Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Market Part 1

Well it's a wrap. Part 1 of our Christmas festivities went off this past Saturday without a single hitch. After all of our careful planning and the nine million texts between myself and my super duper awesome sauce co-conspirator Jess, we pulled off what I think turned out to be a fantastic shopping experience for everyone that turned up. We had a super steady stream of customers all day long and we couldn't be more grateful.
My new to me friend/ wonderful volunteer Randee helped out with the packing, calculating and general listening to my banter and was a fantastic help all day long. Super trooper.
 It is amazing some of the people I am meeting through this new venture.

I took some photos of my setup before the crowds after all the lugging and setting up, moving things and setting them up again.

We are super excited to do it all over again in 2 weeks on December 11, so if you couldn't make it Saturday there will be a second chance. If you did come on Saturday only 3 of the vendors are the same. We have a fresh new setup and more great shopping to partake in. See the details at the bottom of this post.

this is the view of most of my space. we sold so much stuff that i am going to be on a hunt and make spree for the next show. awesome problems.

i made a bunch of these signs with different antique graphics for the holiday season and love the look of them so much i ended up with a bunch for myself

Jess' fantastic greenery and decor were right next door to me and I could have brought all of it home. 

apples and honeycombs signs

harmony on west

bows and loops

I also realized as I wrote this there was one booth heartmade fibres that I didn't get a complete setup shot of to share with you. bummer. all the vendors were wonderful and the event drew lots of shoppers shopping local

If you are near the Niagara Region, join us on Thursday December 11

Have a great Monday everyone,

The house tour sharing begins tomorrow here at Oliver and Rust with a smack down of tons of photos. Be prepared, you missed me while I was away and now you're going to be sick of me




  1. WOW! it looks amazing! i love all the vintage plaid i see! :) and loving the festive header. :)

  2. Your display is so pretty, Meg. Happy for you that it was successful too.

  3. You had some amazing things! I am very intrigued by your vintage signs with the old graphics. Would you share how you made them?


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