrated cranky people to match them. I haunted Target that afternoon to check out the new spring line in peace away from the people in their cars. WOW! I ended up with a few new things including some wonderful soap pumps from the Threshold collection and a Nate Berkus rug. Still not sure if having a Target in Canada is a good thing as without a river and bridge in between me, there is nothing stopping from spending me hard earned money.

SO, even though there is crazy amounts of snow outside and tomorrow it is all going to melt into a ridiculous mess, it is really starting to look like spring inside.

One of my awaited fabrics arrived yesterday and I whipped it up into a pillow for the upstairs hallway and took a few photos to show you the progress.

the grain sack lamp in its new home. i am looking for an amazing green and white piece of fabric something vintage to replace my african kubu cloth for the spring and summer time hanging on the wall

the birch poles that live in the urn got replaced with a fresh boston fern. the fabric on the pillow is by Duralee the Roberta winter fabric. lovely long tailed birds. i got quite a bit so the etsy shop and show should see some of this.

and continuing with the bird theme. my little taxidermy bird moved from the other end of the hall to here to keep the white japanese birds company

[review] a few months ago the people from Rug Pads USA contacted me to see if I would like to try some of their rugs pads for under 1 of the myriad of rugs that are in our home and i definitely said  yes. our cats treat our antique and kilim rugs like speed take off pads and most of the time i bend over multiple times per day to move the rugs back into position. i have tried rug pads from local stores but most of them were really thin and didn't stay in position. they moved with the rug when tiny feet went over them at 55 miles an hour.
i received 2 different types to try. this pad shown is a thick version of the ones i have previously tried and i have to say after 2 weeks this pad is staying place and so is the rug.
it is the super lock non-slip rubber mat and the other we received for our kitchen lilim rug is the eco solid organic rug pad
they are also providing more comfort to walk on and actually making vacuuming easier. so i'm quite pleased and if you are having rolled up issues yourself, check out Rug Pads USA.
don't mind the wonky edge on this pad. my rug is misshapen and old (i love it) so i had to give the pad a trim. it came in perfect straight lines and excellent condition.

i also changed up the vignette at the other end of our hallway to display some of the pewter and galvanized pitchers i have collected. nice and simple collected style.

I am ready for spring and our home is almost there. Bring on the buds and blooms!

Can't wait to share the rest of your home soon!

Have a great day,


**i received 2 rugs pads to test out in my own home prior to publishing this review. all thoughts and positive opinions are my own**

Monday, March 10, 2014

Grainsack Lampshade: a DIY

Good morning everyone!

We have so many projects on the go right now and I have been up to my eyeballs in fabric and sewing lately. I am an outdoors person as I have mentioned before so, I am on the war path to get all of the sewing done for the show and etsy before the weather changes and my shovel starts exercising on its jealousy issues of late.

Just a little project to share today that I am sure somewhere out there in social media land someone has done it better but I am adding my 2 cents in anyways.

I got a great, fantastic super amazing gold gesso lamp at a local antique haunt a few weeks ago and decided to get to the rewiring while in the middle of vacuuming the other day. You cannot stop the creative brain once it starts so, I momentarily abandoned the vacuum and switched out the worn cord. I had just finished up washing a load of grainsacks and inspiration struck.

A grainsack lampshade, well why not?

Here's my little tutorial in case you are so inclined,

lampshade (drum shades are easiest. i got mine from walmart for 14.00)
chosen fabric ironed (don't hem and haw, bust out the iron and get that fabric smooth) 
measuring tape
glue gun
spray adhesive
spare hands if you aren't diy inclined


measure the height of the shade and add approx 1.5-2 inches


measure around the widest bottom part of you shade and again add 2 inches


makes the ends of your fabric nice and straight. you can sew them to prevent fraying or you can serge them like i did which does the cutting/sewing in 1 step if you have a serger. hot glue a folded hem or sew a folded hem on 1 end that will later become your last finished edge.


cut your fabric to the size dimensions you measured remembering before you cut to double check you measurements, use a square or level to make sure everything is straight

check the height of your fabric against the side of your lampshade. you will be wrapping the top and bottom over the edge to glue down and you want a nice neat line of about 0.5 inch on the inside. any zig zag cutting will show when you look at your shade from the top or bottom. you can go back and forth at this point taking a bit more off if needed. remember it is like plucking eyebrows. do a little bit at a time or before you know it you took off too much. i kept going back to my serger and taking off a 1/4 inch at a time until i got the right amount. i could have probably done about an inch more in total but i got nervous. grainsacks aren't cheap to be screwing around with.


start at the seam of your lampshade and run a length with your hot glue gun down to attach your end and let the glue dry so you don't pull your fabric crooked.

working in sections, spray your adhesive spray and stick down/smooth with your hand and repeat. i worked in about 6 inch sections making sure my stripe was staying nice and straight.

line up your stripes and use your hot glue to press down your folded end and attach


lay your shade on its side and start hot gluing down the top in a straight circle and repeat with bottom


VOILA!, nice and neat. you can see here I could have taken off about a 0.5 inch more on the top and the bottom but since this material is thick and the lines were nice and straight I am ok with the bit of extra


my new old lamp in its new home. more of a sneak peek of its new home actually. the entire vignette will be shared soon as our home is almost totally done with winter. i have a bit more fabric i have been waiting on to sew and i will show you a full spring reveal


That gold lamp just speaks to me.

Have a great day all,


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fleurish Design Studio: A Tour

Oh my word people, do I have a treat for you today.

I have been following the career of a local woman since she worked at a favourite local nursery of mine that was apart of her family A few years ago she ventured out on her own (an inspiration to me) and opened her own floral design studio and event planning business. She started in the basement of her home and eventually her husband and her built a barn to house her business. In a non-creepy non-stalker kind of way I cyber walked over to her facebook page a few weeks ago and my mouth....hit.....the...floor!

I couldn't sheepishly contact her fast enough when I saw all of the vintage amazingness in this space. I was also super excited to meet a woman my age doing it her way.

I would like to introduce you to the space of Jessica the brains and power behind

There are a lot of photos, please forgive me I was excited. 

the main work counter with galvanized top


the planning space for brides and events has 2 huge industrial desks with stools and 1 original chippy table. check out the colour on those chairs

Jessica was kind enough to leave out some of her fresh florals for the shoot. this garden/flower lover was in heaven

those amazing glass doors lead into her cooler with the original brass hardware. and seriously, are we seeing that plate rack attached to the wood beam with vintage silver at attention

that wall of barnboard is from the original barn that stood here. giving it a reclaimed new life.

what could be behind that lovely antique sliding door

the bathroom! an antique desk turned vanity. LOVE!


a furniture painter i am but you just don't get a finish like this without years of age


one last flower picture. parrot tulips, my favourite, too bad they're so hard to find in retail. hmmm idea, flowers and home store? oh boy, if i had my way it would be a flower, soap, home decor, furniture and cafe/store. i don't think my head would explode right away lol.

What do you think? Amazing right?
The best part was Jessica was just as wonderful as I remembered and without sounding weird I will be taking her up on her coffee date. Can't hurt to put vintage lovers together. As long as she isn't grabbing the scales and ironstone before me!

If you are local to the Niagara Region and are planning a wedding or event or know someone that is, contact Jessica through her facebook page.

She also has a lovely blog with photos of her work and arrangements.

Have a great day everyone,
Go smell some flowers, it will make you feel better about the weather