Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Market….part two

Our second Christmas market hit a little hitch from mother nature last Thursday night. We got pounded with a full snowstorm all day long and by night time had seen almost 10 inches. Even though the roads were quite terrible, we still had a lovely turnout of shoppers eager to see our items and participate in a little Christmas spirit.
I did a bunch of loading up the Jeep and brought a bunch of new stock to fill in the spaces from the piles of stuff that left in the first show.

My wonderful mom was my helping hand that night and we had a blast moving things around and talking to customers.

Some photos to peruse...

another tray of bottle brush trees as they were an extreme hit at the first show.

Jessica {Fleurish Design Studio}'s space

Emiles Giles Designs

Harmony on West

Pulp & Mill

Bows and Loops

Pottery by Emily Bucher

Well that's a wrap. This market was a pile of work and proved to be so worth it in the end. I met a bunch of great creative people in my community, learned a lot of people are getting quite excited about the possibility of this venture of mine becoming a full time gig in our area and made a wonderful new friend become even closer. Jess and I burned through our cell phone text plans preparing this market and there was a lot of decisions and plans that went on behind the scenes while we were both trying to have lives, work and get ready for our own Christmas festivities. We can't thank our wonderful vendors enough for doing such a terrific job and making our little shopping stop a huge success.

*fist bump*

Have a great day all,


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  1. my heart pitter-pattered when I saw all those fresh greens! my favorite Christmas decorating item...


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