Monday, October 6, 2014

You Love us…and we love you! The October Show

Well we are exhausted. What a wonderful and positive weekend. The nasty weather and cold didn't deter anyone and boy are Trev and I glad we played with our parasail- like tent Friday night to protect some of the goodies because it just poured and hailed all day Saturday.
The outpouring of excitement and love for this little business we are building is just awe inspiring. It leaves me energized regardless of my previous comment and ready to create and find more wonderful things to share with you all. 

A little short on the writing today as like I said, pooched but for those who couldn't make it out or have like an 11 hour drive to get here, some photos of the setup. There are a lot of photos so allow your internet to get caught up lol.

a new old display table i finished up for the show. it is an oak table that has been converted many times by someone and was a hugely lacquered red paint on parts so i brought it to a more rustic state with milk paint in typewriter by mms. it worked out perfect and will continue to make a perfect display table for the shop.

my little handsome shop dog in training

Thanks again everyone. The etsy shop is reopen for business now that I can concentrate on emails and orders again. I apologize to anyone I didn't get to in a timely manner if you have been trying. Just a reminder locals that I do accept local pickup to save on shipping charges if something catches your fancy.

Have a great week everyone. I will be back with some photos of our recent trip later in the week.



  1. why can't we live closer to one another?!?!

  2. Looks great-I wish I could have come!

  3. Where exactly are you located? I live just outside Windsor, Ontario and might make the trek to your next sale!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  4. Everything looks wonderful. Great selection. I know how much work (fun) it is acquiring all the items for your show.

  5. I have mad respect for people who can merchandise like this. I can make the items, but I have never been able to bring things together as beautiful as this. Fantastic job, thanks for sharing.

  6. The photos look awesome but so glad that I was there in person. I played a little 'I spy' to find my wood stool (love love it and it looks great in our main floor half bath), the olive basket that I will be using for my knitting, and even a peek of the Dash and Albert blanket. I added some found birch branches to the milk can and put it beside the fireplace. Thanks again for the directions your family gave us. My sil and I enjoyed the backroads trip home, stopping in Fonthill, VIneland (for lunch at a lovely bakery/market) and Jordan. It was a lovely day!

  7. Wow! Wish I could have attended your sale! Your styling and display look amazing and really entice me to want to linger and look through everything! You have some amazing treasures! I'm in Michigan and would love to drive for one of your sales. you both will do great with the business! I love your blog. Your rooms are some of the most gorgeous and interesting spaces I've seen in a long time.

  8. I'm only about 30 minutes to Windsor. how far of a drive would it be to get to one of your sales?

    1. hi sandy. well i hate to tell you bit it may be about a 5 hour drive. now i know i am nuts and have driven 13 hours to get to a fair i wanted to go to but not everyone wants to sit it the car :)
      the good news is we are definitely in a tourist area with niagara falls and niagara on the lake so maybe even a road trip vacation and you can come visit my hopefully then shop. thanks for reading.

  9. P.S . Your little shop dog is ADORABLE!


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